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  1. 45 minutes ago, jkno said:


    He should have at least posted some pics. I have a similar E-11, and European demilling genrally means fewer cut parts and also more mobile parts than US. Anyway, this topic is about the Denix MG34. And for people who cannot use real weapons as base for their Star Wats blasters, this Denix replica is fantastic. 

    Indeed, various regional laws make it a mess. I could own a full auto AR-15 lower (which would be a machine gun in the US) without issues, but I can't own a barrel which is unregulated in the US but a firearm here.

  2. 11 minutes ago, Ebio Amisi said:


    My gloves are rubber gloves, not cloth, and I already have cotton liners.

    The issue is that the latex itself is warped.

    I’ve tried heating it and reshaping it be it hasn’t worked.

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    Ah, alright. Well perhaps more glue will keep them down. Otherwise I'm not sure. Hopefully you can reshape them if you try again. Perhaps this video has some tips



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  3. 1 hour ago, T-Jay said:


    Ah, wasn't aware that this is because of security reasons.

    Thanks for mentioning, Glen. :)

    Since your username is public, everyone knows what it is, and thus has 1/2 things they need to log in as you. All they need is to guess your password. Using the email which is not publicly shown, one would have to guess both the email and the password, making things much more difficult.


    It also brings us more in line with how "every other site" with a login works. Which is good in of itself. Consistency is good.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Dan_O said:

    You absolutely 100% have my permission to use these pictures as you wish.


    I don't have much more to add at present, hopefully I'll be having a meeting with the scanners mid week so there may be a bit of movement but ideally I would like to have these out there before the end of the year.





    I'm also really happy to hear of your plans to replicate these beauties! :duim:

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  5. Tapatalk is a third party plugin, and the forum doesn't know if the changes will break tapatalk or not, which is why I've never recommended relying on it for your needs. The forum (when it works properly) renders really nicely in a mobile browser so you can always use that instead. I may need to check if there is an update to tapatalk that needs to be applied. 


    The double posting happens as a result of you pressing "save" more than once, probably because the forum is slow and you imagine that the first time pressed didn't register properly.


    As for the updates, there was a major update a few days ago, and another security patch after that. Server performance was in the drain and applying the upgrade was a challenge in itself but it's been pretty stable since.

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