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  1. Keep those Centurion applications coming in folks, we are getting close now, so if you are currently ranked Expert Infantry, here is your chance to step up and make the 500.

    In case some were wondering, we have had a few recently achieve Centurion but these members have already reached Centurion rank with other armour so although approved for their latest costume, they dont add to this tally, hence why the number doesn't drop.

    First time centurions are what bring the number down, so get involved and step up today :salute:

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  2. Hi Andy

    Very bizarre, can only guess it may have happened when we moved servers to the legion platform, but I haven't seen anything like this before.

    Please send me a PM with what details you would like to use and I'll see if I can get it fixed up in the back end for you.

    Also if you remember what your old details were, send them to me as well, I'll see what I can dig up.

    When was the last time you actually were on the forums? was it years ago or recently?

  3. Hi Bill

    We are in the process of a huge forum clean up and are working through sections at a time.

    As you can imaging with hundreds of thousands of posts, this isn't an overnight task :)  but we will get their.

    Our main focus currently is correcting all the broken image links and watermarked photobucket images, and as we go, archiving old obsolete and irrelevant posts.

    I created a post  for memebrs  so they could post a link to threads where they found issues, see below.

    Would be great if you could make a post in that section rather than here.




  4. Like Mario has mentioned above, not many if any come to this hobby experienced in assembling TK armour. The first cut is always the hardest but everything gets easier as you progress and learn new skills.

    By the end of it, you have the ultimate satisfaction in knowing you built your armour to fit you perfectly, and you will take pride in instructing others when they start their journey.

    You got this Bill.

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  5. Definitely in your best interests to start a thread on MEPD if you are building a Sandy. They have fantastic knowledge on the type of weathering you are going to need to do to your kit, but also there a a few differences with a Sandy armour compared to the shiny white TK.

    By all means check in here from time to time because we would love to see your build progress.

  6. Hi Robert, I took the liberty of editing your thread title to RWA.

    That's Ross Walmsley, from the UK. The armour was recast from an old TE kit I believe, there were a few conversations regarding this, so forgive me if I have the original kit wrong. 

    Ross put a lot of work into fixing his molds and making improvements where he could.

    There is a thread where you can read about Ross explaining his kit below.


  7. Hi Mark

    The reason you are unable to post is because permissions to do so are are set for 501st approved members only I am sorry.

    You do have permission to view all posts in that area though.

    Once 501st approved you will have more sections of the forums visible to you and the ability to post in more areas.

    Hope that clears it up for you :)

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