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  1. Greetings, everyone! I just wanted to make a quick post and say that today I received my first brown box from Dave Conklin at Dave’s Darkside Depot (on Facebook) that contained my recent order. My first item for my new adventure down this Star Wars trooping rabbit hole! I’m just getting started and reading everything I can find (here on the FISD forums) and watching lots of YouTube videos in doing my research. Since I’m hard at work losing weight for my eventual full TK armor build, I thought I’d reward myself for my first 25lb loss and get an Armor Master 4.5 TK helmet to start on! I opened the box and was immediately impressed at the quality of the ABS, the sharp crisp details and especially the thickness of the vacu-forming! These helmet components were vastly pre-trimmed and looked largely pre-finished except for cutting out the teeth, the assembly and the painting. I have to admit, I was kind of expecting a fairly flimsy pull with thin, fragile areas and a lot more trimming and pre-finishing to do before the assembly. Was I surprised! I’d seen several videos on basic helmet assembly, but it’s hard to tell just what your getting in quality from them. Let me assure any new prospective troopers out there that the Armor Master 4.5 armor kits from Dave’s Darkside Depot is A GREAT WAY TO GO! Although I can honestly only speak from the standpoint of the helmet alone, I’m confident that the rest of Dave’s product is on par with my new helmet acquisition! I’m glad of my decision and confident that the quality of the AM line is one of the best out there. Looking forward to my continued success with my health goals and my future ESB TK build. Newbies CAN buy in confidence!
  2. Great dialogue going! Thanks for looking into putting something together. I never really envisioned a face to face Zoom meeting or something more visual, just a chat text session. But the visual meeting is more up to current technology! So, why not??? Just an aside, there seems to be a lot of good resources here if the user spends the time and effort to sift through years of conversation threads. Many, I’m finding are years old and have just suddenly died off. Don’t know how successful they may be to bring back to life after what may be years ago. Some of the technology related items may be out of date and old stuff now...
  3. I can certainly understand and appreciate the challenges of that. Just thought I'd inquire about it.
  4. Ive already asked several questions and have several quick replies. Everyone has been quite helpful and friendly! It's not that they don't get answered in time, its just an idea that if we had several people logged in together, a thorough Q&A session could be helpful. Maybe just faster and get to learn from other's great questions. Nothing like going to class, professor!
  5. I’ve been doing my research and thought of something. Might this forum Support any way to host a Live Chat session from time to time with some of your more experienced members? I don’t know what you all may think about such and idea. Thanks to everyone who has been so nice, supportive and friendly, BTW!
  6. And ESB TKs, right? I think I read somewhere that the ROTJ versions had a white sole. What were they thinking? Lol!
  7. Thanks for the direction! I’m Finding that the search function on this forum doesn’t help me much.
  8. So the IB 421 boots are the ones recommended. Am I correct in that these are not painted, but factory died white leather? Or you can get them that way? I think I saw on their site they were available in three colors. Also, are they available in wider widths? I prefer them, but I didn’t see anything about this.
  9. Hi, Guys. I’m trying to research the Armor Master line and wanted to know how it got to a v4.5. What are the updates and changes along the way. Is there a thread somewhere I’ll missing?
  10. So enamels OR acrylics are interchangeably accepted? I find acrylics easier for cleanup, but sometimes needs additional coats. To me, the enamels are more opaque, go on smoother with sharper line edges, but are harder to clean up.
  11. Just interested from ANH film history standpoint as to why the Hero helmets and Stunt helmets so different? Coincidence? By design?
  12. I think I remember reading somewhere that’s the (approximate) average of the screen actors they were looking for the stormtrooper characters. I’m sure someone can fact check me on this one.
  13. Thinking of a scenario in which you may be in a parade and quite some distance from your starting point, staging point or even your car, would it be acceptable to mod your TD tube to open and actually carry some “emergency repair” items in there?
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