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  2. Actually, I got permission from DZFireMedic to use that, as he designed it.
  3. You can thank @justjoseph63 for that one All the best to you and yours over the festive season, be safe trooper
  4. Cool Guys, the Just for Laughs section did its job well . it made me laugh !! Best whishes and a happy and safe holidays troopers !!
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  6. Now the stalking begins on every vehicle that stops near your house
  7. Just got a tracking number from KB Props.. looks like I made the first shipping run! Sending in my Geeky Pink gasket and neck seal order tonight. Aside from those two items I’m just waiting on my shield, which will be here next week. My leather MP40 ammo chest pouch from IB. Holster and misc other parts from Dan. And my blasters, which I have yet to receive a reply email concerning time frame. Won’t be long! Sent from my iPhone using The Force
  8. Congratulations trooper and welcome to the ranks
  9. If you haven't already heard, the prop manufacturer Anovos is finally being held accountable for their lack of item delivery and severe lack of refunds for unsatisfied clientele. While some have taken Anovos by class action lawsuit for fraud, I have created a petition specifically for people (such as myself) who have been negatively effected by Anovos. I created it for people that Anovos owe more than just costumes, and money; but time. Time we will never get back. Anovos may not be legally bound by this petition, but they do have eyes and ears. My petition is going straight to the top, and the traction has begun. If you have been negatively effected by the fraudulent activities of Anovos then drop your initials in the link below. One voice, one mind, one goal. http://chng.it/N2M2JSNgVf
  10. Hello Joseph, I have the undersuit that came with the armor still, I just didn't feel like putting it on at the moment.
  11. Looking sharp, Jonas! If I could make a suggestion, it would be to purchase an under suit (compression suit). Sweatpants are a lot bulkier, which can make it difficult to get accurate fitting, and since you will eventually need one for approval, might as well get it now. They are available on Amazon or in sporting goods stores, but make sure they are plain black with no letters/symbols.
  12. Truly sorry you got a bad deal on that, Alex, but nothing is impossible. It all depends on how much time you have to spend on it. Before you go any further, can you post up some photos (front/side view) of the helmet? This will help determine the maker of the armor. (Important). It would also help immensely to post up some photos of you actually wearing the armor to determine any fitment issues. Once we can see where the work needs to be done we can better assess how to proceed from there to get you started. Hang in there, and try not to get too disappointed. You are in the one true home of shiny white armor here, and there are more people than you imagine who are willing and ready to help.
  13. Detachment Leader Executive Officer CRL Updates Provost Marshall Deployment Office Pre Approval Forum 3D Section Field Exercise Awards Master Armorer Program Just For Laughs In The Media Trooping Trooping Opportunities Imperial Attaché Program EIB & Centurion: What do these terms mean? Advanced Tactics Awards EIB - The March To 1000 Merchandise & Branding Officer Public Relations Follow FISD Greetings Troopers, Happy Holidays from us at FISD! December is looking to be a very exciting month for the 501st, with the Mandalorian continuing to excite costumers and the new Star Wars film premiere in just weeks. I know many garrisons partake in toy drives and other holiday-themed events, so be sure to check your local group's events out and get some troops in--even if it feels like Hoth outside! As for FISD, we have some forum organization cleanup on going, some updates on merchandise and new items on the way shortly. We also have that pesky email issue fixed, so folks that had trouble receiving alerts and account emails should be all set now. With Unquestioned Loyalty Sarah Bailey TK-20466 "Alay" Detachment Leader Greetings Troopers! We are still finalizing CRL updates for the Force Awakens FOTK, all discussion and proposed updates are in this thread. You may also notice some forum renaming and clean-up, we are streamlining the forums by fixing (or removing when not possible) old threads, un-pinning outdated threads, and renaming sections for consistency and easier navigation. We may also merge a subforum or two, all updates and discussion can be found here. NEW CRL UPDATE Recently, a member poll was conducted regarding a change in the CRL for all OT (ANH, ESB, ROTJ) helmets (including HWT). The original wording stated that the only requirement for the vocoder (vertically ribbed chin detail) is that it be painted black for all levels. With 100% of the votes in favor, a new requirement for Level 3 (Centurion) is "The vocoder must be integrated into the helmet, and not a separate piece". Link to poll: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/48294-proposed-amendment-to-ot-anhesbrotjhwt-etc-crls-helmetvocoder-detail/ With Unquestioned Loyalty Joseph Pedigo TK-10963 "justjoseph63" Deployment Officer With Unquestioned Loyalty Steve Sheades TK-10466 "starsaber25" Provost Marshall Hello Troopers As many of you are aware, we have a "Gallery" section. This resource contains many hundreds of screen captures and references which are invaluable to those aiming not just for Basic 501st approval, but higher levels as well. However, combing through them for the exact detail you are looking for can be daunting. The CRL (Costume Reference Library) contains the requirements for all levels of approval, but does not show all aspects and details you may have questions about. To make this easier and help answer many of those queries, a thread has been added that not only shows multiple photos of various screen used items, but also tips. notes, CRL quotes and small nuances we as D.O.s look for when approving Troopers at Expert Infantry and Centurion levels. Due