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  2. Great work so far! Happy to see that more blaster builds are coming up with mods ! :-) Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  3. Great progress here! Keep on doing such a great job! I will follow :-)... Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  4. I am going to sell my preorder spot for the standard kit (no helmet). I am selling it for $774.50 ($550 + tax and shipping), which is the exact amount that I paid for it. Please PM me your paypal if you would like to buy it.
  5. Well, I’m making progress. I was able to salvage the kneeplate, but it required a lot of sanding, filling, sand some more....and fill. Again. I’m happy with the contours and hopefully can start the final sanding/polishing. There’s enough parts put together to try on. The thighs attached to the belt turned out ok, and with everything on it looked like a stormtrooper! Those shoulder bells though.... and my left bell is attached too far back. The elastic is glued on with ABS paste. Is there a preferred method of getting it off? I was going to try a cotton swab soaked with acetone and gently peel it off. I have my work cut out for me. The boots came from Groupon and were $35. That will be another post.
  6. Hi Lorelei, welcome to FISD. Glad to hear you're considering the white armour.
  7. Basically, it's a ROTJ TK with a paint job. We have a section dedicated to building a Shock TK : https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/184-battlefront-dice-shocktrooper/
  8. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30582 Requesting Access for TS-42035
  9. Welcome and have fun on your white armor build! If you have questions anyone of us will be glad to assist! Jim Moser TK50899
  10. The thermal detonator: Question time. First, how far from the short end of the TD should the edge be? Specifically, hey nubbins to the edge? I looked at a couple of builds and here’s where I landed: You can see the pencil mark. From there to the other end is 115mm. Second question, do I need to paint this pipe for the TD? Thanks all.
  11. Today I didn't make much progress (not for lack of trying). I did get the right thigh front ridge to a width of about 20mm (more like 21mm). So both front of both thighs have a 21mm ridge. I then decided to put a cover strip of the front of the left thigh. I figured I should have the front secured before I start trying to make the back of the thigh to meet at the middle. I kept messing up the cover strip. I had no idea such a simple task was going to get the best of me. I found out after looking at a YouTube tutorial that I was putting to much force on my cuts. I guess when I put the metal ruler down it is better to make several light cuts against the ruler instead of a few hard pushed cuts.....my strips kept coming out uneven. Like a frustrated child I took the best looking one and glued it with e600 onto the front ridge of the left thigh. I guess tomorrow I'll look at it with a fresh set of eyes and see if I need to take it off and do a new cover strip. This time I'll do several of light slices until I get past the middle. The plastic from Walt's seems very thick.
  12. Biceps and forearms: after a a couple of busy weeks I was able to make some progress on the armor. The biceps were tricky, but I think they’re in reasonable shape. Out of the box, they’re a little warped. They’re more oval than conical and will require a water bath at some point to revise the shape. Here’s how they came out: The left was more warped than right, so that’s made trimming a bit difficult. I got the sides to fit after trimming. The edges were still digging into my arm at fitting, but I was planning on sanding them down to flat so it didn’t worry me much. I prepped the biceps with internal cover strips and clapped them down after gluing with E6000. Those strips ain’t going nowhere. Pretty happy with the results so far: the gap at the bottom here is intentional, I needed more space for my arm to flex. Plus this will be the arm pit side of the right bicep so it’ll be hard to notice. I’m gluing down the opposite sides tonight. If all goes well I’ll be cutting cover strips for these tomorrow. There’s still some return edge I want to sand off, but it’s nothing the should stop the progress for now. Once the cover strips are on and the E6000 has set, I’ll give the biceps the boiling water bath in an attempt to take care of the oval nature of the abs. Thermal detonator next.
  13. Hi Jason! In addition to the photos that TKSpartan pointed out, can you please include close up photos of where your shoulder bridges are connected to the chest, as well as the connection between the chest and back armor? This is to check the L2 requirements for the shoulder bridges No visible rivets are allowed. and chest Chest and back shall be connected with a white fabric or preferably elastic strap at the shoulders. Thanks!
  14. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=29838 Access request: initiated
  15. Hi Jason. Your armor looks great. ! The D.O.s will surely ask you to add the following photos: Close up of the sides and front of your sniper plate. Close up of rivets inside and outside of thigh ammo strip. I would suggest to post them in advance. regards
  16. I keep the chest/back clamshell connected. Stuff the forearms in the knees, the knees in the thighs, then the thighs inside the clamshell. Biceps in the shoulders to save space, then gloves/boots/etc sits in the extra room you can use a smaller case if you keep helmet separate and take it all apart. But I'm much too lazy for that!
  17. Just wishing to share my Pride weekend with any of you that may appreciate it. (As always, there’s no room for hatred or unacceptance in my thread. These are my thoughts and experiences in my armor.) As I’ve posted before for the past few years, In our Rural Albertan area, we have a Pride weekend. Where we celebrate love and acceptance. As Family and friends. It’s a Family affair which involves all members of ones families in the Peace Country Region to come and support one another, their loved ones, and be together in a healthy, accepting, inclusive way. Celebrate whom we are as individuals. I always am honoured to be there. Love is love. We all deserve to be loved and cherished. Free of abuse and condemnation. By our choice of partners, our friends, family of choice and family of origin. Treated with kindness and equality. Whether we are straight or gay. If you are fortunate enough to have found your one true love, in anyone, you are lucky. Cherish it. Fight for it. Celebrate it. Hold onto it. Support it. I’m always happy to see love. And offer support. This event troop, 4 years ago that directly followed the Orlando shooting, was the first ever Pride event to be an official recognized troop by the Legion. As well, was the first for the community of Grande Prairie. My heart was full of love and pride to be there at the very beginning, and I experienced it with several of my Garrison mates I love dearly. This Family event is unique for a pride event, and it holds a very special, meaningful place in my heart. Many incredible things I experienced this weekend 4 prides ago. On a personal note, I struggled to attend this year and felt like a piece of my heart was missing. But I went. I supported. I hugged families there supporting their sons and daughters. Husbands walking hand in hand with their children. Wives with their children. Surrounded by their straight family and friends. People being together feeling safe to be who they really are. Youth being able to be who they are with no fear. I’m glad I was there. The masses that stopped by our booth were so grateful we were there. The hugs were real. The love I witnessed was real. It was so beautiful to witness, it was actually heart wrenching. Life is so strange. I’m grateful I shared this day with those in our garrison that also wished to experience the day together. I know it touched their hearts. It’s amazing what you can experience and create in and through our armor. Sharing with you the love of our Squadron, Garrison, Legion, community members and myself. Happy Pride weekend. With a grateful heart, Teresa. TK 41307. SoulArt. Geeky Pink. [emoji3590][emoji3448][emoji169][emoji172][emoji170][emoji171][emoji175] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Thanks. I like seeing how people pack. A year into this and I’m still trying to figure it all out. I’m not exactly happy with how mine fits. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Troop 5 Wayne Hills High School. Fund raiser for child battling brain cancer.
  20. TK and Dengar. I keep the helmet separate in a bag these days but it'd fit in there too with a little planning.
  21. Troop 4. North Bergen NJ Library Con
  22. Got a pic of a TK packed in there? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Yesterday
  24. For prop building, you need to check out The RPF (Replica Prop Forum). https://www.therpf.com/ They were a big help when I was building my DL-44. A.J.
  25. So, I think I'm heading in the correct direction, but I'm worried about the gap on the sides. And per@justjoseph63's suggestion I cut out the 4th gap on each side of the frown. Any input appreciate. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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