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  2. Good spot, Daniel. I’m going for a slightly different shape to that one, based on the below, however comparing the two it does need to extend up by a few mm. :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  4. strong magnets and clamps is your possible solutions brother
  5. Short answer: No. Longer Answer: Don’t do it. For the amount of effort it would take to make it 501st approvable it’ll be easier to find an Anovos bucket, I see them go for $200 and under.
  6. Can the Rubies FO TK helmet be modded for approval? Just curious.
  7. Have you curved the belt at all, a little heat and some strips as wood for clamps can help to make the belt sit better. If you have curved the belt and it's still popping off then I would suggest changing the snap, they can normally come apart easily with a squeeze of pliers
  8. One further questions I may have forgotten to ask. One of the snaps on the Ab is weak, and the belt easily pops off. Is there a way to remedy this? Does this mean I didn't hammer the male and female portions together tight enough through the Ab armor? Should I remove and install a new male snap? Cheers
  9. Well, after a 5 day hiatus in I am back at it. Even though I had fun on vacation, is it bad when I say I would have much rather been working on my armor instead of hanging with family? Sniper knee installed. I'll have to see how it measures up for the proper top edge alignment for centurion. Thigh ammo pack is installed. I originally trimmed it to just under 16", but then it was further trimmed to about 14" to better match the thigh profile. It is still clamped at the front as I dolloped some glue in there to keep it from sagging. I went for the slightly angled up option. I used single cap rivets for installation which still need to be painted. I've also filled and sanded the tops of both thighs and calves where the armor pieces join. Once again, this was a purely esthetic things for me. There still might be small touchups I want to do as the ABS paste had tiny bubbles in it. This is where my OCD is showing it's ugly face and delaying the build... I basically used wet sanding (to about 3000 grit) then finished with Tamiya model polishing compounds. These are used in model building to achieve very smooth finishes in plastic. I've installed the 3" elastic to front of thighs that will be part of the suspension belt system. They are still about 2' long until I get a final fit done. All cover strips are now done. I will be adding interior strips once I get my Basic approval done. Next big step was addressing the shoulder bell fitment over the bicep. The bells were flared out too much. I used excellent instructions by justjoseph (THANKS!) and a pot of boiling water to reshape the bells. They may need additional tweaking after I do another fitment check. Flared bell bottoms (HA!) on left pieces. After some heat and tweaking. I'm not sure if the bells are supposed to tightly hug the biceps? Left (heat treated) compared to original right. Right side on the bicep before heating. Better pics once I can get it all put on. The bell to shoulder straps are also glued on. That's all for tonight. Getting there bit by bit...
  10. Beautiful work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Thank you Tony! I’m working on the bells right now. Thanks for the pic! I have bungee cord loosely holding my right boxes on, so they can flop around a bit. I’ll snug them up to close that gap.
  12. I just saw a guy in the message board asking about TKUK kits.... Let me use thus as a thread-bump. Before I knew better, I bought the famous BOGO kits from TKUK.... 8 months later and a hard lesson learned, I bought an AP kit and got myself approved. The TKUK kits are flimsy, faulty, and generally poor quality. Both of the TKUK kits I bought are either going to be spare parts or slowly being turned into ABS paste. Here one of the 4 shin pieces I got from them (the other 3 looked the same) Poor molds? Recast? I don’t know but they are junk. Steer clear. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Great job David Observations: NOTE: None of these will hold you back from basic approval 1. Shoulder bells should basically be touching the shoulders (see reference photo) 2. Shoulder bells should be level with the shoulders (see reference photo) 3. Right two waist belt boxes should be a bit closer to one another, around 1/4" or less
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  15. Yours's look like they're made out of aluminum which should allow you to bend them outward to get to the screw the bend them back once installed.
  16. LOL that was my first thought when I saw those. "Well, those aren't going to stay put very well!"
  17. Welcome aboard, and do let me know if I can help! There's an armor party for SoCal Garrison coming up in Pasadena on Sunday, in fact, if you're available! Even if you don't have your armor yet, you could swing by and talk to members and see others working on armor.
  18. Only the helmet on display I believe. They made 130 kits for production so every chance these are production used screen assets. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  19. Great news, looking forward to the build progress
  20. Working on the calf now, here is the helmet with the tube stripes raised up.
  21. Looking good Dan You might consider "raising" those middle ones a tad though
  22. Cool. I want to make the necessary corrections first and then start on adding better detail before I jump levels (Like cutting out the chest dimples and applying gaffers tape behind them). Plus I want to get a few troops under my belt to show me any hot-spots or fails I need to address.
  23. It's an AM 2.0 kit. With the cod piece, I want to raise the ab section up a bit, but the cod piece hits my underside a bit. Does it have to go under you at all? Or can it be more in the front and not curve under?
  24. Awesome Thanks!!!! I can get the brow up slightly higher with no major mods. The clips still have me worried. The second back hole is very hard to get at, where as some of the reference pics it's further out and more accessible.
  25. I’m assuming the sith trooper shown here (as well as the others) is anovos?
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