to the fact that the majority of the costumes we approve are from the OT (Original Trilogy), this section only applies to armor from those films. As time progresses and better screen caps become available more costumes will be added. The thread will stay locked and will be updated as needed, but if you have suggestions, questions or issues you are always more than welcome to contact any member of the D.O. staff directly. QUICK CRL reference guide: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/48335-quick-crl-reference-guide-for-your-ot-build-pics-notes-tips/ With Unquestioned Loyalty Joseph Pedigo TK-10963 "justjoseph63" Deployment Officer Deployment Officers With Unquestioned Loyalty Sha Sha Chu TK-19233 "shashachu" Senior Deployment Officer With Unquestioned Loyalty Daniel Melin TK-99665 "TheSwede" Senior Deployment Officer With Unquestioned Loyalty Mike Souza TK-11463 "msouza" Deployment Officer With Unquestioned Loyalty Joseph Pedigo TK-10963 "justjoseph63" Deployment Officer The FISD is pleased to announce the addition of a new area in the Advanced Tactics forum dedicated to those ready to submit for basic 501st TK approval. This section will allow future Troopers the opportunity to submit photos of their completed build to be reviewed by the Staff, Imperial Attaches and others in preparation for forwarding it to their GML for approval. Any and all advice/suggestions given will be specific, constructive, helpful and respectful. Please note that this program will NOT take the place of your local GML, as Detachments are not chartered for costume approval and can not override a GMLs decision, but is instead a peer review program designed to help you look your best and offer guidance and positive feedback. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about your completed armor, weapons (if applicable), accessories, etc. and get accurate information from the experts here at the FISD.. the definitive home of TKs worldwide. For more information on this program, please visit the link here Contributor Awards Greeting fellow Troopers, Don't forget to visit our 3D section when next surfing the FISD forums, there is plenty of useful information to potentially help you on your next TK adventure. You may be a designer wishing to showcase your latest designs or prints, or maybe looking for a file to print your very own Blaster or Laser Axe. You might be feeling may generous and share with our community a new TK related 3D file and maybe win yourself a 3D contributors award so check out the details below and be part of the in house 3D community. Main forum title: 3D Parts and Technical Sub topics: 3D Printer owners Your place to discuss what printer/s you own, recommendations, tech talk and the like, It’s a place to learn something new 3D CAD Designers Home of talented 3D cad designers, show off your 3D renders, of FISD related costume parts and accessories. Offer help and advice on programs, or offer to commission a piece for a fellow member 3D File Depository A home for 3D file sharing, Troopers helping Troopers is what this section is all about; yes a single location to keep any 3D files offered up by our extremely generous membership. This will be a 501st member’s only section and rules will apply to any usage of the content. I will be looking for content to continue the growth of these new sections so If you are interested in helping drive the 3D forums, then please send me a PM and let’s get the threads and the filament flowing. 3D printer heads will understand that last comment Here is a link to the FISD 3D Contributor program. With Unquestioned Loyalty Andrew Franke TK-11469 "Sly11" PRO - Awards & Twitter Don't forget to create a troop log here on FISD and get awarded for your adventures We understand not everyone can help build multiple sets of armour for their fellow troopers, nor own a 3D printer or have the time and skill set to design and offer free 3D files to the detachment. There is however one thing we all can do, and that is troop. Here is your opportunity to stand and be recognised for simply trooping in your TK. We're rolling out a new award system to encourage and reward our members who take the time to post up their field training exercises and keep a troop log. As you attend events and post logs, you'll earn these shiny profile badges, here are a few: Keep the troop logs coming folks, not only can you earn the badge but you can show others your favorite troops. You know we love photos here on the forums. Simply start (or update!) your troop log, keep the running total in the title, and post (at least!) a date and name for the official 501st event where you wore your TK! Once you've hit a milestone count, go over to the "Field Exercise Awards -- Post your milestones here" thread to request your profile be updated! Simple, right? Troop log title examples: Milestone post example: Milestone and Troop Log Title: [100] TK12345 My troop log Date and Event: 8/23/2019 -- Death Star Cooking Class FAQ: Do my past troops count? Yes! You can update your troop log thread with all your past events for credit Is there any costume requirement?You have to have attended the event in a costume that falls under the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment for credit. We love pictures from any events with white armor though, so even if you attended an event in another costume with stormtroopers present don't hesitate to show off!Do I have to include pictures?Pictures are not required, but are highly encouraged! Your picture may end up in the Stormtrooper Hall of Fame Award Recipients November - December TK3373 "TK3373" Scott - TK78808 "robojoe" Joe - TK26455 "dahc" Chad - --- TK42413 "chopper857" Martyn - --- --- --- --- --- Congratulations troopers and keep on trooping With Unquestioned Loyalty Andrew Franke TK-11469 "Sly11" PRO - Awards & Twitter The FISD Master Armorer program is an optional, detachment only incentive award to recognize individuals who have directly helped another 501st stormtrooper to achieve Expert Infantry status. Some people spend countless hours helping others, and want to reward their results as well