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  1. You can always tell when I have a ton of work to do... my post count per day goes up.


    I have been wondering about searching on FISD since the upgrade. The search form that appears in the upper right of every page does not seem able to find what I'm looking for. I noticed that its only seems to search on the title. I can search for "elastic" using this form and all the threads that come back have the word "elastic" in the title.


    For example I know for a fact there's only one post with the word "Jervis" in it. I posted talking about my trip down under.

    • If I put the word "jervis" in upper right search box, no results are returned.
    • If I click on the cog icon and used the advanced search page and seach for "jervis," no results are returned.
    • It isn't only until I use the advanced search and click on the radio button "Display results: As Posts" will my post show up in the results.

    I wanted to get a photo recently of the right side snap. Here's what I tried until I found what I was looking for:

    • Using the advanced search form I searched for "right snap," no results
    • Change "Match" to "Search title and content," no results
    • Change "Match to "Only search in content," no results
    • Change "Display results" to "As posts" and boom... a post with the right side snap appears.

    I was also wondering if there was a way to turn off the search flood control for logged in users. That way anons can spider and search flood but if you're a valid user you won't need to wait the 20 seconds before searching again.


    Mahalo nui,



  2. I was wandering through Radio Shlock yesterday morning and came upon a usb powered laptop cooler on sale for $6. I don't know if I'll do anything with it, but it was worth buying.


    If I do decide to put them in a helmet I'll get rid of the LED and the little plug board and just solder the USB cable directly to the black and red wires. Some mesh in front of the open fan blades seem like a good idea too.


    It would have been cheaper to just order fans from digikey or mouser but the instant gratification factor of the impulse purchase is high.














  3. Man this is greatly helpful for me! Thanks brothers! I feel more confident about the RT Mod armor for my goals now.


    If you have the cash now, contact Rob right away. He just fixed up his molds and is getting ready for another run really soon. He travels for work and is away from email for long stretches (let's pitch in and buy him an iPhone) so better to email sooner than later. I ordered my armor in July... So it could be a while if you don't catch Rob at the right time.





  4. Is that Craig Provine A.K.A. Hyper from this photo? If not... who is it? Someday I need to buy Craig a beer or two for inspiring my Darth Aloha costume... and eventually (if my RT-MOD armor ever gets here) my Aloha Trooper getup this Halloween... except I'll have real leis of course.


    Great Dragoncon photos... thanks for letting us share in the fun from afar.







  5. Thanks man. That's exactly what I needed to know.


    Aloha nui,




    Well, I measured my stuff and and heres what I came out to. For my torso, and the straps in the shoulder bells to hold the biceps are elastic. The straps I have for arms and legs I wanted to be a little more durable so I used nylon straps for that, but here's what I got.


    Arms - 26 inches ( nylon)

    Bicep straps - 22 inches ( elastic)

    Torso - 18 inches ( elastic)

    Legs - 24 inches ( nylon)


    So those were some quick measurements. The elastic that i have holding the ab and kidney plate are doubled over to make sure it lasts longer and I accounted for that in my measurements. It would be good to take those measurements and add to it for extra in case you need it or use some as test pieces. What i measured added up to 90 but I would add 3 more feet to that to be safe. Lastly, I haven't gotten my drop boxes on, but I'm sure of 1 foot of 1 inch wide white nylon is plenty for that. Hope that helps.

  6. I don't waste my time going to stores only to find out they don't have what you want or are closed. It's so much easier for me to just buy everything on ebay and it's usually cheaper too.


    Agreed. Especially seeing how far away most stores are for us and how few store choices we have.


    I was wondering roughly how many feet of 1" black elastic I might need to strap my armor together using snaps. The FISD search form is giving me a little bit of heartburn :)


    Thanks and Aloha,



  7. More like posing trooper. All those pictures and not one of him actually trying to surf.


    Challenge accepted!


    And here I was I was feeling a bit scooped by these photos :) Just a few more months before the swell returns.



    • The plastic shoulder straps need to be held down in the back via a white elastic band to the white fabric that connects/bridges the chest and back piece.

    Tomorrow I'm headed an hour south to Kona to the only fabric store that doesn't require a boat or a plan to get to. I'm wondering about the elastic holding down ANH shoulder straps to the back plate.


    In a typically obsessive move I read about 20 of the 40 pages of all occurrences of the word "elastic" on the FISD forums and found one reference to 1/4" white elastic.


    How wide do you think it should it be?


    Aloha and thanks,



  8. I spy a &lt and a &gt :) Seems to be the case in most of the (awesome) tutorials.







    <div style="margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica;"><em><img src="<img src="http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4133/5200017710_9a58362ed4.jpg" alt="5200017710_9a58362ed4.jpg" />" border="0" width="375" height="500" /><br /></em></div> 





    Hey Michael - what is the distance you used between the line you drew across the bottom edge of the pre-drilled holes, and the center of the holes that you drilled yourself? I'm not sure where to start the pilot holes.




    I'm sure Jorran will have a more coherent answer... because I wish I could remember how I knew where to drill those holes... I think I might have download the PVC pipe template from here, printed and measured.





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