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  2. Hey Andrew and welcome to FISD As you say the helmet set up is a personal preference thing so you have to find out what works for you. I use the same set up as they did for the Movie with star shaped foam and a chin strap. I installed my lens with gaps so I don´t need fans. That also most likely depends if you Troop in really hot conditions and I don´t. I had fans in my first helmet because it came pre-made from anovos and the lens was air-tight so fogging was really bad without them. I stopped Trooping the shadowtrooper untill I redo the lens install (probably never) One other thing that I feel help with air flow is to not use any mesh behind the frown, using a balaclava hides the face just fine. Anyhooo this is a clear case of "to each their own" so best of luck on your journey
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  4. Hello, I just completed my order for a set of RS Propmasters ANH stunt armor, and am extremely excited to meet and troop with y'all. Ive been researching a lot and have a couple questions. I know that everyone has a different setup for their helmet padding, do you have any general good advice or things to look out for? Should I just pick the best looking helmet pads on Amazon? How necessary are fans? Are there any other additional accessories or customizations I should consider? Cheers, Andrew
  5. Yes absolutely!!!!! Locate GALLERY Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  6. You can also refer to the gallery section while building, sometimes it can be quicker than waiting for a response to a question
  7. Good luck for a speedy Big Brown Box day!
  8. Definitely looks like fan art, love the pink colored troopers
  9. Could you post some side photos of the helmet, appears the sides may be too far forward which reduces the size of the opening for your head.
  10. Hello and welcome aboard, good luck with this journey, research is the key
  11. Great news, looking forward to seeing the BBB photos and unboxing
  12. It looks like it self leveled and filled in some of those gaps. I just put second coat on. Hard to get some of the angles on the face plate. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. You can leave it for right now until you decide if you are going to web interior strapping or bracket strapping. You will need return edge for brackets and less to none for web. What return edges you leave will possibly dig into your back. I went with web and trimmed return edges away, so I'm not sure how much you need for brackets, if I suggested a measurement, I would probably steer you wrong. Hope this little information will help you!!! Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  14. Shipping confirmation came today for my kit. Will post pics when I do inventory.
  15. This is excellent advice, thank you so much!
  16. Ordered boots and gloves from IB today. I'm hoping they fixed the glove workmanship issue. If not, I can fix them. I'll just be bitter about it. In other news, my friend who is an auto body painter is really looking forward to helping me with this one. He's a fellow TK so I know I'm in good hands. He's intrigued by my idea of using the 3M protective film for the wear areas too. And I learned the film is available from Amazon in several sheet sizes. This will be an interesting experiment that I'm excited about. Now, back to the interminable waiting.
  17. While not personally having experience with RS, I have spent a great number of hours researching them as well as other vendors. RS is supposed to be really helpful when it comes to replacing armor. Also, there is no doubt that building armor will be cheaper than buying a completed set. I would recommend that if you build you armor, start a build page on here. This will bring outside commentary to your build, answer any of your questions, and just help you through the whole process. Just do research and ask a lot of questions, that's all you need. If you do accidentaly mess up you armor, use E6000 because it can be removed, and you can either replace it or repair it. They are many people here that can help you if you need to repair your armor, and one example of a technique is ABS paste. Also, RS Prop Masters has a youtube channel and they have started posting videos with tutorials on how to build armor, and this may be a big help to you. They also have a video on replacing armor. https://m.youtube.com/user/Officialrspropmaster/featured
  18. ahh fair enough, that makes sense. I am just super worried about breaking stuff I pay for and the fact that I am really bad with my hands in terms of projects like this. Never done anything like it before. I don't even know anything about sizing stuff, I am also really bad at math. Not that matters but I know measuring and numbers are involved. I might just be psyching myself out.
  19. Yeah I figured that was the case. I just thought ANH was typically for smaller folks. I hear RS does a good job with sizing if I wanted to go the commissioned build route. I am just trying to figure out if it would be just as expensive to build my own including any mistakes I make or things I break in the process or just to buy a commission. I don't want to be "that guy" if one exists. I don't know the culture yet, so I don't know what people do or don't do and what is right and what is wrong if that makes sense.
  20. Also, no it is not frowned upon to buy a commisioned armor set. It is just more expensive and won't necessarily fit you perfectly and be approvable. Building armor is an experience that allows you to control the entire fit and mechanics of your armor.
  21. ESB stands for Empire Strikes Back and is nearly the same thing as ANH (A New Hope). The only real differences being frown, holster, handguards, and blaster. They are the same armor and helmet with varying small differences. For taller/larger people, it is less the movie or style but the vendor you buy from. Some armor is derived from screen used armor, but the original actors were not typically large (5'10" and 160-170 lbs), so it is smaller. Other armor is made larger for larger people to fit into comfortably. This doesn't mean that screen derived armoe wouldn't work for larger people, just that it would be more work and depend heavily on one's build. In the end it is all up to you because you are buying the armor, but if you build it you have more flexibility to get it to better fit your body. RS Prop Masters is a very reputable source and has probably the most accurate armor, being cast from an original suit. TM is a close second, and arguably first, for accuracy and is a fan-sculpt. It is very accurate and slightly more forgiving than RS, meant to resemble a production suit and not one built for an extra in the movies. Back on topic, RS is on the vetted sellers list and is a popular choice for armor, and they are based out of the UK.
  22. that sounds great, i just ordered the MAX4466 over ebay i think it can go even with 3 AA alkaline batteries
  23. Link to the templates is not working
  24. New redo everyone! whats the verdict? I feel im very close, If not there.
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