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  1. Thanks! I'll look for you guys in the ANH build areas.
  2. Hey guys, so i finally got my AM kit (a little large for me) and I have some questions when building the left forearm portion. i'm only about 5'11" and weigh about 166 lbs. My arms are a little on the thin side. My question is this, how much wiggle room should there be after I have further trimmed the forearm? There's a little less than 1" of room in the back (picture on the right), but about 1.5 inches in the front assuming i push my arm/hand all the way to one side. Should I have trimmed off the edges in the front that curve inward as well? I couldn't fit my hand through. Here's 2 pics of what it looks like after i trimmed it (only held together by tape) Front Back Any suggestions would be helpful! I'm trying to follow trooperbay's build (on youtube) as well as pandatrooper's AM build. But this is one of troopergear's new builds and neither resource matches it exactly or is missing the area where I have questions on. Thanks guys! ~Leo back.pdf back space.pdf front space.pdf front.pdf
  3. Hi all, My nameis Leo, 34 and I just got my first suit of AM armor today. I'm really excited about the finished product but definitley feeling overwhelmed seeing all of it and even though it's trimmed it looks like one heck of a task to put together. I hail from Fremont, California. Anyone happen to be near this area who's willing to give a complete newbie some pointers? On the off hand, I'm 5"11, about 165 lbs with a 33 inch waist line...is this armor too big for me? Thanks in advance for all the help guys!
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