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  1. This isn't the status you're looking for, move along, move along

  2. Ha Ha, 'TK Boots' is the same guy (Dale) I've bought 2 sets of armor from, mine 2 years ago and a friend's 2 months ago!! Small world, thanks again for the help guys ;-)
  3. Hi and thanks for the reply guys, I ordered a pair of CA boots for a friend of mine a few months back from CA boots in Texas, they took around 5 weeks to get here to the UK, but there was a delay in the US with UPS I believe, I haven't heard of 'TK Boots' in the US??? Link please :-)
  4. Hi guys & gals, Im TK4921 from the UKG, I need another pair of UK size 11 CA boots as I will not get another pair from the USA in time for a troop coming up in August, does anyone have a spare pair they want to sell or give away to a fellow TK ???? Any help would be gladly appreciated. You can email me: tk4921@hotmail.com or look for me on Facebook under 'Gary Tk Cole' or 'Tk Fourninetwoone Stormtrooper' Thanks guys :-)
  5. Hey guys & gals, Just saying hi and a happy Star Wars day for tomorrow - MAY THE FOURTH be with you all !! TK4921 - UK Garrison
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