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  1. Thank you my friend and good luck to you as we'll on both the move and your build. The members here really seem en to helping the constant inflow of new members, and that is NOT true of many other places.
  2. This may sound like a completely ridiculous question, and I do mean it in more as a curiosity factor than anything else, but do you guys get any sense amongst yourselves that at some point you are thought of as being too old for this according to others? Not that it should matter. I was 8 when ANH hit the theaters and will be 44 in the Spring. I'm wondering if that puts me well outside of the average age range, or if there are a lot of us out trooping in our 40's and beyond. Not that its going to stop me, but I am curious.
  3. I have a Hobby Lobby and Walmart right down the street so I'll give those a try first. Otherwise, Trooper Bay it is. Thanks Troops.
  4. Where do you guys pick up the E6000? I've read a ton about it but never saw it at the hardware store.
  5. Well, I'm a noob to this like many others commenting, but I thought I'd share my 2 cents on costuming buckets. I've seen some guys use knee pad inserts cut up for helmet padding such as this: There are a number of varieties out there and they are relatively cheap ($5 to $10 for a set which is more than enough for one helmet). I'm ordering some for the Judge Dredd helmet I started working on. Got the idea from somebody at the Dented Helment I think. What kind of material do you guys use around the interior rim of the lenses? Is that for comfort or a finished look? Also, can you spray Plastidip on the inside or do you recommend the Rustoleum?
  6. Sage words of advice from everyone, and something I will continue to think about for days to come. Never really gave any thought to going with black armor, but then again, I do tend to like to do something a little different, so I may look into that as well.
  7. My only reservation is the anticipated costs of shipping from the UK to the US. Beyond that, I have no worries.
  8. I get the impression that ATA is so popular due to quality for affordability. Like I said, I need to wait a bit on purchase anyway until funds are freed up so that wait is not a negative. But I will still contact the other guys and chat with them. I did run out to Lowe's last night for something and picked up a pack of 14 clamps for future use! Baby steps, right. I have the Dremel, drill, and other tools already. Actually, on further review, since neither TE2 nor AM are presently taking orders, it looks like the option for US purchase boils down to ATA (or ordering from Canada -- AP or RT mod). Boy the info you guys have put together here is really amazing.
  9. Glad to see these are acceptable for Trooping. Over on the Brotherhood of the Bat, we Batmen buy from Eastbay all of the time -- just charcoal heather gray instead of black. They probably make more money from costumers than athletes!
  10. Those are great photos, and it looks like a good time for all. Love the elevator pic the most -- priceless.
  11. I aapreciate all of the input. I reached out to ATA and they (he) already go back to me. There is about a 6 month wait on armor although he does have buckets available now. I have a lot of prep work (selling stuff to raise the money ) so that's not a problem for me. But I'm still going to check out the other makers too just to be sure.
  12. Good advice, for which I thank you. I know (or believe anyway) AM is simply the 'new FX' or at least from the same makers. I'm intrigued by the ATA and shot an email over to him. As for the waistline, I hear you. Not a lot of girth on my end (thankfully! ) but neither am I as thin as they actors were in ANH. We shall see, but I'll expect a little work in that area just in case.
  13. Forgive if this question is in the wrong location. I'm still trying to navigate my way around this place. I have begun the long and exhauting (in a good way) search for the right armor for me. While I have seen plenty of posts on selecting armor for larger individuals, I have not seen any on what I will call Stormtrooper average. I'm 5'10" and about 170 lbs, putting me only a few holiday treats above the average built of a trooper in ANH. Money aside, are there any armors that are better suited to this average build, or are most of them made for average size (putting aside say RT-Mod which seems to be for larger troopers). Looking at the ATA Armor kit or the AM armor with the ATA helmet as of now, but open to other suggestions. Thanks for looking.
  14. Many thanks guys. Excited to get started, but I'm going to take my time before diving in with a build. I may start with something small like an updated E-11 (I did the Hasbro mod, but added my own ammo chamber and that part of it is sub par) while I look into the armor issue. {Adjusted my avatar, since the Bat doesn't really fit in here. This is only a picture of me in a Rental -- Rubies likely although I didn't check -- that I wore to a children's birthday party. Not a quality shot, but more in the proper spirit!}
  15. From Dark Knight to white Knight! Like I said, thanks for having me. This place really is an amazing place for those smitten with all things Stormtrooper. 1,000 questions come to mind, but l have a "few" posts to start reading first.
  16. Hello to one and all. What an amazing place this is. Many moons ago (i.e. about 10 years) I gave some serious consideration to building a set of Stormtrooper Armor, but had no experience in costume building and no funds. So I had to let the dream go for a while. Then, a few years back, the bug bit me again but started me down the path of the Batman. So I joined up at the Brotherhood of the Bat, and a few years and a couple thousand posts later, I'm still running strong there. But the old Star Wars itch is back, and some of the brothers there pointed me in this direction. So much has changed in 10 years, and yet, the more things change, the more they stay the same. So here I am looking to take a break from all things Bat and turn my attention back to a dream that started in 1977 when I was 8 years old. Funds are still a challenge (for all new reasons) but I'm going to do this before I'm too old to do this. It may take some time, and I have plenty more research to do, but my goal is simple: I will join the ranks of the trooping world. Seems like a really great group of people here. I hope to make some good friends here as I did on the BOTB. I may lurk a lot for a while as I start piecing things together, but hopefully in time I will have something meaningful to add. Until then, thanks for taking me in.
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