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    Alas I'm out, but I *will* see you all at C4
  2. Considering that today is the last day of the poll and that "1st Imperial Stormtrooper Division" is the clear favorite, I say we have a winner.
  3. Nah, it's not too late at all. We're Imperial after all, and if I really wanted to I could declare it by fiat. Any objections? Speak or hold your piece until after we're official.
  4. Hi Jacky - as long as you're 501st that's all that matters. Welcome - hopefully we can convince you to add another TK to the Hong Kong Outpost.
  5. In my garrison and on CTN I'm the guy who's dremel skills are so bad I manslaughtered a pair of HIPS holsters I was trying to trim. Since then I just don't cut plastic. However I found this and gave it a go: Dremel Diamond Cutoff wheel. http://www.toolsforless.com/product/3423.html And it worked fantastic! It's thinner, cuts straighter, and melts very little plastic when cutting. I draw a line in pencil/marker first and can now cut straight lines. Clean up the edge with a mouse sander and it looks almost perfect. There is almost nothing to clean up after cutting - I'll never use anything else again. A great alternative for us who can't buy a bandsaw w/o the wife noticing, or who have trouble with the score & snap method.
  6. Absolutely! You're kit is a great inspiration for us going for screen accuracy.
  7. Uh, there was a power surge with the blast doors? ;-) Welcome home.
  8. I personally like just "1st Imperial Stormtroopers". 1st can also be a reference to the i logo on the 501st elite clonetroopers and tie the two groups together, both in the reference to the 501st as well as the story of TK's being descendents of CT's.
  9. Welcome home Holger. FYI I've also moved you to the 501st members group, so that area should now be open to you.
  10. Daetrin

    More Cards

    Intruder alert! Intruder alert! j/k - it's pretty cool
  11. Of course for sandy if you want to be nice and accurate, you should hand paint. ;-) (and yes, those *are* decals on my AP)
  12. Aside from getting your wife to do it? I was able to get most of mine out by smoothing from the top down with a credit card. My wife got out the little ones left by slowly and repeatedly applying pressure with her finger in an outwards motion.
  13. The command staff has combed through the list of suggestions and - for the last time - created a poll for the detachment naming contest. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=130 Vote early, vote often (as we used to say in Chicago...)
  14. OK guys: the command staff and I had an "executive runoff" election and the six choices above made the cut. This is your detachment - choose wisely.
  15. You're quote My executive decision is this: Sixteen names have been tossed out for consideration between the private and public sections of this site (see below). This is too many to have a meaningful vote. I'll meet with the command staff to get a short, workable list and we'll post a vote later today. 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Division Advance Assault Division "White Lightning" Cell Block 1138 Detachment Death Star Detachment (FEAR) First Encounter Assault and Retaliation First Encounter Assault Regiment (FEAR) The Galactic Grunts Imperial Stormtroopers Imperial Alpha Order of Imperial Stormtroopers (PEACE) Protect, Enforce, And Control for the Empire Rapid Assault Imperial Detachment (RAID) Tantive IV Assault Detachment (TFAD) Vader's troopers, Mean and Clean. (VTMC) Vader's Finest, Clean and Mean. (VFCM) Vader's Raiders White Armor Brigade
  16. Welcome Joe - great to have you on station. FYI I already took care of your 501st access.
  17. 1. TK1495 - is the design above going to be your final design? 2. Ed - you mentioned offline that you had another idea - are you going to submit that in the near future? 3. Guys - this is the last item we need for our application, so now's the time to submit artwork if you want in. Eternal bragging rights for the first TK detachment logo up for grabs
  18. Saw this on the sandy boards regarding some changes in the AP molds and how they are now even more different from the original TE molds they came from: Full thread is here: http://www.mepd.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=...&highlight= This is good info to know for people planning on an armor purchase. The original FX thighs were also narrower before the new barrel thighs became the standard. Now it looks like AP is following the trend as well, leaving only RT & TE(2) to have originally scaled leg sizes.
  19. TE2 is again producing kits. The armor will ship untrimmed and unpainted in either the TK OR TD configuration. The helmet will ship assembled with the bumpy cap & back only. The helmet will come with the authentic brow trim and helmet seal only. The mic tips, lens material, and blue tube stripes are extra. Each helmet will be signed and numbered. Keep in mind that unlike an FX suit, ANH suits (TE2 or AP) come untrimmed and unpainted, so will take more time to get assembled. Though the results will be worth it
  20. Lord Vader, this is an unexpected pleasure. We are honored by your presence... We shall double our efforts. (blast doors open...)
  21. Facts: 1. I have one of the first TE2 helmets pulled and the detail is fantastic. Check out this thread: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=17 2. The armor & helmets are made from the same molds as the original TE. 3. New sets should be available soon. I'll see what I can do about getting more info.
  22. Here is the thread from the 501st boards: http://www.501stforums.com/forum/viewtopic...sc&start=10 Actually I'm starting a few pages in, as that's where someone shows off how to pack their gear into this baby: http://www.onlinesports.com/pages/I,HOR-B7300.html Apparently they got one used for about the same price as a normal bin. Here is a liberated pix for those not on that board:
  23. I've also heard of people getting a drum case and molding the foam for that purpose. Great for traveling as you don't worry about the case getting banged.
  24. Smart move - nothing beats a well done TK But then, perhaps we're a little biased? ;-)
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