as incentivizing new people to help as well. To register a “win” in the program, the assistance must have provided hands-on help trimming, building, and/or fitting of said armor for the person who was awarded Expert Infantry status. Other program notes: • Helping remotely, giving advice, or taking payment in exchange for help does not account, all work must be voluntary and without expectation of compensation. • The assistance must be for a period of 30 minutes or more. Spending 15 minutes tweaking someone’s fitting or taking photos does not count. • "wins" can be retroactive, e.g. if you helped 5 people in 2017 already, those can count as long as they are fully documented. Award Levels • 5+ “wins”: FISD Armorer Badge • 15+ “wins” FISD Senior Armorer Badge • 25+ “wins” FISD Master Armorer Badge The process • Person applying for the award will create an application thread to track the help they give. • For each “win”, they will list the person they helped achieve Expert Infantry status by copying their EI approval thread. • For each “win”, the person who was helped will validate that this person helped them. You can find the master award area here https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/182-fisd-master-armorer-program/ Happy Holidays Troopers - wishing you all well!Please join me in welcoming TK - 42413 Martyn to the Stormtrooper Hall of Fame - congratulations!https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/42187-75-tk42413-chopper857s-troop-diary/?do=findComment&comment=673593 With Unquestioned Loyalty Aaron Gibson TK-99725 "Pyrates" Curator Hall of Fame Good Morning America - Launch Disney + Members of the 501st Legion's Empire City Garrison were on hand to help the staff of Good Morning America with coverage of the launch of the new Disney+ streaming platform, including the release of the first ever live action Star Wars television program The Mandalorian. The troopers provided on air assistance with several segments, including a live weather report and an on air appearance in the green room. While no actual Mandalorians (or baby Yodas) were in attendance, several special guests were, including the lovely and talented Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, and Jeff Goldblum (who is lovely in his own right). The 4 OT stormtroopers present included: Jonathan Diaz - TK16890, Steve Iervolino - TK4395, Miguel Lopez -TK-30574, Chris Feehan -TK-6744 Galaxy's Edge Promotional Material Orlando Airport The Force is strong today throughout Orlando International Airport with the debut of new décor that helps travelers feel as if they’ve stepped into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the new 14-acre land inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Disney is the first organization the airport has invited to create artistic renderings that wrap shuttle stations within the airline terminals. It’s a creative first for Central Florida’s major transport hub that welcomes nearly 50 million passengers each year. “We are constantly evolving the airport experience to make it more service oriented, passenger friendly and fun,” said Raymond Anderson, senior director of concessions and properties for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. “This new installation provides a preview of what vacationers and business travelers alike can expect at Walt Disney World. It’s also the most recent in a long line of collaborations between the airport and Disney over the decades.” As travelers arrive in Orlando and prepare to board shuttles for the airport’s Main Terminal, they will see life-size depictions of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge that look as if visitors could step right into the new land. One scene creates a dimensional landscape that feels as if visitors are standing inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, where travelers can see the iconic Millennium Falcon and other landmarks from the new land. In another scene, it appears as if First Order Stormtroopers are waiting to step off the shuttle as the train arrives in the station. Combined, these artistic representations of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge stretch longer than eight full-size buses. They will remain in place into 2020. More new fun and excitement from a galaxy far, far away can be had elsewhere inside Orlando International Airport. Also debuting today at the Magic of Disney store in the Main Terminal West Hall – available to all airport guests, with or without boarding passes – is a new photo location featuring droids from the Star Wars galaxy. When the airport’s second Magic of Disney store, in the Main Terminal East Hall, reopens Nov. 22, 2019, it will feature a 36-foot-long video screen on an exterior wall showing scenes from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. This will be another ideal photo spot, giving visitors an enticing glimpse of the new land. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge invites guests to live their own Star Wars adventures at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. They can take control of the Millennium Falcon, build a droid or a lightsaber, sample galactic food and drinks and discover much more. A groundbreaking new attraction, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, opens Dec. 5, 2019, inside the land, bringing guests into a climactic battle between the Resistance and the First Order in an experience of cinematic scale. Porsche Taycan Launch - Singapore In a galaxy not so far away, Porsche has debuted the first product from its foray into the fully electric sports car market. The German luxury car maker’s four-door Taycan was unveiled – with the help of Stormtroopers, no less – for the first time in Asia Pacific at Singapore’s The Float @ Marina Bay on Thursday (Nov 22) night. Slated for launch in August 2020, three variants of the Taycan have already been announced so far. Prices excluding COE are expected to start from around S$500,000 for the Taycan 4S The 501st Singapore Garrison and the Cathar Base Singapura - Rebel Legion spent an evening at the launch of the new