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  1. I'm a space systems engineer full-time, and a U.S. Air Force officer part-time. In my full-time job, I develop satellite operations procedures, ground systems, train satellite ops teams, and sit on console for launch and in-orbit checkout for newly-launched spacecraft. In my Air Force job, I work in the command center for U.S. military space activities. I think I have the right hobby here.
  2. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Thank you for the outstanding photo and video documentation of both the E-11 and its build process. The gold standard for prop sci-fi weaponry got a lot higher. I look forward to seeing video footage of you in your TM armor wielding your E-11!
  3. Just PP'd a titanium donation. Name will look different and I forgot to include a note, but you can verify sender via email address (same as is on file here and at the Legion). I really enjoy the site. Keep up the good work.
  4. So how does one become a supporter? Obviously via a donation, but would like details.
  5. TK-2918, the Legion's 4,000th member, requesting updated status & full access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember...amp;userID=8860
  6. Needless to say, since I got my TK Halloween has become my favorite holiday. I can't wait for the Halloween parties (both kids parties and adult parties) and taking my kids trick-or-treating around the neighborhood is going to be a blast! I've also been itching to take my dog for a walk in my TK, just to see the neighbors' reactions . . .
  7. Riding elevators while in armor is great! It's always makes me grin under by bucket when I'm standing guard in the elevator, the door opens, and some unsuspecting civilian gets in. First there's the look of utter shock, a bit of fear, then the slow smile, then the camera comes out, and finally the fellow rider departs grinning ear to ear. I love it!
  8. Don't forget that water will eventually come out the other end and unless you've modded your armor, getting out of it in time to relieve yourself can be a challenge. You have to balance the input with the output, so to speak. I think a better way to go, if possible, is to take frequent breaks and have an idea of your tolerance level. For instance, unless you were born and raised in the Florida Everglades, I would not recommend the parade at Disney World's Star Wars Weekends as a first troop.
  9. I second that. It really does depend on the particular con and the local garrison's culture. At Shevacon, which is Garrison Tyranus' "home" convention, it's not uncommon to see us (TK and otherwise) with buckets off when we're just hanging out at our fan table. At other times, droid hunts or guard duty for example, buckets definitely stay on. Other garrisons may be more strict. For me, it's mostly about just having a good time and interacting with the other convention attendees.
  10. I don't know about removing the glue, maybe light sanding will take it off. As for the Novus polish, it should do the trick, it's pretty amazing stuff. The key is patience. Apply a little, rub a little, and repeat until the scratch is gone. In the past I've used it to polish my armor to a near-mirror gloss.
  11. There's a guy in my garrison who knows where to get spare parts for FX TK kits. I'll ask him to contact you. I echo Ironclaw's statement, both in killing the dog and posting etiquette. Next time avoid using all caps. It amounts to SHOUTING. Do yourself a favor next time and keep your armor (and anything else you don't want to become a chew toy) in either a bin with a locking lid, or a spare room that has a door that can be closed and/or locked.
  12. Damn. Hope he gets it back up and running real soon. I'd love to make RT-Mod my next kit, the sooner the better.
  13. Wow, words like "atrocious" and "horrid" pretty much sums it up. Apparently this stuff is mass-produced for a wide market. Looks like Rubies figured that since they made lots of money off their sub-par Vader, they could do the same with a TK. The fact they are asking for nearly 1K for this piece of s**t is damn near criminal. Thanks to Humper (via SuperTrooper) for the pics and assessment. Hopefully the 501st swiftly comes out with a public statement that the Rubies TK, as is, is unacceptable for membership. It'll save more than a few people some money and heartache.
  14. Wow, thanks for both the posts and especially the pics! I'm a 6'1, 210lb bodybuilder, and in FX right now with an eye toward upgrading. I was leaning toward TM, but based on the side-by-side comparisons, it looks like RT with its longer & wider arms and legs is the way to go. The fact that I won't get pounded by the insane dollar-to-euro exchange rates pretty much seals the deal. Thanks!
  15. So I hear that Paul is remaking his TM moulds to pull armor in ABS. Is that true, and if so, any progress updates? I really want to upgrade out of my FX kit, and at my size (6'1", 210lb), AP and TE are not good options.
  16. Weather looked beautiful, great day to be outdoors in SoCal! Agree with the other posters, armor looks great! Man, I can't wait to upgrade!
  17. U.S. Air Force, entered active duty in 1993 right after graduating from college & completing Air Force ROTC 38 years old, 12 years active, 2.5 years reserve (and counting) 13S3A/C/E - space operations, 62E3B - astronautical engineer. Basically a dyed-in-the-wool space geek ever since I was a kid Major (O-4), up for LtCol (O-5) next year Made the jump to the reserves due to family issues, but no regrets. I have the best of both worlds. Great civilian job, and awesome cutting-edge military duty assignment. Definitely staying until retirement
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