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  1. Good morning Paul,

    I’ve checked the last two ROTJ Centurion applications and there are no pictures of rivets at the kidney plate. 
    The last ROTJ-TK was approved January 2018... I didn’t find a post about CRL changes regarding this point. 
    Maybe Tony or Sly can tell about this point?

    Edit: There was a question about the kidney rivets on October 26 last year. There was no reference found during the discussion. 




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  2. I‘m trooping with a Hyperfirm rubber E11 and wouldn’t change it... well perhaps against a Praetorian Blaster... but only because the better detail. 

    Rubber is my favorite for trooping because I don’t have to care about damaging the thing. 

    If you want electronics in your Blaster, resin is the way to go. There you have the space for the parts and the weight is good for trooping. 

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