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  1. Looks like you nailed it! (Figuratively, not literally, lol). Nice job!!!
  2. That is a pretty poignant photo, Rich. It shows that being a trooper is not always about bringing smiles, but showing respect on more solemn occasions as well.
  3. P.S. I issued your Centurion certificate.. link can be found here.
  4. I think 3 inches will be fine for the thickness of the oil pan, Rich. I used a thicker one to better match the videogame (photo 1) but that size doesn't seem to be available any longer, and as Glen said we allow for variations. As for the screws in the bottom left square of the radio box, I never noticed them before but I think you may be onto something! Although not really noticeable on many of the screen grabs, I did see them on another one as well (photo 2), so if you want to add them I say go for it, brother. Looks like I will be adding them to my pack as well! And yes, I did add mesh in the top of that section... (it IS a radio box after all). Lastly, being a little lot OCD I didn't particularly like the look of screw heads showing (photo 3), so I bought these (photo 4) at the local hardware store to cover them. You just put the screws through the hole when attaching them and then flip the cover over and lock it. This is a personal choice and will not affect approval. It seems the dimensions of your box are not "ideal", but you have wiggle room. It would be kind of a pain to re-do the cover, but you could extend it out a bit as seen below. Again, as long as it's fairly close you will be fine.
  5. Thank you for your submission, Erick, but since there have been no updates since 3/10/21 we will be moving your application to the "Inactive" area. If you should (hopefully) wish to continue, please feel free to get in touch with any member of the D.O. staff. We are here if you need any help or advice!
  6. Probably a prudent decision, but what's the worse that could happen?
  7. I only wish every trooper submitting for higher levels had large, detailed photos like Colin does. Makes our job as D.O.s MUCH easier!
  8. REALLY nice job so far, gentlemen! If I could make a couple of suggestions on James' armor.. Note how the right forearm tapers down at the wrist (perfect), but the left one seems to be more of a rectangle. This is especially apparent when you look at the wrist openings- There is a minimal gap between the edge of his hand and the bottom, but on the left one it is a lot bigger. If you haven't glued the cover strips on yet, I would suggest another trim. Reference image The thighs fit well, but ideally the cover strips should be located more toward the middle of the front of the leg and the middle of the rear. This looks like a simple matter of rotating them before you do your strapping, so no biggie. Reference images Keep up the fantastic work, guys, and if I could make one last suggestion it would be to post up photos before gluing. We are here to help!
  9. No need to wish you luck, brother. I've seen how tenacious and detail oriented you are, and I'm sure they will turn out great! If you have the time and patience, a detailed tutorial would be awesome... (hint hint.. nudge nudge) .
  10. Ditto to what Mario mentioned, Rich, and you can always add some black paint to the snaps . The more basic looking ones in my opinion are more (videogame) "screen accurate", but the others (although pricey) are more readily available.
  11. WOW, Colin! Brilliant job on dealing with those issues, brother. A couple of things jumped out at me, and while they may not be huge deals, they would improve your overall look. It appears that you may have used CA (super) glue and it has come undone. I would suggest trying E-6000 or something similar that has some flexibility. I noticed that your bucket seems to ride pretty high. Ideally, it should sit much lower, and I believe it is the interior padding in the top that is causing this. Removing that would not only bring it down, but will also vastly increase your visibility. (I had to do the same thing, and it works... trust me) and help hide the neck seal in the back I would keep the padding on the sides, though (blue arrows). Reference images Reference images
  12. OK, so I hate to throw a spanner into the works, but for clarity should this at least be somewhat defined? i.e. "Cod sides are straight, not curved like TFA and have distinct ridges on each side". TLJ correct cod is required. Must replace image with correct cod The first pics is an Anovos TLJ cod showing both the straight sides and the ridges. I copied it off of an app, so it has a green tinge from the background but it is a good example imo. Anovos TLJ Anovos TFA As seen above, these are WAY different.
  13. Your overall build came out super nice, Luca! There are a few areas that are of concern, but a lot of it will depend on your GML. The CRL for Basic 501st approval states that "...all costumes are proportional to the wearer in scale, fit and size" The main thing that jumped out at me was the alignment of the ab plate. As seen in the photo, everything is tilted to the left and that side could definitely come up a bit. As you mentioned, the butt plate and even the kidney plate if possible) should come in some to give you a more "tailored" look... BUT, I noticed that you have them pulled pretty tight already, and the return edges are starting to buckle (blue arrows). The CRL states that "...all costumes are proportional to the wearer in scale, fit and size" We can help you with these issues, so not to worry!
