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  2. I didn’t glue it to the sugru- I fastened the lenses directly to the sugru as it dried. Was a BIG pain in the.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  4. Hi there folks. I've been a TK for several years now, but I also happen to be an art professor. I teach at Syracuse University. I am particularly interested in getting the professional art world and the academic world to pay more attention and respect to the world of costuming. My school is having a faculty exhibition this fall. What I would like to do with my space in the exhibition is show images of people who would consider themselves part of a marginalized group within society, and who in some way use their cosplay to make themselves more visible, or to combat standard social notions of their identity. If you feel like you're a part of a marginalized group--you can define it however you like, but certainly that includes people of color, immigrants, women, LGBTQ+ people, people who face religious discrimination, people who are neurodiverse and face mental or emotional challenges, people who are “disabled,” and people whose bodies don’t fit within supermodel norms--then send me a photo with: your name your character name the name of the photographer and an explanation of how the costume connects to your identity. The costumes can be Star Wars, or anything else. The 501st obviously works with a lot of people who are marginalized due to sickness, so I expect you might know people who costume with disabilities or health issues that might be interested. If so, pass this on to them. And my experience as a middle-aged dude whose body is turning on him as he ages is that a lot of us don't look like supermodels, but like to show off our costumes anyway. Anyone who just feels like they don't fit in, but costuming helps them feel normal, special, more visible, or more respected would be a great fit for this project. You can message me with your photo and info through this site, or email me at cwildric@syr.edu. There's a longer explanation of the project here: https://chriswildrick.com/portfolio/call-for-photos-of-cosplayers-battling-marginalization-through-their-cosplay/ Questions? Let me know! Thanks. If this call for participation in an exhibition isn't allowed here, my apologies.
  5. I used just sugru and tried gluing lenses to sugru directly with E6000. The glue does not want to stick to sugru very well. Has anyone tried removing sugru after it cures from their helmet. I like the idea of inserting mounting posts before it dries to attach lenses. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. TK-27679 If this is a councilor ship, where is the ambassador May 4th Richmond VA Garrison Tyranus Starwars live symphonic orchestral movie night ANH Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I also thought it would never pass the french custom but it did. The European laws are strict about guns, even with replicas ... The seller is using fedex. The shipping is so fast that I doubt the custom have time to inspect the parcels ...
  8. Alright, here's an initial fitting of the top half. After trying on the thighs with this (not shown) it has become apparent that I'm going to have to trim them down at the top a bit all the way around. I'll probably take them in a bit as well, making them a little more narrow for skinny legs. Anyway, please let me know if you see any adjustments that need to be made with what I've got so far. TIA
  9. My next step was to start with the strapping since things were finally coming together. Also so I could get a better idea of what needed adjusting I decided I wanted to go with nylon straps with buttons to put it all together. I wanted it reliable but also easy to disassemble and pack up for transport. So I went to work making the straps. After research I decided to go with double button straps for better reliability. I am using nylon webbing and E6000 for the armor-side snaps instead of ABS plates. After thinking about needing to test fit the whole upper body and being unsure if further shaping/trimming was going to be necessary I decided to temporarily use the ANOVOS supplied velcro between the back plate, kidney and posterior. Once I'm sure about how things fit and the positioning of the straps I'll swap out the velcro for the nylon straps I've made. I did go ahead and install the straps between the chest and ab, because I thought I had a pretty good idea of how they should strap together... turns out I was wrong and I gave too much slack between the two. I had to rip off the two armor-side snaps you see below and place them ~1 inch lower I also decided I wanted to be able to completely disassemble the ab and kidney plates to make it more compact for transport. So I created a strip of buttons to connect the two on the rivet (left) side.
  10. OK, back to it!! So after asking around and impatiently doing a bunch of research, I decided to trim a little off each side of the ab plate I also shaped the ab plate and kidney plate a bit to wrap around my torso a bit more naturally. This is how much I took off the ab plate: On the right side (basically just went up to the "return") and the same off the left And it still lines up nicely with the kidney plate
  11. If anyone is following my build? Does anyone, anyone have a comparison of the Rustoleum Painters Touch Semi gloss white next to raw white plastic?