Porsche Taycan at the Marina Bay floating platform scouting for new imperial transports. Pavilion Kuala Lumpur TROS Christmas Display We love Christmas and we love Star Wars to bits so imagine our surprise when Pavilion KL is blending both together in their ‘A Starry Christmas’ showcase at the centre. From now until the end of the year, you can swing by the centre court area of Pavilion KL to catch a special ‘A Starry Christmas’ showcase. Flanked by a humongous pair of red and blue lightsabers is a replica of a YT-1300 light freighter. Not just any light freighter but one specific one indeed – the Millennium Falcon though it seems to be a pre-Death Star 2 version judging from the rounded radar dish. The replica measures 30 feet by 40 feet and has a special light show that happens every day at 8PM every night.re court area that is just in time for the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker movie. http://www.pavilion-kl.com/ November - December A few troops from around the globe Lehigh Valley Comic Con By: A.J., TK51351, "A.J. Hamler" Scottish Christmas Walk, Alexandria VA By: Joe, TK78808, "robojoe" Special Children's Christmas Party By: Glen, TK85421, "gmrhodes13" 2019 Perth Christmas Pageant By: Glen, TK85421, "gmrhodes13" 88th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade By: Ryan, TK52197, "progressbarloading" RTV6 Toy Drive By: Scott, TK62000, "scottdm62" MCM ComicCon Birmingham By: Chris TK10911 "themaninthesuitcase" Zoo Lights @ The Fresno Chaffee Zoo By: Rebecca, TK29118 "Sharkbait" Star Wars Reads Day By: Freddy, TK19511 "Freduster" Eastlands Santa Parade By: Troy, TK20187 "TK20187" Retail Embargo Lift For most of the year we are under an embargo from LFL and can not attend retail locations unless prior approval has been given by them. At certain times of the year this embargo is lifted, generally around Blu-Ray / movie releases, May 4th and Force Friday, the recent correspondence from LFL outlines the lift of the embargo: "While there is currently a retail moratorium on character appearances in effect, it is being lifted during the following days: Dec 1-31 -- ok to appear at retailers selling SW-related merchandise for the holiday season Dec 19-26 -- ok to appear at theaters showing The Rise of Skywalker All fans, costumed or otherwise, can participate with venues of their choice within these windows with the restriction that costumed appearances must not be used in the advertising for the event. Although these appearances will be treated like an open invite, we’ll leave it to the fan groups to independently organize around these events as they see fit. LFL will not need to approve or coordinate these. Please note that retail locations should not include restaurants, bars, or venues with no apparent reason to feature Star Wars characters. In the coming weeks and months, we may send out a list of ‘preferred' retailers from certain regions who would welcome fans to participate at their venues within these event windows, but you are all still welcome to make plans with appropriate retailers or venue hosts of your choice regardless of whether or not they appear on the list.Thanks everyone, and thanks for all you do "Please note that retail locations should not include restaurants, bars, or venues with no apparent reason to feature Star Wars characters. If the retail location does not stock Star Wars products you should NOT be attending." *REMEMBER* Always follow your garrison/squad's guidelines when in comes to organising Disney/LFL promotional troops, only command staff can deal direct with LFL. Serve proudly, ladies and gentlemen, and as Tim (Dark CMF) says: "Keep doing what it is that got you here"! Are you an approved TK that spends more time on the boards than the average Trooper? Do you enjoy using your knowledge to help out future and existing Troopers? If so, we would like to invite you to join the Imperial Attaché program! Members of the I.A. team are chosen to help out not only those here on the boards, but on a local level as well. Our aim is to have at least one in each and every Garrison, Squad and Outpost in the entire legion to be the eyes and ears of the FISD on a local level. A suggested level of EIB or above is preferred, as part of the duties include assisting those aiming for levels 2 and 3, but is not a requirement. Being active on the boards on a regular basis , welcoming new members and helping out where you can is, though. Some of the benefits: 1. Access to exclusive Attaché merch., including patches, etc. 2. Having the Imperial Attaché title under your name. 3. Being a part of the team that welcomes new and prospective members of the FISD. 4. Being the "go-to" person in your Garrison, Squad or Outpost. 5. Exclusive access to the Attaché HQ area, Imperial Propaganda Machine (newsletter) and merchandise discussions. We are currently in need of Attaches in many units, especially International Garrisons/Squads and Outposts. For more information on this program, please head here and if you should have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at any time. (Pretzel) For a complete list of Imperial Attaches, go here NEW ATTACHES! Please join me in welcoming our newest Imperial Attaches! Newest Attache: Jose (TK 71627) Jose hails from the Star Garrison. As an enthusiastic trooper welcoming new members on the boards, we can be breath easy knowing that Jose will be on the front lines giving sound advice to troopers on the boards and his garrison. We look forward to his contributions. ATTACHE TIP OF THE MONTH Emergency Trooping Kit Congratulations! You are now a trooper! But, what if something happens to your armor while you are out on the battlefield? Our resident Justjoseph63 has provided another great tip for this month by providing us an Emergency Trooping Kit every trooper should have! IMPERIAL ATTACHE AWARD Imperial Attaché Award for those attaché's who have gone above and beyond [minimum 1 year of service] You can find a list of prior recipients here ATTACHE MERCHANDISE Attaché Patch For those of you on the Imperial Attaché staff, the official I.A. patches are available Here are the details.. