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  1. Thx Joey, really helpful^^ I think Centurion armor is everyones dream here, and I will definitly work to achieve that, but I think it will take a while until I'm that good^^ And thanks to everybody for welcoming me aboard^^
  2. Hey Guys, My Name is Ben and I am 19 years old and from Switzerland. Well, to my story: I've been a Star Wars fan since childhood and I always loved the shiny stormtrooper armor they had in the movie and wanted to have one myself. And when I surfed around the web to buy that armor (I'm ashamed to admit that I even considered rubies), I found the 501st website. I never thought there would be so many people and websites to that. And as I read through the 501st's different sites, my mind slowly replaced the silly idea "find some stormtrooper armor just to fool around in it once or twice" with the cool idea "find and make some good armor to get in the 501st and get patrolling". And so here I am. Glad to join you guys here^^
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