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  1. It's lookin' great! Keep posting the pictures! Unless you have another thread about the armor, I'd love to see some pictures from that build!
  2. Thanks for pointing that out, I was anxious to see how it would turn out, and I think it looks great! Well done staff!
  3. Yeah, it seams they sell it specifically to troopers as well: http://www.extremeracing.co.uk/Stormtrooper/Stormtrooper/prod_10.html Same suit, just no logos on it.
  4. Yeah, I'm new here, but I hope to bee ready to troop by the end of the year or sooner. What I've understood is that Stockholm scifi-convention is pretty big within NG, so maybe I'll even meet some non swedes there?
  5. Amazing! NG must be so proud to have you in the garrison!
  6. This is so beautiful! It is really inspiring to look at all this!
  7. About the E-11, I saw someone else here talk about getting one and putting up some pictures, but I don't think that ever happend. But when I get mine, I promise to post any and all pictures you'd like. I've had some email contact with AA, and last I heard was about a week ago. He was working on remodeling the front sights for a less solid, more accurate look. I just hope it gets here soon. Yeah, the nordic garrison knows a little bit of me. I've posted one or two messages there. I'll start to get more involved once I have something to show, or to work with. Thank you all for your warm welcome!
  8. I thought it might be appropriate to introduce myself before I start asking any questions. My name is really Mathias, and I'm 22 years at the moment and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. Long time star wars fan. Earliest memories come from when I was 10 I think, being introduced to SW by two classmates. I've been stalking the forum for something like two months now, reading guides, trivia and all sorts of info for hours. But I haven't felt any need to post anything here before. I'm currently waiting for a SDS E11 blaster, which I hope will arrive this month. I ordered it in early January (is AA always this slow?). I'm now well aware of the drama surrounding AA/SDS but I wasn't when I placed the order. As for an armor, I intend to order a TM (feel free to pm me his email if you like) as soon as my blaster has arrived. In the meantime it gives me more time to buy the tools needed for assembly. Cheers!
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