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! Patches will be limited to TWO per person, and will only be sold to those who are currently serving FISD Imperial Attaches. These patches have been graciously DONATED to the FISD, so all you will need to do is cover the cost of shipping and PP fees, which will be $1.00 each for those in the U.S. and P.R. and $1.50 each for those outside the U.S. What a deal! Thank you Joseph @justjoseph63for looking after these. You can find the thread here ATTACHE ROCKER For those of you on the Imperial Attaché staff, the official I.A. rockers are now available. Link below Attaché Ambassador With Unquestioned Loyalty Preston Christman TK-91488 "Pretzel" PRO Lead - Attaché Ambassador So what exactly are EIB (Expert Infantry Badge) and Centurion levels? These programs were designed for those who choose to take their armor above and beyond the minimum requirements for basic 501st Legion approval. It gives you the chance to show a level of dedication and pride that takes your armor closer to being as "screen accurate" as possible, without as much extra work as you may realize! It also works on giving a better look to the Legion as an entity, and you can bet others will take notice of your hard work. The 501st has a list of detailed requirements for Basic approval, (level 1), EIB, (level 2) and Centurion, (level 3) which can be found here in the Costume Reference Library, (CRL) http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:FISD_CRL Here are a few of the questions people may be wondering about: 1. "I am a (tall/short/heavy/thin) Trooper. Can I still apply? Of course! These programs are open and encouraged for all sizes of TKs, as long as the costume is correct and meets the guidelines. There are many specific build tutorials to every option, as well as a vast network of fellow TKs on the FISD to help you out and offer suggestions. 2. "How much extra will I have to pay for extra items"? The cost is actually quite reasonable, considering the few extra supplies you will need, which are listed in the requirements area. While it may run you a little more to implement these additions to your costume, they will go a long way to improving accuracy. All needed items can be found for sale on this thread: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/16-ongoing-sales-project-orders/ While blasters are not required for basic approval, for EIB and Centurion levels they are, and may need upgrades (also listed in the CRL). 3. "I haven't even got my kit yet, is it too early to start planning"? Actually, aiming for Centurion is easiest to do right out of the box. 4. "I have my basic TK approval, can I still get in these programs"? In a word... absolutely! 5. "Are there any "perks" to this extra work and cost"? Besides knowing that you have a great looking set of armor, the 501st and FISD believes you should be deservedly recognized for your achievement(s), and allows you to wear the appropriate embroidered "rocker" badge of rank (available for a very minimum cost) on your shirt, helmet bag, etc., as well as rank decals to put on your armor bin. You will also have access to select "challenge coin" runs, receive (free) a cool certificate for your new rank, and have your title posted below your name in your FISD signature. Plus, once you reach these levels, you will have the extra knowledge to help out those who are looking to apply as well. 6. "Is it hard to apply, and what happens then"? After basic approval, all you do is make sure your armor is up to the standards set forth in the CRL, post a thread with the required photos in the appropriate area (see below), and wait a bit for the D.O.s (Deployment Officers) to address it. (Hint: Studying other people's threads before you submit can be a GREAT help). These are also listed on the main page of the FISD site. While waiting for approval, you will get some comments from others who will offer suggestions and constructive advice to help you out. If you should need any changes, the DOs will let you know, so you can adjust accordingly. Don't be dismayed if you do need changes... it's all for your benefit! After you are approved for EIB, then you can submit for Centurion. EIB https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/19-request-expert-infantryman-status/ Centurion https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/72-request-centurion-status/ Just remember that the FISD is here to help you every step of the way with whatever other questions you may have, but if you can't seem to find what you are looking for in your research, just ask away here on the forum. This area lists all those who have gone above and beyond basic approval toward screen accuracy. FOR November - December the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment would like to congratulate: Expert Infantry Badge Award: Erick "echi327" TK 35811 EIB 948 GREAT job on your approval, now on to Level 3! Request your free EIB certificate here Centurion Badge Award: J "C" TK 1 Centurion 452 Outstanding job on reaching Centurion, Troopers! Request your free Centurion certificate here If you see any of these Troopers around your Garrison or Squad, be sure to congratulate them! As many of you are aware, the FISD is currently in our March to 1000 program. Our goal is to reach the one thousand mark of Troopers who have earned their Expert Infantry Badge, and although we are well on our way to this goal and have just reached the 950 mark! The amount of approved submissions is increasing thanks to the dedication of those willing to go the "extra mile" toward screen accuracy. Here is a brief description of EIB as written by Paul (Daetrin), our founder: "Expert Infantryman status is not required for members of this detachment. It should be viewed as an optional set of requirements for those who wish to take the accuracy of their costumes to the next level, and be recognized accordingly. We're a costuming club - think of it as an award for costuming excellence and you get the picture. The requirements will not replace or supersede 501st standards, but only serve as an inspiration