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  3. Stupid rebels messing with the imperial IT infrastructure... Pointing finger at ---->
  4. Soon are the forearms complete, did the right one today Now I have glued on the first two covering strips for both arms Left: And right: Also my cloth belt finally arrived! Soon I can start with it!
  5. The current issue affects all email not just confirmations etc. I also haven’t received an email in a while, for anything.
  6. 85. 100th Annual Veterans Day Parade, Fresno - 11/11 Yes, you read that right- 100th Annual. It's the largest and longest running Veterans parade in the nation. It was our first year attending (though I marched in it a million years ago as a Girl Scout), and we will definitely be making this an annual event. We had two Garrisons represented, Central California and Golden Gate, Mando Mercs' Wolves of Mandalore Clan, and Rebel Legion's Endor Base, with members from the most Northern reaches of CCG territory (Reno), to the most Southern reaches (Visalia) in attendance. It was a ton of work to organize and myself and the Wolves event coordinator couldn't have done it without the support of our respective clubs and the participation of everyone who came out, whether it be a five hour drive or a fifteen minute drive. Also, pre-party dinner on Sunday night for our early arrivals and a late lunch after the parade were a blast! Also, one of our drivers and five of our troopers were Vets, themselves! The two non-costumed guys holding the lightsabers in front are our sponsored veterans who we asked to join us in honoring all Veterans this Veteran's Day. Bonus Ladies of the Legions (501st, Mandos and Rebels represented! Most of us are also members of multiple clubs, too!)
  7. 84. Hydrocephalus Walk, Fresno - 11/10 With George, the Valley Children's Hospital Giraffe mascot. We've trooped with George multiple times over the years at various events. (I'm Next to Revan)
  8. Heyo... does anyone have a copy of this ridiculous mage? It's gone from photosuckit. It's been a long time but I would like to wield it again. Please PM me if you have it squirreled away somewhere. Thanks, -Eric
  9. Really REALLY nice job, Chris, and outstanding job on that armor weathering! If I could make a suggestion, it would be to either wear the leather strap on the outside of your pauldron, or, you could do like that handsome devil in the second pic () and lengthen the strap. Either way it would make it easier to bring them up to "look through" them.
  10. I don't know if it's related to the current issues the site is having or not, but I haven't received any email from this site since Oct. 24. My settings on this site are for email to be sent when I receive PMs or content is added to threads I follow. I assumed there was no activity here for a week until I logged into the site and saw I had a bunch of notifications pending. I've looked in my gmail account to see if it's being routed to spam/trash, and there's nothing there. I created a filter to autoroute all whitearmor email to my inbox way back in 2016 and haven't had a problem with receiving email from whitearmor before.
  11. As always Guys ,Thank you for your amazing work.
  12. Almost done, sir, but I am a bit confused about something, (although it wouldn't be the first time, lol). Bear in mind that it could very well be the photo angle, but in looking at your right shoulder bridge where it is attached to your chest plate (first photo) it appears that the ridges are all the same size and that there is no large(r) front tab. However, in looking at the second photo up close it appears that the front tab is present. The third photo shows the left side and looks spot-on. The fourth photo shows your other set of Anovos as the tab should look. Can you do me a big favor and post up one last pic showing both shoulder bridge/chest plate connections? Thanks!!!!
  13. Nice work, using a piece of curved wood behind could also have assisted you so you had a base to form too. TD design is much like the early Anovos which also required a lot of filling, good luck, it's a pain getting into those edges
  14. So to make the TD fit inside the slots, I had to make some modifications Now it fits in the slots, though its going to require quite a bit of filling. And then theres the yoke. BSP did not make a return edge along the inside. To solve this, I left about a half inch during trimming, with the idea of bending the excess trim to create a return edge. So with a hairdryer, a small set of pliers, and a lot of patience, I've got a substitute return edge. It will be reinforced on the inside, and smoothed on the outside
  15. Woooooooo, what an awesome birthday present
  16. You’re doing great! Just make sure your cover strips are trimmed evenly (long edges are parallel) and glued so they cover the joint, and everything will look good. When it comes time to do the legs, let me know. You don’t need to completely tear apart the calves. I actually trimmed the overlap at the back with a pair of good scissors.
  17. Well guys, slow progress is better than no progress... This thing sat stale for a while, a long while. Honestly forgot where I was up to with it, but am now back up to speed. spent the weekend making up all the strapping, made a harness to hold the legs up (with some adjustability) Things left to do, Source boots Source grey undersuit Paint grey detail in ab plate, shoulder bells, under arm connection, and back of bucket Glue TD together, glue belt boxes on Put visor in bucket and pad out Put Snaps on butt plate and split rivet on COD plate I think that's about it. Attached some photos, although photos were taken before I made the strapping, so the strapping in the pictures looks untidy Please let me know what you think! 75446669_957369907952284_4334260534451896320_n by Chris Stewart, on Flickr 74620990_401854760481039_8386902223673622528_n by Chris Stewart, on Flickr 74422247_527086371457431_5124552542893637632_n by Chris Stewart, on Flickr 73495034_463625087580964_5257003420132311040_n by Chris Stewart, on Flickr
  18. For future reference, nail polish remover is strong enough, provided it's 100% acetone (no additives). I purchased up and up brand at Target Make sure you don't buy the ones labelled with "strengtheners" or that have an added scent or color.
  19. Requesting access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=31416
  20. Yesterday
  21. Not worried about it Joseph. thank you brother. Appreciate everything.
  22. Looks pretty good to me Compared to another KB build
  23. Great news, congratulations trooper and welcome to the ranks. Suppling references of the sniper plate when you apply for EIB and Centurion will help the DO's and shouldn't be a hold up for approval, not sure when the next ROTJ CRL updates will happen as the OT series went through some updates not so long ago. As always the CRL's are a work in progress, as you may notice white/tan soles aren't even a photo reference on the CRL, one of many things still requiring update. Just to your helmet, a lot of helmets had a small amount of white showing under the brow, with your helmet it looks as if you have a droopy/winky look as the trim is a bit lower on the right eye Once again congratulations
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