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  1. I've been struggling with what to write.  You've been a hallmark of integrity and quality for so many years, I think at this point you have the longest tenure of any active armor maker, which is quite a record.


    History lesson for some people - when we created the CRL and EI standards back in the day (remember, at the time out of the box FX armor was the standard before then), several armor makers complained, but you never did.  You just adjusted your molds so it would comply with the new CRL.


    My favorite memory though was when I had to head up to a troop in Vancouver with some garrison-mates and needed a new set of shins.  Not only did you help GPS me to your home tp pick them up in person, but you had them pre-trimmed and ready to go. You even glued the fronts and added the sniper plate on.  That was an above and beyond courtesy that set the bar as an example of how people should help each other out.


    I can think of no better person to pass the torch on to than Terry (PandaTrooper).  His artistry and talent is first class, and his dedication to his hobby and community are beyond question.  I remember when Outer Rim was what - 3 people?  Your involvement in forming that squad and growing it to where it is today is something few have matched.


    I could write for hours praising the work and ethics of you two gentlemen, surely.   It's a blessing to all that the tradition of RT lives on.   Thanks again Rob for all you have done, and thanks Terry taking the armor to the next level.







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  2. Actually we are hosted via the same AWS package that the Legion boards are.  Yes, we have our own dedicated instances, but the server administration is all owned by the LWM team.  What we control locally are things like theming, forum organization/layout, etc.


    In the early days we (e.g. me and V'Pier) did it all - hosting, SQL backups, upgrades, etc. however since only the LWM team has access to the Legion's AWS account basic uptime, server maintenance, and upgrades are all handled by the LWM team.


    It's been a huge cost savings for the det, as FISD is the largest forum in the Legion aside from the Legion site proper in terms of active membership and usage.  At some point the Legion's webmaster's will ask us to pay our share.   As noted, usually we're able to raise the amount in 24 hours.

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  3. Truth.  All it would take it for some artist to draw you up and stick it in a SW comic or other source and there you go.  This is how the Magma Trooper (red TK) got created. Someone painted their TK red to a convention, an artist saw it and then got it created (can't recall if it was a figure or comic first).  Clone Emperor same thing.  Thomas Spanos created the costume based off a book, an LFL artist used Thomas as the template for creating the art.


    Also, as I said the entire RP was created by a single trading card that had an ROTJ IC on it and the text below was "reserve pilot".  That's it.


    Strange?  Perhaps, but TRUE!

  4. The CRLs are meant to be the canonical trooper, and not to represent flubs and one-offs.  If people want to troop with this as an alternative that IMHO pretty cool, but just like Mr. No Stripes or the one or two TKs that if you freeze frame you can see have no holster, these are just things that weren't meant to be standard.  ANH is riddled with such types of variations as when you looked at it in the movies in '77 nobody noticed, so nobody cared about that level of consistency.

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  5. Let's also remember that in the 70's no one paid attention to such details.  Lucas just put people in whatever order to make the shot good.  Many people with different rank bars are called simply "commander".   That's why there truly was no rhyme nor reason back then - because there wasn't. :)  Anything you see on wikis etc. is all just retcon (for the OT stuff at least).

  6. 4 minutes ago, Colin1138 said:

    Just thinking out loud here...but would there be enough grounds to split the ROTJ CRL into two versions? Along similar lines to the ANH-S and ANH-H? The guys on the Deathstar,and the Landing pad had a good number of differences to the Grunts on Endor(lets call them 'stunts'?)

    For example- DS guys were all shiny clean, bubble lenses, all holsters,all Thermal Dets; Endor guys were weathered, had flat lenses and a lot of them (too many IMO to be accidental omissions) had missing holsters,missing Dets, or were missing both.

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    Perhaps two options of a single CRL.  If we were to do the CRLs from the start today, ANH would be a single CRL with Hero/Stunt being two options of that single CRL for example.

  7. FYI if you have not seen this already, there is a thread on SpecOps for this costume




    The CRL will be created there, as SpecOps owns the costume. That said, it's been great for you to show your progress here - it's a sexy trooper for sure.

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  8. It happens.  You are on yet another boring gate guard detail and are trying to relax with a cup of brew.  You throw on the latest pod races on the closed circuit screens (hey, it's not like anyone is sneaking on a secret battle station, right?) put your feet up on the desk, lean back and start catching up on the latest FISD news on your data pad.  Ah...the good life.


    Then out of nowhere, you can't get to the forums - it's like they are down. What gives?  Did Lord Vader find out you piping pod racing again?  Yeesh, doesn't he have something better to do, like track down rebels or something?  Then again, maybe he doesn't.  A cold bead of sweat starts rolling down your forehead....


    Fear not - it's all good!  The 501st Legion's webmasters are just trying to integrate the FISD forums with the Legion membership database and from time to time the forum servers are bounced.  So it's not you at all, my good trooper!


    Wait, why are they doing this you ask?   Ah...well you know how it's nearing election time and we get all kinds of requests to validate detachment membership, right?  And each year it's a monumental task to try to get everything sync'd between the FISD servers and the Legion database, right?  


    Well, your support request prayers have been answered!  When the LWM team has completed their work, the Legion's database can simply pull membership data from FISD and automatically update membership requests.  How cool is that?  Surely worth a few server bounces, right?


    Huge thanks to the LWMs, especially Cari, for making this possible.  Cheers Cari!

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