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  1. I would update the nose,too.The original ESB nose looks not like the stock one of the efx helmet.I have build a complete ESB Mod of this helmet:



  2. Hi guys...here is my MR CE ESB Mod....I know the helmet can never be screenaccurate..hehe...but I like the idealized design..have 2 other more screenaccurte ANH-Trooperhelmets,too.. :wink: :



    I updated all the other stuff,too...new ears,tube stripes,new lenses and padded it complete in the inside.


    I think for a ANH the noseholes are too much wrong,because they are curved to the inside.You can better cover this mistake of the MR CE/EFX with the black nose of the ESB-Look:


  3. So..here is my ANH-Hero-FX-Armor with weathered Rubiesblaster.

    I changed some parts and updated some.

    The Armor has a

    -new chestplate

    -new backplate

    -new Herohelmet


    all parts made in the exact same ABS like my Armor..you can see it on the flashpics


    I cutted the legs and the handplates in the right form and updated the Rubiesblaster with the Kit and painted it.


    I´m a bodybuilder..so the arms and legs are a little bit "pumped"... :D


    I hope you like it... :)














    And some under flashlight:







    and my blaster:







  4. So here a couple of initial pics. If this armor isn't 501st quality then yet, I'll try to make it as such, but if not there will be plenty of opportunity for me get better stuff. I kinda rushed into this purchase, I was coming back from Iraq (I'm in the Army strange enough) through Kuwait (the first time I had usable internet in a year), and looking for a way to spend my money and saw this on Ebay. Obviously there are a few major problems with this armor, but I think I could overlook them for now if I could just get it to fit right. Specifically the arms are a pain to keep in place, as you might be able to tell by my awkward arm placement, which was necessitated by everything trying to fall off even as I was just standing there. This armor is definitely made with larger people than myself in mind, so I think the key here is to just pad the inside like crazy with foam. Also, I could deal with the helmet, but again it doesn't stay in place and the lenses are impossible to see through. I have already ordered a new webbing and lenses for the helmet and hope this will fix most of the problem. More pics to follow

    Thanks for the help guys,




    Oh,oh..at first:kick that terrible helmet..it looks like a insect from "godzilla",but not like a stormtrooper! :lol:

    You need a CE-Helmet or a real copy of an ROTJ one.

    But the armor looks not bad..ok,it´s a ROTJ,but with some work it can look great.At first you must make your chest a lot higher.So you must remove the shoulderstrapes and put the chest and backplate higher like the movieversion.than bolt the new shoulderstraps between chest and backplate.Use pics from the movie for the right look.That´s the first to look like a trooper.Please send us more pics..the full body pic is great..please one from the side and one from the back,too.

    The white of the rubies looks a little "dirty"..I think,if you buy a MRCE-helmet,you must paint it,to match the right colour.The CE is extreme virgin white. :D

    But you must paint the CE anyway,to look like a ROTJ-Trooper...out of the box it´s painted like a ANH.

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