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  1. Welcome. Have fun on your build. It is an awesome experience.
  2. Welcome. There are some great videos on youtube on weathering too. Mike from Trooperbay put out a fun one with a helmet.
  3. Welcome. I’m a Central California Garrison Member. Perhaps we will troop together one day.
  4. Welcome to the FISD bleach.
  5. In my humble opinion the Ab Plate buttons could use a little trimming. Great build though.
  6. Welcome and have fun on your journey. I have an Anovos OT Kit as well. It was my first, and only build so far, but it was a great experience. There are some awesome build threads as Tony has mentioned earlier. The group of people here are second to none, and always ready to help out.
  7. I did the same thing. I was so stoked to get approved that I bought a pair of Funtasma boots. I ended up dishing out more money for accurate boots a few months ago.
  8. Welcome. I agree with everyone as building to Centurion from the get go isn’t much more difficult, just requires a little homework. Check out the CRL and recently approved EIB and Centurion applications to get an idea of what to do. Have fun and good luck on your build.
  9. Imperialboots.com is a good alternative but only open once a month for a limited time to take orders. Then close to fulfill them. I believe they are open now. You may want to follow the instructions on that website to get a good fit. On the holster, look under the softgoods section. There should be info there on holster dimensions.
  10. Congratulations on your approval. Welcome to the ranks.
  11. Sorry for the loss of your friend. He would probably be very happy knowing that you are doing something that he would have enjoyed, in honor of him. Like other troopers have mentioned earlier, your are in good hands here, and willing to help when you are ready.
  12. Welcome. It can be a little overwhelming at first, but everyone here is willing to help you in any way. Have fun.
  13. I will 3rd him LOL. Just received mine yesterday. Can’t wait to install it tomorrow.
  14. Welcome. You have come to the right place. Have fun doing your homework. Everyone here is ready to help.
  15. Agreeing with everyone here. Go for it. I didn’t think I’d look good in a Stormtrooper either, because I’m 6’2”, and was a little heavier than I am currently when I finished my kit. According to my makers website, you had to have a “mesomorph” body type. I went so far as to contact them to see if the armor would fit me if I got it. They said with modifications, it “should”. I purchased one. With encouragement from people here, and help from some friends, I was able to get through my build and live my dream of donning Stormtrooper Armor. Do what Jordan said and read up on a work in progress page, and get yourself familiar with the work that will have to be done. There are lots of great people here that are encouraging and helpful. Have fun and good luck.
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