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  2. yes trim more at the elbow so the arch is wider Mark (AP)
  3. Well life got in the way, but a recent purchase has spurred my interest in getting things from box to built. Got a very cool Skull Trooper Helmet. Anyways I found my old thread here. Courage is lacking on my part to start but I need to just start. Sent from my Phone 2 using Tapatalk
  4. No expert but I have some thoughts haha The stock strapping is fine to use, especially when you first get the suit and are figuring out how to get it to hang so it's comfortable and looks right. But if you're going to be putting a lot of miles and troops on it, eventually snaps will be a better solution. The main issue with the Anovos stuff is that the Velcro and really the adhesive aren't great. Even replacing the loop side that sticks to the armor with 2" industrial does wonders. For the back of the shins, I just use regular 1" Velcro that I can buy by the foot at my local Ace hardware - you want it to be able to open and close, so industrial is too much. Haven't tried the ultra thin yet, but it might not be enough hold...
  5. Started on the helmet, shined it up and put the bucket together, struggling with the bottom rubber piece, any words of wisdom. Close up pic of the “crack” Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Thank you looking forward to your progress good to see a lot more R1 tks getting build
  7. Haven’t got as much done this month as I was hoping. Health has limited me to 3-4 hours per week, but it’s better than nothing! Got the thighs and shins in progress, and I’m measuring them up to final trim and assemble using the dimensions from the RS suit as a starting point. How does this look size wise? Note: shins will be a little low due to lack of boots. I think the thighs are maybe a tiny bit too large at the top, and I definitely need to cut out the backs a little. Shins might be a tiny bit too large, but it’s hard to tell with the overlap since I haven’t trimmed the back at all yet. Also, as you might have noticed, got the belt nearly done with help from my wife. Just needs a dab of glue to keep the drop box straps in place: And, puppy (helmet is my wife’s btw)
  8. All good I know I’m odd doing an ESB build... love those hand plates and that holster though
  9. Hey Ryan, it’s pretty normal for the hand to be snug going through the wrist opening. The elbows are a bit weird and can be adjusted with a hot water bath. Don’t get hung up on the 15mm. Make the arms fit. Just keep all of your arm cover strips the same size – so that the biceps and the forearms have the same size cover strips. Another trick is to have slightly larger cover strips on the front, let’s say 17 mm, and then larger cover strips on the back like 19 mm or something. so yeah, I would trim to the 10 mm per side and see how it feels from there. Be sure to wear something underneath about the same size as your under suit. good luck.
  10. I got my left forearm rough sanded and taped up as far as the overlap allows without trimming. This would leave about a 20mm ridge once butt joined and my hand just barely fits through. I think it may fit more flush with the butt join and I might be able to squeeze a few more millimeters and maybe get to the 15mm ridge and cover strip. Should I trim to 10mm per side and reassess? It is a little snug at the joint near the elbow but I can probably fix with a hot water bath once it is all trimmed. Ryan
  11. I'm mainly comparing my helmet to these RS photos from the gallery.
  12. Here are the ears attached with my tiny clamps. What do you think? Front and back of each ear need a bit of trimming still, I'm waiting on the helmet to be connected before I trim more.
  13. I’ve ordered new ears because I ended up over trimming.... oops. I have been working on limb assembly but decided I should get my torso mostly done so that I can see how it interacts with thigh sizing, which will also impact shins. Snap plates are mostly in place and I’ve done my research on split river and Han snap placement. But I went to review the belt tutorial I had bookmarked, and I don’t see it there anymore! Does anyone know if this moved, or if there’s another tutorial for making the canvas belt? It should link to a tutorial by firebladejedi. Thanks in advance!
  14. Welcome to FISD Nora, glad to read you have your armour on it's way.
  15. Great !! Post a lot o photos, search the forum and ask questions, we are here to help.
  16. Congrats on pulling the trigger on a kit! Good luck on your build.
  17. Welcome to the FISD! Congrats on your purchase. Good choice!
  18. Good luck with your build! Post lots of pictures. Oh, keep in mind that ABS paste does not have much strength - it is mostly a cosmetic fix. You might want to reinforce the crack on the back with a piece of ABS glued to inside of the helmet or even a bit of old t-shirt material and CA glue (lazy man's fiberglass). I guess it depends on the severity of the crack.
  19. Troop 105: 5/21/2020 - End of school year celebration video (221st troop overall)
  20. How that brass shines!... I'm starting to think about buying a resin printer...
  21. The gaps you have are fine I think...I think you can use your helmet while the new one arrives
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  23. Maybe this topic can help you, but remember: "don't blindly follow them, check them on your armour brand, ensure it looks right. " Regards...
  24. Thank you for the feedback, paint bubbles or it’s the paint been applied to much there sadly I don’t have any more gray paint to fix issues like that. I noticed that in pictures as well after I was out of armour that my arms were at different lengths. Would also like an opinion on the helmet ear gaps if they are to much? I’m currently waiting for a new helmet but going to be using this one till it arrives Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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