  14. This is a GREAT find, and I'm envious as heck! Having done extensive plumbing work, I have always thought these were faucet aerators and this confirms it. The same type of products were used in ROTJ, but I am guessing that the originals were out of production by 1983 because they switched to a metal version that, while similar, had distinct differences. Modern version (looks mighty familiar) ROTJ screen used (Photos courtesy of sskunky)
  15. Glen nailed it there, Tim. As seen in the reference images the paint on the teeth for ESB and vocoders is neither shiny nor flat, but in-between (satin).
  16. Since the first one had an 8 liter capacity and this one has 12, you should be good go. If possible, you may want to contact them to find the exact measurements just to be on the safe side. Keep in mind that the measurements in my thread are approximate. The main thing is the overall look and how well they fit on the pack. Since not all troopers have access to the exact same build materials we allow for variations (within reason, of course)!
  17. The version shown in your link is acceptable for HWT at Level 2 and 3, Rich. The body is 3D printed, but that is a real scope (I have the exact same scope) and mine is mounted in the exact same position.
  18. You may have a small issue, Michael. The upper parts of the forearm shown need to have the return edge trimmed out some more... at least to the line shown. The reason for this is that it will more than likely cut into your arm ("armor bite") while trooping. You may also find that once you remove these that the opening will then be too large, and one side will need to be trimmed. The return edges on the forearms are acceptable, but again, you may find that they cut into you. That much extra edge can also affect the way your shoulder bells sit. Return edges in these areas (and many other areas) are not a requirement at any level of approval. Actually, most screen used armor had none at all, or very little. I have a thread here that will explain a lot more. Screen used armor examples If I could make a suggestion, it would be to post up photos of any areas you have questions/concerns about before cutting/gluing so that we can help guide you.
  19. I have one here as well: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/48799-posting-photos-using-imgur-101/
  20. POST 20 First 2 photos- "May the 4th be with you" at Disneyworld, Orlando 2017. Photographer unknown. Makaze Squad/Florida Garrison members. (I'm third from the left, rear row). 1. 2. Weird Al performing "The saga begins", Hard Rock Cafe, Orlando FL. 2016. (I'm on the far right). We even had a special coin made up for this troop and presented Al with one. 3. 4. 5. Makaze Squad, Cleremont, FL. Christmas parade 2016(?) I'm third from the left. 6.
  21. According to the measurements on the site you provided, I personally feel it may be too small, Rich. It's not necessarily the height (490mm), but more the width (300mm). In looking at the images from the videogame, the CRL model and other EI approved troopers, the width generally covers the wearers waist on each side. The height on mine (second photo) is 560mm and the width is 381mm if that gives you a better idea. Videogame CRL TK 42128 TK 83125
  22. As Glen mentioned, this is the first instance I've seen of rubber gloves using stitched hand plates. While I admire the effort to look a little more screen accurate, the CRL requirements in this area are quite precise. For Basic approval in ESB (and ANH for that matter) it states that the guards only need be "mounted securely over the back of the glove" (i.e. straps). When it comes to ESB EI level and above, if using rubber gloves the guards are "mounted securely over the back of the glove". The key phrase here is "mounted securely", as opposed to "affixed" (glued) as required in Level 3 for ANH Stunt/Hero. The word affixed does not appear in the ESB CRL. "If silk or satin gloves are worn, the hand plates have the correct stitching pattern using a 5 point star with 2 on each side and one in the middle front." While it does not specifically mention strapping as an alternative to actually sewing then to the gloves, I feel it is implied. While I can't tell if the guards are actually stitched on, I noticed that you included silk/satin gloves in your first set of photos. I am in the middle of an ESB build as well, and to be honest I thought long and hard about which method to use. The rubber gloves/straps are easier to deal with, but even though the gloves will need to be hand washed I went with the stitching method. I even thought about the combination of the two like you did, but decided against it due to the reasons mentioned above. You have a dynamite looking set of armor there, Brett, and I assume (hope) that you will be applying for EI and Centurion! My advice at this point would be to stitch them onto the satin gloves. The alternative would be to get a new set of guards and use the strapping method. One other quick comment if I may.. In the first photo below your bicep placement is spot-on, allowing for a nice gap between the wrist opening and guards. However, in the second (more recent) image they are way lower, which is causing your forearms to sit too far down and ride over the right hand guard. I would definitely raise them up. Just my opinion, but as much as I love ESB armor I think onscreen that it was the sloppiest of all the OT... especially the biceps for some strange reason. Maybe they used actors that over 6 ft. for this one, lol. Even though the discrepancies are seen onscreen in many cases, I still think you should raise the biceps/forearms a bit. (What the...) ? "Ideal"
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