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  1. This image was sent by the @501stLegion twitter account. Classic.
  2. Shirt is no longer available. Bummer. I have too many t-shirts anyways...
  3. Hey Folks, In my life I have seen many star wars items pass me by. For example the life size han in carbonite at some shop at the mall for $1,000 or so? Countless helmets and masks I wish I had purchased (riddell mini helmets anyone?). I couldn't let the $109 eFx black friday sale go by. It's troopable and when I finally get a real lid this one will look pretty good on a shelf with other starwarsaphenalia. At this time I do not intend to get my bondo on and mod it. So far I have a D-ring, a hasbro blaster, a holster (on the way), and droopy doo kit (on the way). I'm debating between AM and RT-MOD being 6'5" and 240... I'm still combing through the tons of info for armor for bigger troopers. There have been other posts with photos of this helmet, but I thought I'd share the funny copy written on the box. FEARLESS AND UNSWERVINGLY LOYAL TO THE EMPEROR, STORMTROOPERS ARE THE MOST RECOGNIZED SYMBOL OF IMPERIAL MIGHT IN THE STAR WARS SAGA. ENCASED IN WHITE ARMOR OVER A BLACK BODYGLOVE, STORMTROOPER MAKE UP THE BULK OF PALPATINE'S GROUND-BASED ARMIES AND SPACED-BASED IMPERIAL STARFLEET. THEIR FEARSOME LOOKING HELMETS ALLOW THE STORMTROOPERS TO BREATH IN THE HARSHEST ENVIRONMENTS, INCLUDING THE VACUUM OF SPACE. THEY ARE ALSO EQUIPPED WITH LONG RANGE COMMUNICATIONS, ENSURING THAT THESE ELITE SHOCK TROOOPERS CAN BE DEPLOYED WITH SPEED AND EFFICIENCY TO QUELL INSURRECTIONS AND MAINTAIN ORDER ACROSS THE MANY WORLDS OF THE EMPIRE. How dumb. There are many reasons why I cling dearly to the Star Wars movies. Without getting out my forum therapist couch, I'll just admit that it makes me feel like a kid. A 39 year old kid. I might as well send it back because Santa gave this bucket to a child... of any age. And what... not a toy? And seriously where am I going to put an eFx sticker? I have enough shame posting about the thing here on FISD. There is no reason for me to advertise to the world how lame I am. What I didn't expect once I put the thing on is how close my eyes are to the green lenses. My face is quite pressed up against the front. It was a little disorienting at first. With aloha, -Eric ---- The rest of the photos (flickr set):
  4. From the same youtube user... White Trash Stormtroopers... which is not a bad collection of reference material in between all the trooper deaths.
  5. Followed on the twitters... and emailed Aloha, -Eric
  6. Thanks guys I had a feeling he wouldn't be hard to track down. Aloha! -Eric
  7. Does anyone know who this guy is from SWCV? I'd like to contact him... Aloha, -Eric
  8. There was an eFx ESB helmet under the tree this year. It's a start... Aloha! -Eric (oh and a son too)
  9. Mele Kalikimaka and Hau’oli Makahiki Hou from the Big Island of Hawai'i to the FISD-verse -Eric
  10. DarthCarcinus over at the 501st Sith Lord Detachment forum makes custom santa hats. If you send him the circumference of your bucket by the 10th he'll make you one for $25 shipped to the US. I just bought one for my sucktacular rubies vader helmet. Aloha, -Eric
  11. Argh. Getting things shipped to HI is very very frustrating at times. Nothing can make me lose all my Aloha like trying to get something mailed here. Apropos of this post... I was buying something from a guy on forum.501stsithlords.com today and he ended up charging me $5 more for shipping to HI. It was fair thing to do and he felt bad but that's just the way it goes. I was telling him about how much I want to reach through the phone and choke someone from Amazon. There are whole categories at Amazon they won't even ship here. Diapers for a timely example. I tried to sign up for Amazon Prime (the free shipping club they have). Amazon was happy to take my yearly fee, but then still charged me shipping to HI. I tried to order something from a website recently that did't even list AK and HI in the address web form.... which is common. A friend in NYC sent me a couple boxes parcel post. Not only did it arrive 6 weeks later, but the boxes were beat to hell. I can't agree more with Julie. Do not ship anything you care about parcel post here. Priority mail is the most reliable way to send something to Hawai'i. It's even more reliable than FedEx or UPS. Rarely will UPS send anything to the Big Island overnight. They'll charge you overnight but it typically takes 2 days. Anything sent FedEx from the west coast will come overnight here but typically 2 day from the east coast. I once had a package come from Canada, hit the Honolulu customs hub and was promptly sent to China for no good reason. The priority flat rate boxes are the best and arrive quickly and without hassle. Scuba diving lead is stupidly expensive here on island. I had a friend buy some for me in Seattle and stuff it into a flat rate box and it saved me tons of money. We've made other friends and family go to Trader Joe's for us and stuff a flat rate box full of goodies and it still comes out to be a good deal. Hawai'i is the most like living in a different country you can get without requiring a passport. With Aloha, -Eric
  12. Thanks everyone. I'm hoping the boss will have this helmet waiting for me under the tree this year. Aloha, -Eric
  13. Hey Julie, I've cruised the pac501.net website... and emailed Tory and a few other members to see if there was anyone on the Big Island. Bummers no? There's only about 150k people on a rock the size of Connecticut so I suppose its not a surprise. For sure I'm going to try and make Kawaii Kon. If I don't have my armor sussed out by then I'll just come dressed as Darth Aloha. I'd love to get some photos of DA and a bunch of troopers. I'll certainly be on Oahu for meetings between now and then. I'll try and hook up with the Pacific Outpost folks the next time I'm around. Aloha and thanks for the warm welcome. -Eric
  14. I'm not sure I can pass up this $109 deal on the Efx helmet. Even if I never end up using it to troop it would still look pretty bad-a$$ displayed with my other starwarsaphernalia. I think I understand all the mods that need to occur for EIB. Does anyone know if this helmet is up 501st standards? I would like to be able start trooping once I buy armor this winter without having to take the time to get the helmet ready. Aloha and thanks, -Eric
  15. Thanks! I'll re-post the question in a new thread... as well as get off my butt and continue reading other threads. -Eric
  16. Hmmm it's still at $109. I'm sure this has been asked a zillion times... I apologize for my forum weariness... but without mods is this helmet 501st-able? Aloha and thanks, -Eric
  17. Yep. I've been in touch with the Oahu crew Thx! Drop me a note if you have questions about the Big Island or if you scuba dive... always looking for dive buddies. Aloha, -Eric
  18. All, I'll mostly be lurking until I can get my hands on some armor. I just wanted to say hi and say that I'm rather grateful for the crap-ton of information in this forum. Trying to understand the world of stormtrooper armor on the interweb at large can make your head spin. Unfortunately there are no 501st members here on the Big Island o Hawai'i. The next time I'm on Oahu I'll be sure to go seek out the good folks from the Pacific Outpost. Aloha, -Eric (Darth Aloha)
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