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  2. Both arms are setting and all is right with the world. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  3. Slow going, but going. I stopped by Christian's house this Saturday and Robo (pictured) and I worked primarily on the thighs and shins but also brought in the biceps a touch. I believe I've got the butt plate starting to take shape, a little, too. The shoulders, arms, and legs are just free-floating in this picture and so nothing is sitting right. The thighs were also taped low and insanely tight by my wife, who has no idea what she's doing (but neither do I, bless it). I believe it might be necessary to trim another .5" off of the bottom of the shins and it'd be great if I could get the forearms just a pinch shorter but I know I have to be careful trimming anymore there. In two weeks, I'll be headed to Jim Summerlin (TK 24233 / Centurion #385)'s house to take a look at my shim situation and other Centurion -related issues (although I'm starting to lose confidence in getting Centurion -approved, I still want to try to get this costume as accurate as I can).
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  5. 1mm is very thin but that doesn't mean it's fragile or cheap if you use a good grade of ABS. People approach me and specifically ask for 1mm ABS because they want that super-flexible armour. Getting into that position wasn't easy, trust me. It's not a case of what you sit on but how the armour reacts when you try to sit down. Using a flexible ABS allows the armour to bend much more than rigid .80 gauge, especially when using the original strapping system that is prone to cracking where the brackets attach. My armour did not suffer from any cracking while sitting down, Flexible ABS can take more stress but that doesn't mean it's unbreakable - just more resistant.
  6. Congratulations trooper and welcome to the ranks, you can request Stormtrooper access here https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/16-501st-trooper-status-requests-include-link-to-your-501st-profile-in-your-request/page/279/
  7. Could be a paint reaction too, some paints don't play well in certain orders and the paint will react. Generally I always try run a test piece when using new paints or layering using differing brands I've not used before.
  8. This is a close up of a ROTK which should give you a good idea what you're looking for: Rogue One Stormtrooper Reference CE 2016 by Christopher Pearson, on Flickr If you click through you'll be able to zoom right in on the detail.
  9. Wrapped up the armor and baton mount today. Was thinking about getting some pics loaded for a pre approval. Headed to the 501st to see what I need to do over there as well.
  10. Wow, thanks for the information, Andrew. I had no idea paint could be so complex! Before applying this latest gloss coat I did lightly sand some of the worst affected areas - this certainly helped to smooth it out a little. Now, the top coat is much more even and the appearance is better. Very few obvious pimples now. Thanks again for the tips and advise. It’s always appreciated. :-)
  11. Amazing achievement! Congrats on 200 troops, Q. :-)
  12. Alright, first almost-complete armor test (missing a few bits where the glue was still setting). I still need to trim the upper abdomen sides a bit, as they will be exposed. For the most part, it seems to look fine, though I think I will need to trim the upper thighs a bit more as well. A snap came loose on the codpiece (hence it's crookedness), so I will be adding another set for support. The velcro worked well, though I had to be a bit careful detaching it and there is a very small gap where the halves overlap. I will have to see how durable it is after wearing it for a while, though it currently seems sturdy.
  13. Yes, I’ll ping someone with admin powers.
  14. Many thanks brother the last few months have dragged on with it being winter here, get's pretty quite for trooping
  15. Today was a bit of a tear jerker. We trooped a conference of families with children suffering from a terminal degenerative brain condition in Crystal City, VA. There were a lot of smiles from the kids. There were also many times they would take our hands and not let go. This is why we do what we do.
  16. July 2019 This was a dream troop of a lifetime!! Weird Al at Wolf Trap, VA. And I got the Al hug!!
  17. May 2019 Spring Fest, Fair Lakes, VA
  18. OH i forgot to mention. I am going with long + long shin and short + short shin.
  19. December 2018 Scottish Walk Christmas Parade in Alexandria, VA. Kilted Fun!!
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