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  2. Good to hear you are getting started! If you have not already seen it, check out ukswrath's thread for his Anovos build. It's very detailed. Good luck. Be sure to post lots of pics and ask tons of questions, PS, yeah, you are in the right place for build threads. I think he meant that if you request 501st member access, you will be privy to even more threads.
  3. So we're the suits that Han and Luke used specially made to be flexible? Because you see Stormtroopers in ANH with cracked armor and duct tape repairs all throughout the movie. Wow! That is some awesome armor Paul!
  4. As i dressed alone, with noone to check if something was in the exactly right place or not, there maybe have some things missplaced, like the belt, it attaches by 2 snaps, but if you pull it up it gets right in the lower border of the button panel.
  5. I successfully set up a tripod and got myself on 4k video, so I can take frames to get the pre approval check out Still missing the neckseal and side elastic bands from chest to back. Enviado desde mi SM-G955F mediante Tapatalk
  6. In looking over your pics again I did notice a few other items. The first one is a requirement for basic approval, so you have a little work ahead of you. Don't get discouraged, though, I have faith in you! The cover strip on your left rear calf seems to be attached on the wrong side. As per the CRL. "The cover strip edge shall be facing the inside of the leg". Your right one is perfect! It appears as if you have several small pieces of Velcro holding it on. I would suggest using one long strip. Hopefully you used E-6000 to glue it on, as that will make it much easier to remove/re-position. Note in the reference photo how the opening is on the inside. Reference image Although thigh ammo packs were all over the place in ANH, yours could stand to come up a bit (at least enough to cover the bottom ridge). You can take it as high as shown, which is not only acceptable at all levels but would also cover the gap at the join. An easy fix with a few dabs of E-6000! Reference image Lastly, your shoulder straps are a little askew. The right one is good to go, but the way the angle sits on the left one is causing it to sit much higher and not flush on the back plate as the right one does. Maybe not a deal-breaker for Basic approval, but something to think about for higher levels and to give you a better look. Reference images I realize that these items (and others mentioned) may seem like a pain, and just when you think you have it nailed along comes all these suggestions. Trust me when I say it's happened to all of us! (My first Basic submission was a disaster, lol). However, you have mad build skills and we are here to help with any issues you want/need to tackle. You are also welcome to PM me if you have any specific issues.
  7. I have a couple of packs for sale if you’re interested
  8. I can sit in my 1.5mm ABS armour with original strapping without it cracking.
  9. What material used for the strap is up to you, for EIB (and higher) the posterior plate has two male snaps visible and the cod has one split/single cap rivet
  10. Today
  11. Thanks. It could be done. My thought here was more to strengthen the fragile plastic arms on the folding stock. In this regard, the design intent was more to make a durable "trooping blaster" than the more aesthetically pleasing separated folding stock. You may note I did the same with the scope rail, adding a filler/support between it and the receiver body. I am not opposed to separating the folding stock in another version of the blaster. It would probably mean printing the folding stock separately from the main body and making a provision for anchoring the front end underneath the barrel shroud. After printing the prototype (which is now underway), I will have a better idea about what changes to make in the next iteration.
  12. Oh, sorry to hear the handle broke - and at the same time glad to see you found a solution that fast.
  13. Wow, great work Bryan. Do you think you can maybe hollow the area between the folding stock and the trigger group? Just thought this would save some weight, printing material and time. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/32111-fisd-e-11-blaster-reference/
  14. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/32111-fisd-e-11-blaster-reference/
  15. Thanks you very much! Hope to see you soon with next levels applications!
  16. good luck with the approval and a excellent photographic work to show all the armour. Cheer up
  17. Nothing special at all. The original armor were just vacuum-formed in a highly flexible ABS, unlike most of what we can buy today. The only person that I know of who has ever replicated that is Paul aka Troopermaster (who else, anyway). Have a look here:
  18. Agreed! More pics of real costume show gaskets in 2 directions. Looks like rubber. Отправлено с моего SM-G955F через Tapatalk
  19. There's a 'that's what she said' reply in there... I love my 3D printer I have some more aluminium on order, so plan is to use the 3D print as a template/guide for making a metal one. Good to know though, that if I have an emergency troop (which I won't) I can be up-and-running again in the time it takes for glue and paint to dry!
  20. Does no one own a decent camera anymore? Most the images I've seen aren't exactly the best quality.
  21. I measured mine off of the casting, if you've put stuff slightly off then any measurements we give you will be off.
  22. Looks like the "shorts" gaskets ridges may go in two directions
  23. There may be a bit of room around the neck, appears to have a silicon/rubber neck/chest piece, there are two seen in the stage video but if you compare they look slightly different and one doesn't appear to have a square cut out. Looks like the back and chest plate just sits on top, you can see a separation and gap between them. Unless you wear both pieces on top of each other?
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