for the level of accuracy that can be achieved. The standards are meant to be high but achievable..." Besides the added pride you will have in your armor, those reaching this level can purchase exclusive EIB gear (patches, decals, coins etc.) and get a free certificate for your accomplishment. If you are interested or would like more information about the program head here that will help. You can also contact myself "Pretzel" or any Imperial Attaché, and we will be more than happy to assist you! I have a couple merchandise updates for you this month: Racing Shirts - The manufacturer is back up and running, the final designs are approved and production should be starting very soon. Unfortunately this means shirts will not arrive before the holidays, the current ETA is sometime in January. "Troopers Helping Troopers" Coins - We have a NEW coin run celebrating the troopers helping troopers spirit of our detachment: There are two versions available: a silver version available for ALL FISD members a gold version that is for currently serving Imperial Attachés only, limit of 2 per member Links to the sales threads for each are below - you must be an active attaché to view/order the gold coin: With Unquestioned Loyalty Brien Edick TK-92802 "Harbinger" Executive Officer - Merchandise & Branding Officer Lead Public Relations With Unquestioned Loyalty Preston Christman TK-91488 "Pretzel" PRO Lead - Attaché Ambassador Newsletter Just want to wish everyone a very safe and Merry Christmas and al the best for the New Year. Always on the look out for member's stories or photos, you can contact me via PM @gmrhodes13 With Unquestioned Loyalty Glen "Q" Rhodes TK-85421 "gmrhodes13" PRO Newsletter Facebook With Unquestioned Loyalty Daniel Lauber TK-55550 "Ripper_L" PRO Facebook - Editor at Large Instagram With Unquestioned Loyalty Preston Christman TK-91488 "Pretzel" PRO Lead - Attaché Ambassador With Unquestioned Loyalty Teresa Nuthall TK-41307 "Soulart" PRO Instagram Twitter With Unquestioned Loyalty Andrew Franke TK-11469 "Sly11" PRO - Awards & Twitter Facebook Group With Unquestioned Loyalty Tim Waychoff TK-51878 “Dark CMF” PRO Director Facebook Don't Forget We're on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Facebook: www.facebook.com/whitearmor Facebook Group: 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment (FISD) Official Twitter: www.twitter.com/FISD501st or @FISD501st Instagram: www.instagram.com/fisd501st On behalf of the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Command Staff and the Imperial Propaganda Department
  14. Greetings Troopers! I've just posted a new thread in the same vein as this one from @kman, with photos of the new Hellhounds / Trooperbay rubber E-11. In fact, this thread served as the inspiration and basis as mine, and I formatted my post to compliment this one. Check it out below if you're interested in seeing a comparison with a new rubber blaster on the market. Below is a photo of the E-ll I purchased from @Hellhounds and used for my photo review. I'm loving it so far!
  15. If a picture paints 1,000 words then this photo review of @Hellhounds' rubber E-11 blaster will be an EU-expanse worth of information for any Trooper seeking a product comparable to the old Hyperfirms and the newer Praetorian blasters. The inspiration for this thread came from the fantastic comparison (thread) of a Hyperfirm (HFx) B-Grade rubber blaster verses that from Praetorian Blasters (PB), by @kman. In fact, the angles of my photographs are intended to replicate those used by kman, to provide the opportunity for close comparison of the three models. Essentially, these two threads should compliment each other. The Hellhounds Props (HHP) E-11s (among other blasters) are new as of October, 2019, and are currently available from Daniel directly, as well as from @TK-4510 on Trooperbay. As I understand it, this purchase is from the first run of a dozen blasters, and thus far there appear to be no user photos of these Hellhounds rubber E-11s on FISD. Daniel from HHP currently has threads mentioning his E-11 product here and here. Regarding Rubber Blasters For those of you unaware, these "rubber" blasters are actually constructed of a combination of foam and rubber, and may have some form of armature (solid framework) serving as the skeleton. The benefits of rubber blasters are primarily weight, durability, and safety. These rubbers are heavier than standard Hasbro and Rubies conversions, as well as most resin builds—providing a slightly more realistic helf—while still remaining light enough for hours of trooping. Fully metal E-11s can start to feel really heavy really quickly. As you'll see below, the HHP weighed in at 35.03 oz, or 2.19 lbs. Rubber blasters are also less likely to break if dropped, and if a component does come off, it will likely just need to be re-adhered, rather than reconstructed (resin or plastic may have cracked or shattered). Finally, rubbers are safer when trooping in close proximity to children who may wander outside the line-of-sight of a Trooper with a bucket on. A swing and impact of a rubber E-11 is less likely to injure innocent bystanders. The most obvious disadvantage of rubber props in general is that they are generally not as detailed and refined as their resin counterparts, but advancements in molding techniques are changing that. Now, to be clear, I am in no way associated with or being compensated by Hellhounds or any other blaster maker for this review; I am simply seeking to provide Troopers with data on a new product. Note, too, that throughout this post I will link to parts of the official FISD E-11 Blaster Reference thread, to provide additional insight and imagery. So, without further ado, open kman's thread below, split-screen your device, and feast your eyes on three types of rubber E-11s from this (US) side of the pond! HHP TOP DETAIL VIEW The Hellhounds Props (HHP) magazine appears to be closer in length to a Praetorian Blaster (PB), rather than the notoriously-shortened Hyperfirm (HFx). HHP appears to be just a hair shorter than PB, but I've also seen longer magazines on some images