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  2. Wow amazing!!!, You're and experienced trooper builder now. Congrats and for me is an honor too , being part of FISD, Centurion and an honor meet entusiastic people like you. Now , let's enjoy every trooping day !
  3. Thank you Mario. This means a lot to me. I appreciate it beyond words. Believe it or not, Im cloning my Third Suit so I have back ups just incase something happens to one. hahaha. And one that I can travel with. I learned an immense amount and deploying it for sure.
  4. Hi William, I can't speak for the garrisons in your area, but we occasionally have members from other Garrisons or squads troop with us. You just need to contact the Garrison hosting the troop and ask. That said, I don't think you can be an official member of more than one Garrison - but maybe someone else can correct me on that. As far as talking during a troop - most of the time you can. No worries. In fact, be sure to get a voice changer (there are a number of options out there) as this really adds to the persona of a TK. The rules our Garrison has for taking the helmet off are only if you are trying to "unscare" a small child. Normally the bucket stays on when you are officially trooping, but again, that is usually dependent on the event and your garrison. At Cons, if we are walking around independently in costume away from the 501st booth, we can take our buckets off. The occasional event is a Lucasfilm/disney event and these can have more strict rules.
  5. Thank you for the update. That's unfortunate.
  6. Thank you everyone for the warm welcomes! It really means a lot I already have a few general questions that I can't find answers to. 1. Since I am in Sacramento, I would hopefully be apart of the Central California Garrison, but I visit my family quite often in the North Bay, which is GGG area. Would I ever be able to choose events in that area (ex. Santa Rosa Toy Con), or are you only allowed to participate in events in your Garrison area? 2. Can you be member of two Garrisons? 3. Am I allowed to talk while in my TK suit or take the helmet off around the public (like if someone ever asks me a question or if a kid asks to see my face)? Sorry if these are dumb questions! Haha
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  8. According to StarWars.com they're going to have Sith Trooper suits. They look... great.
  9. Thanks to everyone who helped me with my build. Mark at AP for a great kit, Geeky Pink for the awesome neck seal, Quest Design Canada for the blaster and Imperial Boots. Proud to be a member of the FISD.
  10. Found these for ya. Mine are based on the same diagrams, but I use two Line 24 snaps and 2" black elastic for all the body connections and 1" for the sides and arms. Some places like the legs and left side of the kidney attachment, I use 1" black elastic where I don't want it to stretch. I'd also be cautious of using snaps actually set into the armor like the diagrams for anything load-bearing, as it just adds stress and stress makes cracks. I'll try to find a good photo of one of my kits too so you can see.
  11. Thanks Brian, amazing to see just how many different movies/shows you were able to work on. Do you have any favourites from the non Star Wars stuff?
  12. Looking good! Remember to align the forearms from the TOP (elbow area), since you'll have no return edge and can trim from the wrist to even them out. You can take MOST of the return edge out of the biceps since they're barely visible, which will help a lot. Your strapping layout looks good, though most guys only run two straps from the back to kidney. And you'll need to move the outside kidney to posterior strapping in a bit to make room for the kidney notches, should you choose to run them. I actually make strapping kits if you're interested, or I can at least show you how I do mine, which should help a bunch. Find me on Facebook and send me a PM? Justin Reed.
  13. Yeah Patrick, Glad to hear you've decide to add an armour to your E11 Blaster. Welcome future trooper!!
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