  12. I'll be installing my own homebrew voice changer and I've bought an Aker amp. I see that most people seem to install the amp in their chest, but I find it is a little too thick to fit comfortably. Are there any other ideas? I'm starting to think I may have to design my own amp and put speakers in the bucket. Maybe I should buy Tony's hovi tips and amp, but I like doing things myself when I can. It's more fun that way. Tony; will your hovi tips meet Centurion approval, or are they something you swap in after approval?
  13. Hi, Thanks for your submission and thanks for making the frown paint correction. I'll be with you shortly - appreciate your patience.
  14. Hey Dave, Thanks for submitting those additional photos. I'm loving that Aurebesh customization in there. And that magnetic kidney/ab closure is very nice! We still need some additional photos before we can begin. We need the following images to complete your application: Front view sniper knee Left side ab/kidney detail, closed, no belt (you don't have to be wearing it) Right side ab/kidney detail, closed, no belt (you don't have to be wearing it) Forearm wrist ends Kidney/butt plate exterior view of the returns/screw heads. Once we have those photos, we will be on our way. Thank you for your cooperation and patience!
  15. Hey John, I just wanted to check in with you to let you know that we're in the final stages of processing your Expert Infantry review. It won't be too much longer! Thank you for your patience!
  16. redid my biceps reduced a bit and tidied up. Re did bells with better elastic... forearms... going to redo the forearms going to add more taper and reduce a bit. How much can I take off the ends as i have limited movement with the forearms IE its hard for mt to put my bucket on.
  17. Hello and welcome to the FISD, Allan!
  18. That is the one! I still have a few mods to do (like adding the "recharging station" for the extra power cylinders) but almost there. Due to the limited amount of space I had to make it smaller than I wanted and it's too long to hang vertically. At least I don't have to store them in the closet anymore, lol. Now I have my own little Fortress of solitude".
  19. SUPER nice job on that butt plate/kidney connection and vocoder fix, Eddie! Like Daniel mentioned, the teeth could use a little more work (you are almost there, brother) but I also wanted to give you a big on your side rivet placement. Looking sharp!
  20. So lots of clamps and lots of waiting for glue to cure, but getting there. The 'Cricket' magnetic shins proceeds... And finally, the shoulder bridges get glued down... To fix my belt drift, I decided to get some hardcore magnets and solve the problem this way: Cut a couple of small slits in the front of the canvas belt and slide a couple of magnets into the middle of the canvas belt... Hold them in place with a couple of magnets while I use a bit of superglue on the front side to hold the magnets in place and close up the slits in front. Then, while held in place, get a needle and strong thread and sew twice around them so there's no way that the magnets can twist or come loose. Then, I glued a couple of magnets onto the inside of the ab plate... The result - the belt 'snaps' into position cleanly overlapping the ab button plates slightly - so much so, I can suspend the ab plate in mid-air and everything stays where it should... Next to come - finishing off the shin magnetic closures, attaching the sniper knee and working up a solution for keeping the calves held down to the boots. Then, I'm guessing it's time to kit up and take some photos!
  21. Looks really clean and today. Nice. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  22. I had intended to use Sugru, but when I saw Alay's post I liked the idea of being able to easily change the lenses if they got scratched.
  23. Would love to get my hands on one of these but there is little hope it would ever pass customs here in Australia. Looks magnificent, make lots of photos of your assembly process.
  24. Leave it grey and put a black R2 dome on top. Like the van from the Fanboys movie. Is that the gun rack we talked about? It looks good. You found an ideal way to display each blaster in a suitable manner. And if things change some day, you could even think about rotating it clockwise and it will still look cool. I love it.
  25. Hi Thank you! I am thinking I can reduce the biceps by 1.5-2cm and that should pull them in more what do you think? I am also not happy with the forearms i have limited movement with them, i thinking to reduce the width first and then maybe reduce the length. any Inputs welcome!
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