posted by Daniel on social media. Perhaps HHP magazine length is still being fine-tuned, but I may try to see if I can acquire a longer one. Additional, note that the HHP Hengstler counter includes the two soldering pins, while the PB and HFx do not. Finally, there is a HFx-quality seam on the HHP between the rail and top T-track, but the HHP T-tracks' quality and installation into the venting holes matches those of PB. HHP TOP VIEW Immediately obvious from this view is that the HHP has a static (non-movable) aluminum D-ring installed, similar to that from PB, but the PB version is rubber cast directly to the end cap. This HHP is similar to HFx in that it does not have a faux recoil spring behind the charging handle and bolt, like that provided by PB. Notice a slight tinge of brass on the scope, and a pretty minimal and clean seam line on top (much like PB). HHP FRONT VIEW This is where further distinctions are easily identifiable between the three blasters. In general, the HHP has cleaner lines than a B-Grade HFx, but PB comes out on top with the crispest lines and no visible seams. One of the HHP front scews is excellently made (PB quality level), and the other is adequate. The front sight is also correctly thin, matching that of PB and differing from HFx's thick block, and the HHP barrel bore dept on the HHP is 0.5" (1.27 cm). Note that, with blaster in-hand, the tip of the HHP appears cleaner than this close-up photo presents. Macro photography tends to reveal blemishes which would otherwise be indistinguishable to the naked eye from normal real-life use distances. HHP BACK VIEW As previously mentioned, the HHP includes an aluminum D-ring (woohoo level 3), while the PB included a molded rubber one, and HFx none at all. Once again, PB comed out ahead with the most detailed knurling on the rear sight, followed by HHP, with HFx at the bottom of the pile. The rear end of the scope appears to be of similar quality on all three E-11s, and notice the more visible brass color on the rim of the scope (also present on the front, seen later). HHP RIGHT SIDE Stormtroopers and Femtroopers, I present to you, a METAL SCOPE RAIL, with open space underneath! You read that right. HHP finally provides us with an OT E-11 without a solid rubber rail, which was and still is the standard with HFx and PB. This was actually one of the two major factors in my decision to go with HHP (price was the other). Of course, doing so sacrifices the recoil spring and the clearing strip and extractor detail on the ejection port. Make note, too, that this HHP scope does not have the round knob on the right side. HHP LEFT SIDE An iconic angle of the E-11. The trigger guard appears to be of similar thickness to than on an HFx, which may be just a hair thicker than a PB. The guard feels very sturdy and I'd have no concerns holding my index finger on it during a long troop. The trigger itself is cut out in the same fashion as an HFx, with more open space below and behind it than that provided on a PB, and the HHP trigger feels a bit flexible, which leads me to believe it is cast in solid rubber. Additionally, aluminum appearance is present beneath the selector switch on the HHP, a detail left out by HFx but also included by PB. HHP BACK QUARTER VIEW This perspective highlights the metal scope rail, though take note that the rail is thicker than it appears in this image (due to camera lighting). I spoke with HHP about the strength of the rail prior to purchasing, and Daniel assured me that it is solid—which I agree with. That scope isn't going anywhere, and I do not foresee any sag in the long-term. Notice the screw head on the underside of the rail, which secures the scope (a second is obscured from view by the counter). Additionally, this angle, once again, shows the magazine length, which is significantly longer than the HFx but perhaps just a hair shorter than the PB. And finally, two notes regarding the rear sight area. First, the horizontal retaining pin area has been molded as a recessed space on the HHP, as opposed to raised and textured (faux) pin on both the HFx and PB. Second, though not easily discernible in any of these images, there is a locking notch band at the end of the receiver tube on the HHP. HHP BOTTOM VIEW Another major differing point of this HHP blaster with PB (unsure of HFx), is that Hellhounds hollowed-out split the arms of the folding stock. On the Praetorian the two arms are actually a solid piece molded around the trigger guard. The second photo below shows this up-close. AWESOME! The only other distinguishing feature from this angle is the length of the magazine, and the already-discussed aluminum appearance beneath the selector switch. HHP EXTRA VIEW This angle shows several features which are missing from the HHP blaster but were included by PB and HFx. The ejector knob is missing on the HHP, as are some greebles on the magazine which are present on the PB (not so on the shortened HFx mag). These omissions, and perhaps also some missing details on the front and rear of the power cylinders are perhaps the greatest weakness of this Hellhounds blaster. It's possible that the ejector knob fell off in-transit, so I will be reaching out to Daniel to inquire about a replacement/addition. On the plus side, the casting of the Hengstler counter appears very nice. HHP ADDITIONAL ANGLES The images from this point on are all from new angles not included on kman's Hyperfirm vs. Praetorian thread. They are intended to highlight the fine detailing present on these Hellhounds blasters, and will so provide a better view of the of the differences in the three rubber E-11 blasters. These first two images provide alternate angles of the mag well area, showing the lack of the ejector knob. The two soldering pins on the Hengstler counter are also visible. Notice the detailed inscriptions and oval inlay on the bottom of the magazine well, shown below. Very nice, as is the texutre on the magazine itself. The two images below highlight the T-tracks, venting holes and folding stock. As previously mentioned, the T-tracks are smooth and straight. While I am not certain that the