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  1. I have my RS mounted on a flexible foam mannequin. I don't troop anymore so taking it off isn't an issue. I don't use an undersuit as the mannequin is covered with a black material. Other than needing a neckseal and holster its finished
  2. I've had two issues with them over communication one logged here: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/34388-rs-prop-masters-lack-of-communication/ And the other in December of last year. I emailed in regards to their new foam DLT-19 and at first the communication was great, emails were answered within an hour, I had some questions about it and also if it were possible to order the resin versions as well, the answer was yes I could, so before ordering I sent a list of questions for a few details about the different versions just to help me make a decision on which one to get, I had full intention of ordering as soon as they were answered, payment at the ready. Andrea replied that she would have to get one of the guys in the shop to answer me and that's the last I ever heard. On a side note: At the same time i was also in communication with doopydoos about their version. After not hearing from RS they told me they could make me one but I would have to wait till early Jan this year due to busyness, if that was OK they would send me through the details to pay, I said, yes, send the details, and never heard back from them. I don't think the universe wants me to have a DLT
  3. I have one of the flexible mannequins, and it doesn't wobble around at all. You do however need to consider additional support for the arms due to weight of armour/blaster etc
  4. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but i think halfords appliance white is pretty much acceptable. I used it on my old fiberglass stunt bucket.
  5. Well it goes on. Email today "Dear Gary Apologies for the second mix up with the replacement parts, we have recently moved establishment and setting up the stations. I have spoke with my manager and has arranged the correct parts to be sent out to you. So could you send us the parts we sent you back and we will send out the correct parts. Would that be ok? Thanks Josh RS PROP MASTERS" My Response which i think is entirely reasonable. " Josh Thank you for getting back to me. Without trying to be rude, after the 2 mistakes and 3 weeks of waiting since the initial email about the mistake I'm not willing to go to the time and effort of packaging up 3 pieces of elastic and a square of plastic and pay to have it posted back. Surely the cost of the postage and packing alone will outweigh the value of these items. Also I think its a little ridiculous to ask me to do this when the fault in this situation has not been mine. Additionally, I have now had to spend more money in order to obtain the missing items (granted it was only about £14) in order to start building my armour as I did not want to wait for an unknown quantity of time with it still sat in the box. So I have had to pay extra to get stuff that I've already paid for. Now I don't want this situation to sour the potential for any future business and I would like to state that the armour and helmet are really outstanding items and the things you guys produce are amazing, this is why I chose your company over Troopermaster and ATA, but you should surely understand my frustrations and my feelings on this current matter. Now if you decide not to send me the missing items... well then there's nothing I can really do about it apart from the truly English action of moaning online about it. But I hope you see sense on this, ship them out, then we can all move on without everyone in your company thinking I'm a d*ck and me thinking everyone in your company is a d*ck and when I have some more spare cash I can buy one of your fett helmets. Cheers Gaz" Their reply "Hi Gary I can completely understand your frustrations and we will indeed send you out the items you require. We do however need the belts back as we are running low on stock. I forgot to mention it in my last email but Andrea from our finance department will Paypal you the money for the expenditure of sending the items back to us. We appreciate your business and we are very sorry for our administrative mess up on our end. We will have the items ready to ship as soon as the belts are back, at that point we can apply the snaps and get it straight back to you. If you would like to proceed i will forward your info over to Andrea and get the money over to your account by next Monday. Thanks and apologies again Josh RS PROP MASTERS" So that's that then. People may not agree with me but I really am not going to waste my time buying envelopes and going to the post office just to send back a few bits of elastic, the worry is also in their last reply they don't mention the missing stelmax, only the snaps. I could understand if the items they wanted sending back were more substantial. So I'm done, I was able to buy the items I need so I'm leaving things as they are and pressing on with my build. As I've stated before, their products are amazing. I don't want to discourage anyone from buying from them, that's not what this thread was about, infact I may well buy from them again. Just beware that their after sales leaves something to be desired
  6. Wasn't sure about the belt and knee rivets, but have managed to source the missing items myself, found some snaps to match and have ordered some stelmax and cap rivets. This means I should hopefully be able to start this week. In spite of the bumpy road and the hiccups in missing items and communication I really can't fault RS' product.
