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  1. 11 minutes ago, MintImperial said:

    The biggest issue I think I’ll have is that the shins are quite short. I received three shorter pieces and one longer in my kit. I’m worried that my knee gap will be too large. I will try to set them slightly higher (without exposing the top of the boots and maybe set the thighs slightly lower to reduce the black.

    I have my shins up slightly higher than usual for that exact reason, I added some foam behind the bottom fronts of the shins so they sit higher on the boot. 


    In your image looks like the thighs will come down a bit too once you start strapping ;) 

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  2. Never easy when waiting for your armor, my ATA kit took 9 months and the wait killed. I've not really heard of many issues with Mark, you can always check back in with him and say he told you there were 2 in front and now it's 3 in front and see what he says. Mark posted July 14th he had a few kits in stock but no update on commission builds.


  3. Costuming and Builds - EU (501st Approved)
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  4. Costuming and Builds - EU (501st Approved)
    - TKC Build Threads - Glen


    Page 1 complete - gmrhodes13



    Costuming and Builds - EU (501st Approved)
    The Force Unleashed Stormtrooper - Glen

    Page 1 complete - gmrhodes13



    Costuming and Builds - EU (501st Approved)
    - TFU TK Build Threads - Glen 

    Page 1 complete - gmrhodes13




    Costuming and Builds - EU (501st Approved)
    - Incinerator Trooper - Glen 

    Page 3 complete - gmrhodes13

    Page 2 complete - gmrhodes13

    Page 1 complete - gmrhodes13


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    In the original films, many of the biceps had an indentation, or "thumbprint" (normally worn only on the left) on the inside.  As the biceps are interchangeable, this is not a requirement for any level.




    Normally the thumbprint is worn on the left, some makes of armor have thumb prints on both sides.

    As you can see below the two biceps are different, with this make only one thumb print




    If you remove more of the return edge at the bottom it will help the shoulders to come in more




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  6. You may also notice Richard's biceps are a little lower too. It's just a case of spreading the gaps evenly in all arm openings for the longer arms, biceps, elbows and wrists.


    Your gloves may be a little big if they are falling down on their own, I wear the glove inners and never have that issue. FYI have a few extra pairs of the inner gloves as they tend to get pretty wet and sweaty at long events, nice to put on a fresh pair between breaks.



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  7. 1 minute ago, Goggytalks said:

    I don’t believe the armour is specifically for Rogue one but the guy was supplying the suit with rubber shoulder bridges.

    There is quite a bit of difference between the R1 and OTTK shoulder straps




    OTTK from RWA



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  8. 10 hours ago, Goggytalks said:

    There’s a fb page called Trooper Stuff that sells RWA kits commissioned built and ready to wear out of the box, I remember someone mentioning that the shoulder bridges supplied were rubber and asked if it would be a problem for clearance. You could try sending them a message.

    Is that for Rogue One as that is what the poster is after ;) 


    Edit: they appear to be for OTTK not R1 


  9. Hello and welcome aboard, research is the key to this hobby. CRL is only part of the costume and isn't there to show how to put together, more the finished appearance.


    1: Follow others build threads and check with the reference gallery's, a great build to follow is @ukswrath very detailed.

    2: Correct, I use 400 grit to smooth any sanded edges

    3: See #1

    4: Yes gaskets take up some room so you will need to check fit with them on. Also wear your undersuit, can make a difference

    5: See #1


    There is a whole section dedicated to the FOTK armor


  10. Some screen references for comparison, notice in the first picture the second tooth is a little larger in the bottom corner than other teeth



    Normally when opening up the teeth I follow the look from side to side not the actual particular tooth opening.


    If it really bothers you there is the option of adding a small amount of ABS paste to fill any extra gap, normally just add some tape behind for support.


  11. It's really a personal choice, first time helmet builds are always a little tricky, I've built quite a few different helmets and the basics are pretty much the same, although some have particular quirks not seen on other helmets.


    But as it's an RS helmet I would say follow their builds, after all they should know what they are doing :duim:


    One other detail the DO's bring up from time to time is the position of the ears which RS may not see as that important, here is the ideal look




    And if you need some reference material you can't go past "Star Wars Helmets" http://www.starwarshelmets.com


    Good luck with the build

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