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  1. such demand for this size, I can't believe nobody is making this.
  2. great picture. Looking to get rid of the junior by chance?
  3. I had massive feedback problems anytime I placed my bucket on with the Aker/iComm setup mounted in my chest. I have since moved the setup into the backplate, and the feedback is much better. The only disadvantage to this is my inablity to adjust volume once I'm armored-up. While in the chest, the Aker's volume was readily accessible, but the level was not due to feedback. -T
  4. Yeah, they recently changed the forum. I suspect the guys are working on sorting it all out. -T
  5. is this where you are trying? Let me know if you are still having problems, and I can ask the gang. -T
  6. Shane, here is a tutorial I posted on the 501st Special Ops Detachment site: http://forum.501stspecopsdet.net/index.php?/topic/1509-resource-patent-leather-belt/page__p__22520__fromsearch__1#entry22520 Hope that helps. -Toddo
  7. Another Special Ops guy! Looks fantastic. I had a canvas belt on mine originally. Should you be interested in a shiny belt, send me a PM and I'll link an idea to you. -Todd
  8. Please enable me for 501st access: TX-6647 Todd Maxfield-Matsumoto Garrison Titan legion profile
  9. the Aker and iComm combination is fantastic. Jim sells them at an affordable price, and he ships quickly. The Aker is nice and loud with the right amount of distortion whereas the iComm adds those essential static bursts. In addition, the iComm comes with a push-to-talk cable or is voice-activated.
  10. Love it. I threatened my wife that I was going to do this in my Blackhole the other day. She thinks a neighbor will call the police.
  11. Thanks for sharing this. Honorable work indeed. This made my day.
  12. Nice work. It's cleanly-wired and looks amazing with the illumination. Impressive. Most impressive.
  13. ah, kids and their grabbiness. I like the hinge idea, but maybe neck wallet is the way to go to avoid bands of gypsy children.
  14. yeah, i've searched. I find various info on using them as storage, but so far no details on the best way to do it mechanically speaking.
  15. I've heard of some guys using their drop boxes for storing cards, keys, money, and so forth. I picked-up some drop box backs from Kev, but am wondering if anyone is willing to share their methods for securing the backs while making the interior readily accessible. Seems like a good discussion to begin.
  16. Have you been to the Cushman site? I have one of these on order based on a great recommendation over at 501st Special Ops. http://www.cushmanpaintball.com/ReplicaMg34DLT.html
  17. I also have been unhappy with my hardhat liner in an eFx bucket John. How did you like the foam approach?
  18. Funny title. My youngest son is named after Joe Strummer. I look forward to seeing your Sandtrooper.
  19. Funny title. My youngest son is named after Joe Strummer.
  20. I'd love to see this. Can you post a photo?
  21. I've registered on the Garrison Titan forum, but I'm not authorized to post an introduction. I've emailed the webmaster, but with no reply. I really want to introduce myself on the forums.
  22. Hello everyone, I'm a new trooper from Seattle, WA. I'm completing the assembly of my TX armor as well as putting the final touches on my TR Shadow Guard. I am attempting to contact Garrison Titan here locally, but am having little luck so far getting access to their forums. If anyone has any tips for gaining access to their forum so that I can begin my bid for 501st membership, please let me know.
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