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  1. Some of the aspects such as the smaller cod and flat shoe, while quite noticeable to us, will enable greater mobility than our suits tend to do.  Remember that Rogie One is expected to be a much more visceral military-styled film than what we are used to seeing.  People from Saving Private Ryan and Zero Dark Thirty are working on it, so we can expect some great action scenes.  I'm excited to see OT-style TKs engaging in physical action.  It's about time that people start thinking of TKs are BA again IMHO as opposed to the clownish buffoons we see in Rebels.

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  2. Watching the flick today for the fourth time, I noticed a nice surprise.  The Resistance transport ship has a couple of large laser blasters built onto the side.  There is a wide shot from the side showing Leia talking to Han on Tokodana.  In the forefront of this shot is a jumbo-sized E-11 barrel hidden in plain sight.  I don't yet have a photo, but watch for it.  You guys are going to love it.

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  3. Furthermore to Eric's point I have seen quite a few New-to-the-Legion costumes push through not just because a costume was executed well but also because a CRL was presented along with it with the support of a detachment leader to the LMO.  I say get working on it.  It's the best fundamental way for troopers to help troopers.

  4. The flametrooper has in some ways more in common with the FO snowtrooper than the FO stormtrooper.  We have a whole section dedicated to the flametrooper over at Spec Ops including helmet, armor, tank, and flamethrower builds:  http://forum.501stspecopsdet.net/index.php?/forum/82-first-order-flametrooper-tfa/.  There's nothing wrong with discussing it here, but feel free to check out what we have going-on over there as well.

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