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    Hello from Ohio!

    Welcome to FISD Caleb!
  2. TK-34288

    Greetings from TX :)

    Welcome aboard and good luck.
  3. TK-34288


    Welcome aboard!!
  4. TK-34288

    My first build!! ANOVOS ANH stunt TK

    Congrats and good luck future Trooper!!
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    TK 85751

  6. TK-34288

    VC_Trooper's ANH Stunt Build (AM 2.0)

    Looking good so far from your pictures. Don't forget to cut the bottom front part of the butt plate on a 45 degree angle. Can't wait to see more pictures and progress.
  7. TK-34288

    Greetings From the QCNC!

    Welcome to FGISD Andrew!
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    TK 51238 Reporting For Duty

    Congrats Trooper. Welcome to the family!
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    TK 29462 Bluegrass Garrison

    Welcome aboard Trooper!!
  10. Hi and welcome aboard. Yes, follow Steve's links for information. Good Luck!
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    Hello from Austria (no Kangaroos)

    Welcome to FISD!!!
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    Echostatic's RS ANH Stunt build

    Congrats and good luck!!
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    Hello from Texas

    Welcome aboard!
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    TK 69103 Reporting for duty!

    Congrats and welcome aboard!!
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    Hello from Brampton, Ontario

    Welcome aboard Nik!!
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    Yes, as said earlier, It is easier and cheaper to build your own.
  17. TK-34288

    New Contest! (We have a winner)!!

    Forgot to post back here. THANKS everyone!!!
  18. TK-34288

    Hello From KY

    Sorry to hear that, As mentioned if we can help don't hesitate to ask.
  19. TK-34288

    New Contest! (We have a winner)!!

    Hey Guys, I'm Dave C (TK-34288) from the Empire City Garrison. On of the most memorable troops for me was at a place called St Pat's Kid's Camp in NY. During this troop there were 5 of us White Armored troopers. This was great to see at one our local events on a warm Sunday night in July. During the troop we were not given a place to set anything up or have a banner to take pictures, they just asked us to walk around and mingled with all of the participants. This was the last day of their week long camp and we were the finally of there science day. There was about 200 kids, plus their families and staff at the camp. After we were out for about 1 1/2 hours we heading back to a cottage house that they had for us to change in. This is the time during the troop that it was made to be so memorable for me. While there, one of the staff came back to thank us and this is when I found out about the program which floored me. This program is a week long camp for children with cancer and other blood disorders which are terminal. Being told by the staff and what it meant to the kids, their families and to them to have us there, where we were the finally of their science section of the camp was so amazing. We were told that some of the kids will not make it through the year for the next camp. This in itself made me realize what kind of difference and joy we can bring to a group of people or just one individual by just donning our imperial trooper armor for them. It doesn't matter whatever the temperature, the day of the week or what we have going on, to be able to do this for them can change that one hour, minute or second of the day for someone and make that memory for those that may not be here tomorrow or the ones that are left behind. This is just one of my memories since joining this incredible organization. Thanks to all that want to put these costumes on and make a difference.
  20. TK-34288

    Bicep gap

    Yes, As Preston said, try it on with the undersuit as it will fit different. You want a little room because when you move your arms they do get a little bigger. You should be able to put at least 2 fingers in there to be sure the fit is good. That's what I go with. Good Luck!!
  21. TK-34288

    A.J.'s O.F. AM 2.0 Build

    Going back to all of your questions, Yes Brad is correct. As far and the ABS or Webbing for the snap plates, just be careful of the webbing snaps the E6000 and the metal snaps can sometimes have a reaction with ABS and may make a little deformity where they all meet which is your armor (doesn't happen all of the times but may). As far as the black webbing connecting everything, yes its for looks with the black under suit, they blend together.
  22. TK-34288

    Greetings from Detroit

    Hey welcome Mark. Yes AM is a nice set good luck with it.