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  1. Greetings Arie, and welcome to the FISD!!!


    Even though you've got some time before you're able to submit photos, be sure to have a look at the Advanced Tactics Section to learn about the EIB and Centurion requirements. They are much easier to build than they are to upgrade. If you build it properly now, once you're 18, you can simply submit your photos!!


    Good Luck!!




    I am her father. I'm helping her with her build and even though she still has a couple of years to go I thought it better for her to sign up here and search for info on her build to learn about it and get tips and pointers from others instead of dear old dad just building it for her. It is turning into a great father/daughter project that I never expected to happen but I couldn't be happier about.

  2. Hey thats my card! ...and im no "kid"...but thanks lol....that no good son of a..........

    Didn't mean to offend you by calling you a kid just a habit I picked up years ago sorry. But I did think it was kind of fracked up to be selling cards you guys work hard to earn and give to children out of the kindness of your hearts
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