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  1. Exactly what is said before me. Good luck with your build.
  2. TK-34288

    TK 40834 Reporting

    Congrats Chris!!
  3. TK-34288

    Greetings, From Portage, Indiana

    Welcome to FISD and good luck.
  4. TK-34288

    New Member from Gibsonia PA.

    Welcome to FISD Kevin. Yes, read the information sent by the others it is all good information to follow. Good luck.
  5. TK-34288

    New member

    Welcome aboard!
  6. TK-34288

    Never posted my approved armor

    Nice!! Congrats!
  7. TK-34288

    Hello from Ohio!

    Welcome to FISD Caleb!
  8. TK-34288

    Greetings from TX :)

    Welcome aboard and good luck.
  9. TK-34288


    Welcome aboard!!
  10. TK-34288

    My first build!! ANOVOS ANH stunt TK

    Congrats and good luck future Trooper!!
  11. TK-34288

    TK 85751

  12. TK-34288

    VC_Trooper's ANH Stunt Build (AM 2.0)

    Looking good so far from your pictures. Don't forget to cut the bottom front part of the butt plate on a 45 degree angle. Can't wait to see more pictures and progress.
  13. TK-34288

    Greetings From the QCNC!

    Welcome to FGISD Andrew!
  14. TK-34288

    TK 51238 Reporting For Duty

    Congrats Trooper. Welcome to the family!
  15. TK-34288

    TK 29462 Bluegrass Garrison

    Welcome aboard Trooper!!
  16. Hi and welcome aboard. Yes, follow Steve's links for information. Good Luck!
  17. TK-34288

    Hello from Austria (no Kangaroos)

    Welcome to FISD!!!
  18. TK-34288

    Echostatic's RS ANH Stunt build

    Congrats and good luck!!
  19. TK-34288

    Hello from Texas

    Welcome aboard!
  20. TK-34288

    TK 69103 Reporting for duty!

    Congrats and welcome aboard!!
  21. TK-34288

    Hello from Brampton, Ontario

    Welcome aboard Nik!!
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