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  1. 1 hour ago, SuperTrooper said:

    100% agree.  It seems like getting to 100 EI was a pipe dream a dozen years ago, but the outstanding community that continues at the FISD blew that out of the water.

    To get you to post on these boards, it must be something epic.  Great seeing you here again Terrell. :)

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  2. I am indebted to you Glen for chasing down and uncovering all this FISD history.   Guys, this is hours and hours of work digging in to the past and reading old and broken forum posts, gleaning out all the little bits and such.  I'll try to add a few more thoughts and memories later today.

    Here are some good questions:


    1) Who was the first person to receive an "expert infantry" award from FISD?

    2) On the (now broken) EI listing page, what is the significance of the background images?

    3) Who was the only person to be approved with an FX helmet?

    4) Who was the first ESB EIB?

    5) Who was the first Centurion?

    6) Why can't you have more than one Centurion award?

    7) Why were the colors chosen for the Centurion award?

    8) What was the first piece of EI merch ever created?

    9) Why are EI coins numbered and why can people only buy one?

    10) What FISD costumes has no one ever gotten to EI (or Centurion)


    OK FISD nerds, let's see what you got!

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  3. It is with great pleasure that I extend to you the distinction of being the 1000 Expert Infantry award recipient. The first was Scott M. back in 2007, so this has been 13 years in the making.

    What an excellent way to complete the first M peritus pedes quinos, so to speak.  Yes, we'll work on a better way to describe you and your cohort in due time.


    Congratulations on a job well done, and may you inspire others to follow. :salute:

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  4. I am blown away by the deep dive in to the archives by Glen to get the history of the Expert Infantry program unearthed, truly an immense undertaking that speaks to his dauntless character.  I hope this gets copied out of the newsletter and posted to a sticky in the EI area as a memorial.


    A few fine points: after trying out the "Mark" system no one was happy as "Mark" didn't seem to mean anything, so we went with "Elite".  This caused some to think that we were being "Elitist" so once again we had to change it.  At that point I took it upon myself to create a name and theme that best matched our lineage, as much of our branding is either from the U.S. Army infantry branch, or the 501st Legion scheme seen in Revenge of the Sith.


    Thank you so much for doing this, as it brought a tear to my eye for the memories.

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  5. 15 minutes ago, TK91977 said:

    Greetings.  My armor is ordered and expected around Nov 1.  I have made contact with my GAL, and once the armor arrives, you bet your sweet banthar fodder I will be taking my photos and turning them in with lightspeed progress.  I would imagine if we are down to 2, if I am honored with the official TK of 1001, I would be heartbroken to miss the title, but happy to be the "1" that missed it.  lol

    No need to worry.  There is also distinction in being part of the second wave.  Our ultimate goal is 40% of the Legion TK's as EI, which is the same percentage as MEPD.  For 5686 TKs, that would be 2274 EI.


    Apollo 12 was not the first to land on the moon, but they certainly had fun doing so and it was a solid event.  Millennium Duo (or Secundus, or II) certainly will have it's own personality and distinction.


    So while this is a very big victory for FISD and the Legion membership as a whole, it is not the end.  There is still much more to come :) 


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  6. What are you doing today?  Having a nice cup of coffee while the kids are sleeping in?  Or else taking a break from chores?  Whatever, you have 12 free minutes where you can watch this nicely edited video by BruceKenobi.  There are straight scenes from Rogue One and A New Hope that bookend the video, but the bridge editing was nicely done. 


    Thank me later for watching :)



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  7. Originally all, or nearly all, were FX when I got in.  Even in the Rose Parade (2007) it was at least 90% FX suits.  Since they come pre-trimmed assembly is pretty easy, just glue the fronts and Velcro the backs.  As a long-time GML, I've lost count of how many times people glued the thigh backs only to be told that they were too big (board shorts look) or else found (like I did the one time) they were too tight to do more than walk.   Hence the advice to velcro the backs until you've done a few troops and really knew where you wanted them to be before doing something that is very hard to change.

  8. Why velcro, of course.  That's how all the suits were put together in the FX days, even the biceps. It was only later that people started gluing them.  Velcro also has a little "give", so you could make the thighs look good, and if you did some serious flexing the velcro gave it a bit of room.  Same with the forearms, just open up to get in/out if the wrist opening is too tight.

  9. OK, I know I'm late to the party but wanted to put in a few thoughts...


    First, thanks so much for a wonderful build thread.  There is so much crazy stuff in the news I can't watch it anymore, and having something deep and meaningful like this thread gives me something positive to look forward too on a Saturday morning with my coffee whilst my kids are still slumbering (aahhhh....teenagers!).  The detailing and care you are putting in to the build is exquisite.


    One thing I always did, and also recommended when I was a GML, was to not glue the backs of the thighs or even the forearms until you've done a troop or two, or even three.  The reason is that it's one thing to get a suit to fit nicely in your home as you walk around a bit, quite another when you are at a real troop and walking fast (or even running), climbing stairs, etc.  The worst is the thighs, as it's not uncommon that people err on being too tight or too loose (e.g. the board short look).  Some small fixes are easy to hide behind cover strips, others...once I had to order a whole new set of thighs as I glued them before really dialing them in and they were beyond fixing.  Ouch :(

  10. On 11/21/2019 at 6:36 PM, Mad Dog 20/20 said:

    I'm a 53 yo male at approx 180lbs. And 6 ft tall. Is that a good weight for my age? I would like to have a smaller mid-section. But don't want to loose weight. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance. I also am going to order my TK ANH Stormtrooper armor soon and join the 501st ranks.

    I'm 52, 6'0" barefoot, and about 185.  Most of the extra weight is predictably in my mid-section.  There are really only two options:

    1) Increase cardio

    2) Decrease calories


    It also depends on your body type too. I'd focus less on weight and more on BMI.  Muscle for instance weighs more than fat, so when I was at my physical peak working out like a gym rat I was 175lbs, but I also had a hair under 10% body fat too.  That was in my 30s!  Unless I really increase my cardio, the only way to lose that 10lbs of belly fat is to change my diet, e.g. I eat less at dinner, drastically cut down on beer, ice cream, cookies, etc.  More veggies in my diet.


    I have weight targets now too, like "no ice cream/sweets" unless I get under 180 and then only once a week.  Or, no beer for a month or until I hit my weight goal.  The hardest part is my wife is a phenom cook (e.g. better than most restaurants), so cutting back at dinner time has been sooo hard.


    I realize we are all in COVID, but I think that just means we need to up our game. No reason you can't do some routine in your living room, even if it's just 15 minute/day.  It can include pushups, squats, crunches, leg lifts, etc.   At lunch time since I'm WFH, I put a pack on and go for a walk, even 20 minutes is better than anything you'll find on the news these days.  I am up to 24lbs and that's getting too easy, so will up that weight to my target of 30lbs, which is a good backpacking weight when I go camping.

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