  7. Well it gets better. I picked up my missing items this morning, and from the list I sent them which included: Canvas belt with both male and female snaps, (2 female for belt and 2 male for ab section) 3x Male snaps (2 for butt plate and 1 for upper right ab, Already have the females attached to the elastic) Rivets for attaching canvas belt to plastic ammo belt Stelmax Glue They have sent me the canvas belt with the female snaps attached..... and none of the other items, instead i got the cod strap and the right side ab strap with female snaps attached, and one shoulder strap with the female snaps and a male snap through some plastic for the shoulder opening. At this point i feel like cutting my losses and just going out to see if i can find the items i need myself. I also realised this morning that there are no split rivets for attaching the thigh belt. Classic
  8. My RS set is PVC, I asked them the same question, the response was that the PVC has a higher shine, is a little more durable than the ABS and the ABS will yellow over time so to keep it out of sunlight for prolonged duration.
  9. They seem to have sorted themselves out now, I got a response to my last question within a couple of hours. Must be all or nothing.
  10. As previously mentioned they did message me back in regards to the missing items from my completion kit, that was on the 27th. Since then, nothing else. I'm going to give it another day or two before following up.
  11. i got a FB message about the missing items today. I suppose you just have to have to give them time to sort through everything.
  12. Well my stuff arrived on the 23rd, however there are some items missing from the accurate assembly bundle, the canvas belt wasn't there along with the male and female snaps and rivets for it, nor was the stelmax, and also the male side of the s-spring snaps for the cod and the ab to kidney closure. Emailed their direct support address which they included on a card and got a bounce back saying the inbox was full (good to see). So sent a seperate one to the info address and a message on facebook all of which have had no reply. Also today i noticed, and correct me if i'm wrong and all RS armour is this way, but both calves are the same, i.e. once finished they will be identical. both left sides match as do both right sides. Tried calling and no one answered, granted it was two days before christmas so god knows when I'll manage to get through to some one to sort this out. I know they were busy on the lead up to christmas but they really need to sort their customer service and quality control out. At least i've been able to get a start on the bucket.
  13. Well ups suck. Even though I rearranged the delivery date, I checked the tracking this morning and its out for delivery, so I've attempted to change the address to my office. We shall see what happens.
  14. Well I received a notification from UPS that shipping labels have been created for two packages from RS and I've rearranged the delivery for the 23rd when I'm home. At least I know its coming but still nothing from RS themselves. I think its a poor show when they are fawning all over you and replying constantly when you're inquiring/buying from them yet as soon as they have the cash they move on and ignore you.
  15. Afternoon all. Ordered a full helmet and armour kit + finishing bundle back on the 26th of November from RS, was told it would be 2 - 3 weeks for delivery the deadline for that is tomorrow (17th) yet I've had no word from them. Emailed Monday with no response. Tuesday I sent a Facebook message with no response and it doesn't even show as read. This morning sent a direct message through their website with.... no response. There's nothing on FB, Twitter or their website about them being closed for Christmas or anything so just wondering if anyone on here has any clue as to what may be happening before I give up and try phoning them direct. I know in all likelihood the responses will be "be patient" however all my emails at the time of ordering were responded to within an hour, and they do state on FB that they answer message with a couple of hours. Cheers Gaz
  16. I'll make a list tonight, not much special, pretty much one trip to silverlink will cover you.
  17. Yes, the lighting wasn't the best, i can assure you the scope is painted brass with black on top.
  18. Well after several months (not all of which were spent working on it) my ANH E-11 is finally done. Sadly there are no build pics due to some camera issues that didn't get resolved until the build portion was nearly complete. Any way, this is the usual doopydoos resin kit finished with a completion kit and counter back from T-Jay, replacement mag from Gazmosis and a replacement scope rail and counter bracket from eBay (I snapped the one that came with the completion kit ) Scope decal is from trooperbay and the lens is from a cheap monocular I pretty much followed T-jays build so all mods can be attributed to him, right down to the rebuilt front sight. Paint wise, I wanted it used but not over weathered, ideally i would have kept it toned down but the DD kit isn't the cleanest cast so roughing it up a bit hides some of this. Any questions please feel free to ask. Also the eagle eyed among you will notice that there are no power cylinders. These are still to be built/modded in the future
  19. Thats.... erm, thats pretty..... its... i... nope i have no words
  20. See now I've been doing CAD for 11 years and never thought about that.
  21. I'm sure the faucet tap end mic tips used to come with the old FX helmet kit. Certain thats what I had with mine.
  22. I work for a private lighting design firm that designs and builds fittings on site as well as producing schemes for UK wide and some worldwide projects, I specialise in Revit 3D models, and autoCAD (if anyone ever wants something drawn up let me know), also learning lighting scheme design.
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