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  1. Alright, thanks for the input guys. Won't be turning it into a Sandy anytime soon. I have little money & I'll have to get a new belly plate, as well as a pauldron & the pouches.
  2. The pics are of the chest plate & thighs. I don't know who did that to the armor, it wasn't me. But I'm the one that has to try & fix it.
  3. Sorry it took so long to post these pics, but here they are. There are spots all over the armor that look similar to this.
  4. Cool, and thanks, I will try to get some photos up tomorrow. Armor is at a buddies house & he will be snoozing by the time I get off work this evening.
  5. Greetings My name is Jason Bogue, most of my friends call me Bogue. I am in need of some advice for repairing an old beat up suit of Stormtrooper armor. I am the 3rd owner of this particular suit of armor. The 1st owner was a 501st member, owner number 2 was not, & I believe the damage came from owner #2. The armor photographs fairly well, but when you get up close you see the damage. Someone (not me I know better) tried using Superglue on the armor and where they did so is where the damage is at. Is there any way to repair these spots? I'm not sure if Bondo will work in some spots due to the need for the armor to flex. Is there anything else I might be able to use? If not I imagine I can convert the armor to a sandy & blend the damage in with the weathering, but I'd kind of like to have a shiny TK. If not no worries. I am a fairly handy guy, so if it is possible to do the repair work I'm sure I can. I will try to post photos of the damaged spots in the next day or 2 so you can see exactly what I'm talking about. Thanks for any feedback Bogue
  6. Hello! My name is Jason Bogue and I am from Joplin Missouri. My local garrison is just one hour up I44 in Springfield Missouri. That would be Garrison 66. I've met them all & have known them for a few years now. I have several costumes in the works but none of them are ready yet for approval. Money is always a issue. I've been lurking across these forums, along with MEPD, BH, & a few others for a while now. Thought I should introduce myself. I have 2 costumes close to completion & will be having to purchase a few items for them. I look forward to finally being in the 501st & making new friends, trooping & what ever other adventures come our way.
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