original Sterlings had such a texture on the stock metal, I definitely like the presence of the it as it adds to the weathering and could even be considered to be carbon scoring. "You boys have seen a lot of action..." The image below shows a close-up profile view of the muzzle screw, front sight, flash guard, and folding stock butt. Notice that, in the same fashion implemented by HFx and PB, and clearly for the purpose of providing structural support, the front sight is not hollowed out on the HHP. The two images below are intended to highlight the charging handle, ejection port and guard, and texture on the folding stock and grip. Note that, as already established, there is no recoil spring, clearing strip, and extractor on the HHP. However, the grip detail is fantastic. Additionally, other than the rubber trigger, the grip is the only other place on the blaster where flex can be found—on the smooth front and back. I suspect this may be intentional to provide comfort in-hand, and I like it. Below: End cap and D-ring from both sides. Also shows the end cap clip, scope rail, and rear sight again. The textured and inscription details on the back of the scope can be seen on the photos below. While there is some brass weathering, a little more would be nice. These two photos below highlight area around the front of the scope, showing the molded screws, metal rail, power cylinders, and the soldering pins on the Hengstler counter. Notice more brass color on the scope rim The HHP weighed in at 35.03 oz (2.19 lbs or 0.99 kilos), comfortable for long troops. FINAL THOUGHTS By my assessment, the Hellhounds Props blaster situates itself right between the HFx Hyperfirm line and the Praetorian blaster. Overall the mold / seam lines are of better quality and more minimal than those on Hyperfirms, and approach or in some cases match those of Praetorian. A few details are missing on the Hellhounds, such as the recoil spring, magazine ejection knob, and greebles on the magazine and power cylinders, but conversely, HHP has included details not currently seen on OT blasters from Praetorian or Hyperfirm—a real metal scope rail and split arms on the folding stock! While this may not always be the case, it is also worth noting that the Hellhounds E-11 is currently less expensive than one from Praetorian. And there we have it. Hopefully this photo review can serve, in conjunction with kman's thread, as a valuable guide for any Trooper in the US considering purchasing a rubber E-11. Perhaps in the future I'll have the pleasure of owning more rubber blasters (DLT-19!) and be able to create additional comparison guides. I'd be happy to serve as a weaponry photographer/reviewer Amazon Vine Program style here on FISD. In case any of you missed the link near the top of this post, here is the FISD's official E-11 Reference Guide: Move along, move along... MV
  16. This thread is extremely valuable for me just starting out, thank you so much for sharing all the details and great photos!
  17. 88. Toys for Tots Marathon Weekend (Day 3), Fresno - 12/8 When your Ladies of the Legions shot IS your group shot! (Since it was a marathon, Friday at 6 am until Sunday at 9 pm, we had shifts- this was just our shift. We had another guy come out for the afternoon that day).
  18. Today I removed the clamps on the sniper plate: Looks good? And I made a bit more room behind the knee on the thighs: And the shins (also added velcro): So, test fit time! I think it fits kinda well? I should be able to walk up regular stairs... I think the bracket system is up next!
  19. I’ve been looking for your plastic sign and leather mod you did for your Trooperbay pauldron. The red alone looks good. I’m guessing the dimensions are a bit small. Did you clear the pauldron after painting? And where might I find some info on said modification? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. I lined everything up straight but the upper thighs rotate after time ... I will try the foam blocks, I think that work best
  21. Welcome Jeremy! I’m in Tampa Bay Squad and lots of help available to you here! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Biceps are actually not to bad, they seem to fit ok, the shoulders bridges I was informed were bad so I was planning on replacing them, and repairing them. As far as my legs, are the shin guards the right ones for a shadow or white stormtrooper? I dont want you guys to think I'm not accepting to other options, I guess im just getting a little discouraged, it's my first build and I spent a lot to try and join, but now figuring out I got screwed just kinda sucks, and giving up on what I spent is a little hard lol. So turning this into a shadow trooper or something is out of the picture?
  23. Troop no 77 Event Name: Childen’s Christmas Parade - Atlanta, Georgia - Event Date: 12.07.19 I am the second row back. left side.
  24. I remember u saying that.... Take lots of pix and post them on ur build thread.... Get your lexans out and start small so you can gain confidence.... start on the belt is my suggestion... Keep us posted. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Alex, but this armor is going to take quite a bit of work to bring it to Basic ANH TK or Shadowtrooper level. As for the Solo Hollywood premier lineage, I am kinda' doubting that. The paint job appears to have been done with a can of Krylon and a paint brush and doesn't have the "mottled" effect seen in the film. It is also not R1 armor. Upon closer inspection, the right shoulder bridge would need to be replaced or have some serious work done, as the patch job looks awful. Not sure of your size, but the biceps have an unusually large space on the sides and was built for someone with some pretty big guns and may have to be cut down. As mentioned, a Death Trooper could be an alternative https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_deathtrooper, If you do decide to purchase a new kit, I would highly recommend checking out this thread and asking lots of questions here on the FISD. We are here for ya' whichever way you go.
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