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  1. Pretty much all of the anovos return edges are too big (except the bottom of the chest) I wouldn't worry about it. There are folks out there without return edges at the top of the thighs. Check out this screen used thigh: -Eric
  2. Yep. Shoot me a PM with the username you want Although yours is quite to the point. -Eric
  3. That looks right to me. You can tell you have the right line by looking at the bottom where the cut line turns the corner. If your line meets that line you're super good to go: Also it may be easier to cut with the plastic off of the part If you're scoring and snapping that is. -Eric
  4. Aaaaaaaand.... What are CRLs? Our CRLs are a list of references/requirements to help people to be approved in a fun costuming club where we wear our stuff in public (sometimes in service of others) to make fans smile. The 501st isn't a prop replication club... it is a costuming club And yes I would say that 96% of FISD CRL changes have been voted on by the detachment (in the members's only area of the forums) not the whim of folks in charge. -Eric
  5. Because maybe it will help someone along the way. We don't delete threads on FISD. It just isn't done. Look now people can see the difference between TM, Anovos and ATA's s-trim! See some good came out of it the silliness. -Eric
  6. On the knee pack... just go right to the edge and make sure its flat without any return on it at all and you'll be good to go. If the curve looks weird and not tangential just copy the radius of the other side and redraw it to cut again. Just take of minimal plastic to achieve the curve. -Eric
  7. Oddly enough this is basically my last piece. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Yo. Is that your actual undersuit? I suggest getting some spandexy compression gear and trying it on with it to see how it fits and where it pinches. You stuff looks a little baggy. You side gaps may even come in a little too. -Eric
  9. Gordo: I am an an impolite person for totally spacing out on your question. To be fair though, I was out of the country. But I just plain forgot. (psst Heather's kidney plate is upside down) -Eric
  10. I'll be done before a certain Jawa we know that's for sure. As soon as I find my calipers I'll measure for you. Really... I have no idea where they are. It feels about the same as my TM... but thinner than my RT... but not too thin as some people are whining about. -Eric
  11. Score and snap baby! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Stop hiding this post! LOL Ok... so Paul's comment wasn't exactly helpful. So if the rounded one that everyone uses is wrong... what is right? Pointing out a failure without suggesting the right way to do it is just nitpicking. Also... we have tons of Centurions already approved with the that very s-trim that no one will ever see. No fan is every going to come up and say "Dude your s-trim is weird looking!" My issue with the anovos s-trim is that I think it is too wide seeming. Maybe I'm wrong. Here TM/Paul's S-trim that we're going to assume is accurate because he's Paul: Here is anovos: Anovos: ATA (which I use on all of my recent buckets including WTF/Gino): So... my point is... who cares if Anovos or Trooperbay's or ATA's S-trim is a little off. Do you think it looks good? That's all that really matters. -Eric
  13. All, Paul (Daetrin) has dropped out of the race making Tim Waychoff (TK-51878) Dark CMF our new Detachment Leader for 2016 (our 10 year anniversary)! Please join me in congratulating him and wish him well in his new position. Here's to an amazing year for FISD and Stormtroopers everywhere. -Eric
  14. Paul? Do you have know US source for more accurate trim? Can I assume your s trim is accurate? I can go take a photo of it if it is. -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I'm wondering what Gaz's take on these S-trims I know he has opinions. -Eric
  16. Wow. Dude. So you hand painted the black? With a brush? Do you have any photos of how did you masked off the black? I'm such a terrible painter I've been paralyzed and have done nothing with my bucket -Eric
  17. Vern: This link had all the information you needed to accept the nomination: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/35410-legion-elections-2016-timeframe/ Mark posts the same thing every year in the same place like clockwork. I'm sorry you missed the window to accept. -Eric
  18. I sent a text message the other day and reflexively signed my name. My fingers just do it. I'll start taking photos as soon as I start glueing. -Eric
  19. I need to stop drinking beer! I could probably shim the sides because beer gut but I think it would look silly on my frame. I could make it work I'm sure but I think most of the parts are too small for me... like most of the torso... maybe the thighs... and the shins may not close. Also the shins are too short and you would see a ton of black undersuit in the legs. RT's shins are longer... TM's shins are even longer than RT's I are Vader sized. -Eric
  20. I would recommend elastic (not webbing) and snaps every time over the original strapping. Especially if you have a body type of anything other than the guys who originally wore the armor. -Eric
  21. Sometimes I give my stuff to a scout trooper and hope he/she isn't too smug about having pockets. -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. I'll need to get my mannequin to join first. -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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