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  1. 1 hour ago, Dan_O said:

    You absolutely 100% have my permission to use these pictures as you wish.


    I don't have much more to add at present, hopefully I'll be having a meeting with the scanners mid week so there may be a bit of movement but ideally I would like to have these out there before the end of the year.





    I'm also really happy to hear of your plans to replicate these beauties! :duim:

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  2. Tapatalk is a third party plugin, and the forum doesn't know if the changes will break tapatalk or not, which is why I've never recommended relying on it for your needs. The forum (when it works properly) renders really nicely in a mobile browser so you can always use that instead. I may need to check if there is an update to tapatalk that needs to be applied. 


    The double posting happens as a result of you pressing "save" more than once, probably because the forum is slow and you imagine that the first time pressed didn't register properly.


    As for the updates, there was a major update a few days ago, and another security patch after that. Server performance was in the drain and applying the upgrade was a challenge in itself but it's been pretty stable since.

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  3. @Rage-Quit

    That's a change I made as a security feature. Your display name is public knowledge and that's 1/2 of what someone would need to try to login as you. The email is not public and thus a better method of logging in.


    If you'd like I can check what your email was registered with on your prior username and reset the password manually, and emailed to that email address.

  4. Here are some alternatives. Marketed as the first colour correct paints to vintage ILM used paints. Enamel versions below. They also have acrylics.

    Grey: https://archivexpaint.com/products/ex-009-1975-reefer-grey-lt-30ml-paint

    Black: https://archivexpaint.com/products/ex-008-1975-engine-black-30ml-paint

    Blue: https://archivexpaint.com/products/ex-042-1975-light-blue-30ml-enamel-paint


    Not cheap for our purposes but worth mentioning.

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  5. 6 minutes ago, justjoseph63 said:


    I see your point, but I was basing that off of the fact that the sides in the reference image don't appear to be smooth and it looks (to me at least) as if they were bent up.  The legs do appear to be a bit wider, though.


    CbO2WXG.png  R0xAlcL.jpg?1  zVknVh6.jpg

    That might be the case in that specific image. On the other one, it clearly looks spread out to the sides. So if those two are different, it's rather hard to dictate that either is "the one and only truth" and at the least we should in such case allow both variations.

  6. 7 hours ago, justjoseph63 said:


    Front of forward socket shall sit directly behind front section of sight.  Back of rear socket shall be located directly in front of rear section as shown.  All prongs are bent upward.





    I'm not sure it's wise to dictate which way the legs are bent just yet, as long as it's not "downwards" (as in the way the normally are used).

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  7. 17 minutes ago, MaskedVengeance said:

    Hi Andrew! Quick question, in case the problem is on my end. Should Tapatalk be fully-functional at this time? My messaging appears to be working fine, but it's been a month and a half since I've received any subscription notifications on FISD, while they continue to come through from my accounts on MEPD and IOC. Just thought I'd check. Cheers!

    I've just updated the tapatalk module, so hopefully that fixes it. But do know that tapatalk is a low priority item, this forum is meant to be viewed in a browser due to the heavy use of images and references to the gallery that tapatalk still does not display properly after several years.

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