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  1. Hey everyone;  the cutting of the chest vent was quite an experience (I have a Jimmi kit).  I have seen there are replacement vent pieces mostly pre-cut that some of you have which would be a huge help for anyone scared to tackle the vent cutting on their own.  Could anyone please share the info where these are available?  


    Appreciate any info!

  2. Felt it a good time to jump in here;  not related to the seams, but it is related to the CRL. 

    As I start to build my kit, if I go cloth gaskets, will that pass the 'rubber or shiny black material' criteria?  Not sure how shiny cloth gaskets are looking for everyone.  Happy to go rubber if that is what it takes for approval, but dont want to have to buy two sets. 

    Thanks guys. 

  3. Do the biceps wobble when you are standing with your arms down?  It looks like they could tilt outward some- I agree the strapping should fix it.  Also under the belt where it overlaps, you might need to add more velcro.  You can see tape or something not covered.  One bottom rivet is a bit off on the kid/ab connection, but it will be covered.  

    Good luck, I see another Cent. added to the ranks! 

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