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  1. 39 minutes ago, justjoseph63 said:

    Definitely not a TM ab, and the raised area on the small ab-button has an indentation in the center of the bottom, unlike ATA's which is completely flat on the top.  They may have been re-worked to make it look original, though.


                     Grunt props                                               TM                                        Grunt                     ATA

     fETRsZs.jpg      sWCL3bl.png           WBfkY7H.jpg   0khND6p.jpg?1

    To be clear, I never said the ab was TM. The thighs look more suspicious though. But it was a looong time since I was DO and spent serious time looking at armour details

  2. 7 minutes ago, funkster said:

    Relative noob here.

    Can someone clarify something for me.


    I acquired a production/screen used costume part from a very successful R rated movie last year, at a not small amount of money for me.


    If I were to mold, cast and sell replicas of this piece, is that not recasting?

    It would be. But the community at large, not just the star wars one, thinks recasting an original production piece is OK. Of course, some collectors disagree as it devalues their own collection but they are a minority. The issues pile up when recasting another recast like the CFO/JoeR in recent discussion or an original sculpt.

    CFO and JoeR worked together to mould and cast a production made helmet that JoeR owns. Community belief says only CFO and JoeR can say who gets to make additional copies of "their" casts.

  3. 1 hour ago, sskunky said:

    So Paul reaches out to me. If you can call it that. 
    This all stems from a deep rooted manifested anger against me for something I didn’t do some 10 years ago. 
    I’m  not sure if you’ll remember but there were some CDs being sold of the LFL SDS court case photos taken by TE. 
    now at this time we were just starting CFO and Matt aka TE owed me money from a deal I had with him personally. So as a settlement he gave me the photos. At this time I had no idea these were being sold for lots of money and no idea who was buying them or the conditions of those sales. It was nothing to do with me. This was a private matter between myself and TE and those who purchased the photos and the agreement they had signed to. 
    anyway........ we thought it would be nice to release these photos to the community so everyone had accurate reference. Unbeknown to me TM had purchased these photos himself a few weeks earlier and had to sign a NDA. I don’t know what he paid for them but he tells me it was a lot. 
    I had no idea until I received a very irate message from him after that fact. I brushed it off and got on with my life. 
    TM however didn’t. He was furious at me and Joe. Not sure why because it wasn’t me that actually put them online and Joe was only really a part of CFO for a year or so. His legacy lives on! 
    TM says he acquired some moulds of the JoeR Helmet and out of revenge and to recoup his loss from the photos he would start selling JoeR copies.  Whilst maintaining to the community he sculpted it like he sculpts all his recasts. 

    So in essence Paul believes he has the right to rip me off because he paid for something that we gave to the community and he didn’t think it was fair. So this is payback, revenge or whatever you want to call it. 

    way to go mate. 

    I have all this on a PM and can post if required. 

    I for one, and I know others will be with me, are very grateful for the publication of those images. They have been instrumental in improving everyone's suits.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Rob .T . said:

    The F.I.S.D  is full of newcomers who have no idea what this is about . 

    Only a few regulars and site supporters really comprehend the enormity of these accusations. 

    That's why it's not getting noticed, and it's buried away in " recasters discussions" forum which no newbies care about . 


    For what it's worth, staff didn't move it here. This is where Mark posted it. I also agree it's a shame a lot of newbies don't pay attention to this part of the forum. There's a lot of history here to learn from.

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  5. 55 minutes ago, Dalma said:

    Wow thank you very much for such a detailed awnser.


    I was refering to RS Propmasters, as I saw them on a recommended thread. The current "problem" I have right now is that I'm not used at cosplay at all, so I've been considering to buy a built armor with all its stuff, as it would be better for a noob like me.


    I have been looking at prices and it is quite expensive, but I have already started saving so I hope it won't end up being a problem.


    One doubt I have is if there is any age restriction in the 501st. You see, my main goal is to get the armor itself, but I'd also like to get in the 501st, but I'm underage, so I don't now if this could become a problem of some kind.

    Thanks for the help

    You need to be 18+ to join 501st. But most garrisons have some sort of youth club for younger ones where you get to take part while not being a full member.

    But if you're considering a TK, regardless of if you're building it yourself or buying it pre-built - make sure that you've finished growing so that it doesn't get too small for you before you can join for real.

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