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  1. sorry, its on the way.. ive had a recently worsening medical problem affecting my balance and i took bad fall and busted up my leg.. its just a bit embarrassing as im pretty useless right now lol..

  2. the edges are not like that in the HD versions. the PC model shows the model without smoothing or filters. the model is built on a polygon structure just like any CGI render. also that would be like using a painting as reference and trying to replicate the brush strokes on the costume.


    if you look at the actual gameplay with filters and lighting effects the poly shapes are almost invisible and the are not even intended to be seen. the poly shapes are a limitation of gaming hardware. plus the modles are always moving in the actual game so it is even less noticeable when playing ;)



  3. well i could choose to believe the moon is made of Swiss cheese, but that doesn't make it correct :P


    perhaps a zoom will help?



    plus who would want a air supply installed directly above your butt? :laugh1: unless TK's breath methane

  4. http://www.flickr.co...N06/7014940151/


    The 1-1/4 pvc for the barrel shroud is a bit big, which makes that template incorrect. I printed it and tried to wrap it around my actual MG-15. 1) it was too long 2) the diameter was too big. 1" diameter, thin wall aka schedule 20 PVC pipe is the closer match.


    i used thin wall steel on the build not PVC, it was just over 1" OD , but yes 1" thin wall PVC is around the same outside diameter as the pipe i used. i made the templates by eyeballing and rough measurements i found on the net for length (it was the best i could do at the time) and just had to guess on the diameter.. if you could make a charcoal rubbing of the original shroud and scan it i could update the templates to a more accurate version ;)

  5. the same concept was done recently with the clone costumes. there is a distinct difference between movie and animated versions. the same is true here, there is major differences. and whether it is a prop maker or a game artist that made it is irrelevant. it is what it is ;)


    it is not ROTJ or ANH, it is a completely unique hybrid.


    ANH style helmet with unique rank markings


    ROTJ style armor with ANH like side rivet placement and 5 ab button side detail


    ANH style belt (plastic front) and ANH hand plates


    ROTJ style belt with unique rivet placement


    lastly it is EU canon and shares the same unique armor style of the other TX and TK EU variants already approved.

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  6. i haven't seen a single canon reference to the TD being referred to as a O2 canister. i think it was just assumed to be an O2 can by fans/hobbyist at one point and it stuck? the oxygen was actually stored in the back plate armor ;) some references are the official visual dictionary and star wars fact file #4




  7. I can make a mediocre duct tape wallet, I can put together a wooden cage for big carnivorous lizards, and I can fix my car regardless of what breaks


    Welcome Terry, if you can do the stuff you mentioned above you should have no issues making a stormtrooper armor kit. it is similar to putting together a plastic model only bigger ;) and you have all the resources and people to help you on your way here. building a kit only requires basic tools and some glue/tape and some reading and research.


    first read the pinned topics in the getting started section of the forum http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?showforum=38


    and yes we normally advise people to avoid EBAY for armor/helmets (for good reasons) ;)

  8. here is a list of fixes needed for basic approval, most were mentioned above but it is less confusing in a single punch-list ;)


    darker lenses installed

    frown painted properly if needed (gray for ANH,black for ESB/ROTJ)

    proper tube stripes

    ear screws added (for ANH/ESB)

    chin seam caulked or filled

    proper amount of teeth cut out (if needed)


    Optional Mods:

    correct rubber trim

    thin out the ears

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