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  1. On 9/12/2023 at 6:58 AM, Chemi said:

    I'm sorry, but I disagree:(. The differences are too obvious even for basic (as a GML, I would ask to correct it:blush:). 



    This is the one thing I wanted to comment on with my GML hat.  I completely agree with Chemi here.  We have some detachments in the legion who are very strict with their CRLs.  Believe it or not the FISD is actually not one of them.  I feel that the pauldron should look like the video game references from the start.  Us GMLs will approve this based on the wording and the pictures.  If people start building them then we will have a handful of these characters in the legion approved with a pauldron that looks like the one made at this point.  The black lines should be moved more towards the center to be more in line with the reference photos shown. 



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  2. This truly is such a sad day.  Dan has contributed so much to our community.  He was a friend whom I never had the pleasure of meeting in person.  I just spoke to him a few days ago.  Our community has lost a great person.  Prayers to his wife and children.  You will be missed Dan.  RIP

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  3. 10 hours ago, FN1313 said:

    The thing here is comparing Disney Parks FOTKs to Screen accurate FOTKs, Even the Kylo at the parks isn’t fully Screen accurate.

    The parks make their costumes to be wearable by many individuals and they don’t claim Screen accuracy as the 501st does. They just provide a fun atmosphere.

    Yes it’s better for ease, I for sure understand the issues with the yoke being one piece, but the other thing to remember is most of the armor in movies recently is urethane for flexibility and mobility. This is why they can go no seam no problem.

    That being said, I say no modifications to CRL just because vendors don’t meet the CRL standard. The accuracy is set forth by screen references that have been heavily scrutinized and as for now they stand as they are. Maybe some time in the future we get a new movie or show with a different version or so that will allow amendments to this, but for now the only arguments for the seam allowance are from a cartoon completely different character, a theme park, and a vendor. None of which are screen accurate or are a completely different screen version.

    I wish the seam was on screen costumes, because that was the most crackable part of the armor and I hated the repairs, but knowing it wasn’t I knew that it was a requirement that I needed to maintain with my armor. Honestly it also gives me pride knowing the armor I had was higher quality in accuracy than even Disney’s.

    The last thing I would also say is I don’t really see a true purpose to a “Disney Parks CRL” other than accommodating a single vendor style. The 501st aims for Screen Accuracy, not theme park accuracy, or some other type of accuracy. We aim for the source and that’s what makes our costumes really stand out. Sure seeing a Stormtrooper in general is cool, but there truly is a difference when the detail is accurate. I know we are talking about a seam, but if you give a mouse a cookie…

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    Everything you have said I cannot echo enough.  I am also not in favor of creating a Disney Parks CRL.  Until every detachment starts creating a Disney Park CRL for their costumes then we should not be the first.  Lets be real.  As you said those costumes are meant to fit a bunch of people and they are not "screen accurate."  Yes the park goers still just see a stormtrooper but they also saw a dancing Darth Vader at Star Tours too.  I doubt the SLD would create a CRL for Star Tours Dancing Darth Vader.  


    If a person is actually building a FOTK then they would have the skills to mix some ABS pieces in with acetone, slap it on the seams and then sand it down.  The FOTK is no walk in the park to begin with.  Creating ABS paste should be small peanuts overall.  It just comes down to people not wanting to do it.   

  4. Here is my opinion. And again this is just my opinion. I feel that the CRL should not be modified. As mentioned it is clear that the seams do not exist in the movies. There have been many approved FOTK troopers that have built their armor to current basic standards.  We shouldn’t change things because this is how a vendor has decided to manufacture their costume. 

    If someone wanted to build an animation version and a CRL is created using seams then that would be totally viable. 

    I understand that many people are receiving this kit and it could bolster the FOTK ranks but they should still build it to current basic standards.  There are many costumes in the legion that could have some basic standards changed to make them easier to get approved but I just don’t believe it means we should. 

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  5. Well hello Mark. I just saw your post on the ECG forums and here you are on the FISD. As you can see the folks here have started you on the right path. Like my buddy Dan has mentioned, the best thing to do now while you are waiting is research.  I know Dan probably won’t mention it but there are a lot of great videos on YouTube from this guy named CableGuy. Check it out. 


    Also some other informative videos can be located on trooperbay.com. Research is key at this point. Time to study up. 

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  6. Hi Josiah and welcome to the FISD!  So yeah RS is one of the best sets of armor you can buy. What you will need to make sure of is that since you are getting it commissioned is that it fits you correctly. The ECG GML is a real stickler (me). Is the undersuit, neck seal and boots included in the kit?   If not then you will need to purchase them. I did receive your email I just haven’t had a chance to respond yet. I apologize for that. Also, head over to our ecg forums to introduce yourself as well. www.forum.501ecg.com. 

    Let us know if you have any other questions. 

  7. Hi Sean and welcome to the FISD!  So you can’t go wrong with a RS suit. It is certainly top notch. You have done a nice job with your armor. There is one thing that is standing out to me that could be an issue for approval. That is the two rivets/screws at the top of your ab plate. Generally those should be added on to the return edge of the armor so they are not as visible. I’m not sure how your GML will view it but if I was reviewing your app for my garrison I would unfortunately not pass it. If your GML doesn’t then you will need to remove those and fill the holes in with ABS paste and then sand it smooth. There are a couple of tutorials here on the forum on how to do it. 

    I would also recommend that you add a couple more pieces of elastic connecting your chest plate and ab plate. That will help with the gap you are getting there and keep it closed better. 

    Otherwise I think everything else would be fine for basic approval 

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  8. Hi Bart and welcome to the FISD!  I am so deeply sorry to hear about your wife.  I couldn't imagine how hard this was for you over the years.  But thank you for joining up here and for your interest in the FISD and the 501st legion.  Please take a look around the getting started threads.  There is a ton of information to get you off the ground running.  Essentially the first thing you need to do is figure out what set of armor you are interested in.  Original Trilogy stormtrooper (OTTK)?  A First Order stormtrooper (FOTK)?  Then any of the offshoots like an Incinerator trooper, heavy weapons trooper, etc.  If you have any questions then don't hesitate to ask here on the forums.  There are a ton of knowledgeable troopers here.

  9. Hey Cory. So it sucks that happened with your colors. Unfortunately putting on my ECG GML hat here I would have to say I would not approve that much of a color difference. I have never heard of the tea trick. Give it a shot. What’s the worse that can happen?  Other try another vendor like MTK or AP?  I used To have a MTK kit and I had a troopermaster helmet. The colors were very similar. You could always try TM too. Ask who has more of a cream white color as opposed to bright white. 

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