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  1. Id rather get beat up on inspection than embarrassed on parade....I appreciate all the insights and extra dozen sets of eyes. Ill fix whats needed and update my pics over the next couple of weeks ...as soon as I get the td clips and install them.
  2. sylverbard

    Screws or rivets?

    If the op means bolts vs rivets...then bolts. You can cut them short and use acorn nuts inside for safety...rivets are forever and could damage upon removal...and screws...are for wood.
  3. So ive got a new belt and snaps to replace mine...in cm its a little larger than the 3.25 inches. Math isnt my strong suit. Please accept my apolagies for the errors...I should have new shots up before end of month...im out of country for two weeks.
  4. sylverbard

    Sound for your Resin E-11 kit

    My sound board sits on mt bicep. Cables run down arm to glove and another cable to my aker. High fives with other hand for jawa.
  5. Ill trpost ab deets and ive got metal td brackets inbound.
  6. Buttons are the correct humbrol blue and grey...lighting. and for eib I dont need the whote elastic on the shoulder straps thats centurion....and im not there yet.
  7. Doh....I took the elastics off to reglue and forgot them. And ive got metal clips coming.
  8. Also im from canadas capital city. Its minus 17 now. Was minus 35 in the wind earlier...
  9. I have one huge arm and one huge thigh...so big that trimming enough would have lost the shape. Ive got padding in all limbs now to keep them in place and it fixes the big diff in the spacing in the back. I will make that fix for the sniper plate.
  10. I painted the rivets white after yeah. I had so many conflicting answers on paint yea/nay and sure but if they get worn thats ok...they be white now. Ill check the boxes...I might just have it not snugged up to soprano tight.
  11. Im going to fix the stripes...they went on nice...then trooped in minus 22 celcius and started to wrinkles. Td clips are being fixed now...I know I need different ones for centurion down the road.
  12. Vanity sizes in jeans should be illegal. My jeans are 32...my waist is 38 by tape measure. Im the biggest for ata suits and the arms and legs and bucket would be too small for you.
  13. TK-69323 requesting 501st access please. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=16638&costumeID=124
  14. Nice setup. Will the mp3 player play and cut out when you speak so you can have theme music and static and clear vocals overtop?
  15. sylverbard

    Let's see those Helmet Insides !

    I cant find it under your threads...got a link? ☺
  16. sylverbard

    Let's see those Helmet Insides !

    Captions and arrows wpuld be awesome....
  17. sylverbard

    Let's see those Helmet Insides !

    Audio...vocals...isnthat a mercury switch? bkuetooth for a phone?
  18. sylverbard

    eFX Hero Helmet Mods

    Efx is fine. Fx is not.
  19. sylverbard

    Sound for your Resin E-11 kit

    Our garrison is full of tusken and jawa and wookies...we all use the dound glove idea. Makes for much more real characters.
  20. sylverbard

    Not really new...just quiet.

    Thanks. I think most of my kit is centurion. Boots gloves and hand plates arent. No notch cut into armour. Yet.
  21. sylverbard

    UK ROOKIE! Naked but Armour on the way!

    Ata is amazing stuff. The bucket is on the small size tho.
  22. sylverbard

    Fabric for Jawa robe ?

    if its monks cloth or cotton basketweave its the right material. its very orange, i'd dye it with some brown rit liquid dye when done to make it more the dark browny orange it needs to be. ANH is different colour than the second trilogy jawa robes. it looks like it hangs well. bandolier looks really good. if they don't hold their shape stuff them with a bit of foam so they don't flatten and make a contact seam along the sides. if it helps: https://plus.google.com/photos/105016347582271608878/albums/5934115106568502177?authkey=CLXXpurywM2M5wE
  23. please update me to 501st member. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=16638