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  3. Duty, Honor, EMPIRE! It's time to start my TK Troop Log 2019-01-26 - Guns & Hoses annual Pig Bowl (Sacramento Sheriff/PD vs Sacramento Fire Dept) - Sacramento, CA 2019-02-23 - Worlds of Wonder Museum "Geekology" event - Lodi, CA 2019-04-26 - Natomas Prep Elementary School annual carnival - Natomas, CA 2019-04-27 - Star Wars Day at the Sacramento Zoo - Sacramento, CA 2019-05-04 - Sacramento Autism Prom - Sacramento, CA 2019-05-25 - Camellia Symphony's "Star Wars and Beethoven" concert - Sacramento, CA 2019-06-08 - Star Wars night at Reno Aces baseball - Reno, NV 2019-06-15 - Star Wars night at Modesto Nuts baseball - Modesto, CA
  4. Welcome aboard! RS makes a beautiful set. Their helmet is very accurate with its gorgeous orange peel type finish and bumps. There are a ton of resources on here so read lots and ask lots of questions! https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/38-getting-started-read-this-first/ https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/11538-the-various-types-of-armor-and-where-to-find-them/ Can anyone here comment on the size of an RS helmet in terms of the opening? I know my AP is tight and I am not sure about getting glasses on.
  5. I used this technique that I found online... Put on two pairs of socks (might have to start with one pair) and stuff your feet into the boots, then use a hair dryer to heat the leather, then walk around really forcing your feet to stretch-out the leather, then leave them on and let them cool. Then add another pair of socks and repeat. Mine fit great now.
  6. Baby steps so far. Removed the black loops from the holster and installed tan leather. I'm tearing apart (gently) the ABS belt, then I will drill the 4 holes in the tan leather for mounting once I get the proper spacing measured out. Once I get the ABS belt apart I can use the back belt for cover strips for the rest of the armor. I also picked up a piece of 1" aluminum strip from Canadian Tire (CT) The SDS TD clips are only 3/4" wide, and set too far from the TD end caps The screws will be replaced once I get my handguard and hardware order from Joseph.
  7. I've found a thinner magnet from another hard disk drive (before 2 mm -> now 1 mm). Almost invisible and still very strong.
  8. More Carida! Welcome from one Carida member to another. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I read @ukswrathbuild thread and I ask several things to @justjoseph63and @Alay Also @Alayis selling centurion strapping set..they're great Goodluck with your build !
  10. Thanks Swede! One less mod I need to do I appreciate your time Trooper, Robert
  11. Yes this was updated as the reference images indicate that both styles could have been used.
  12. Thanks @justjoseph63, both sets of ear have 4 bumps ATA emailed me back and said it was because folk tend to screw these up the first time. :-) I guess they have dealt with enough of us Noobs that they are being proactive. LOL, so it looks like I have to go Stunt. I'm curious about the teeth thing because based on the reference pics, only two of them show 8 teeth and you can clearly see that the 4th one on each side in the pics was just painted over in the others. I didn't want to force the issue trying to get the fourth on on the viewers left side of my face plate if I didn't need to, but if you think I need to do that to get approval, I'll make it happen. Thank you for the feedback, it is very much appreciated!
  13. Thank you. ATA Works got back to me and said the same thing. They are normally really good with communication, I was just being impatient and figured I'd ask the forum members and see if anyone know.
  14. Hello all, Getting ready to submit for EIB, and was getting ready to retro-fit my TD for panhead screws and I noticed this. "Clips shall be attached with slotted type, flat or dome top style screws, and be black (two per clip). Dome top screws are ok? Is this new? My memory thinks it was always panhead only... Thanks for your time Troopers Robert TK 42191
  15. Thank you for that. The folks at ATA got back to me and said the same thing. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  16. Update-Time! I finished the strapping of the torso and pretrimmed the button panels. And because I'm really clever, I ordered 14ml of Humbrol 86 instead of Humbrol 14 so painting has to wait a few days. For my untrained eye it really looks good so far and I'm happy to get something visibly done. Next up is the belt. I had a "happy litte accident" while trying to prevent my canvas belt from pulling strings. Let's say: The blaster misfired and hit the belt. Because I didn't find any meassurements for the covers on the belt: Mine are about 25mm length. I tried to make them rectangular but stayed true to the origins of the armor and so they are a bit off Next on my list: Beltboxes Painting Buttons (as soon as my paint arrives) Painting screws and rivets Shoulderbells
  17. ATA supplies 2 sets of ears because they can be tricky to trim for the first timers
  18. Welcome to the FISD Lorelei! Plenty of time to do your research. Feel free to ask any questions. Everyone here is happy to help.
  19. Thanks for all the help! I managed to pack my armour and pack in my husky (years of Tetris paid off) and fit the DLT in a fairly solid suitcase which is now holding my Imperial Staff Officer uniform as well as my emergency repair kit; duck tape, glue gun extra Velcro and straps! Thanks again all!
  20. "First, why is there 2 sets of "ears" for the bucket"? It is more that likely that you have a set of "Stunt" ears and a set of "Hero" ears. The difference is that the Stunt has 4 raised ridges on the "bump" and Hero has 3. "Second, should I have gotten decals for the bucket, or will I have to order some or hand paint myself? If I want to order, any suggestions from where?" If you didn't receive decals with your kit (some armorers supply them, some don't) you can order a set. Just be sure that you order ones that have a "hand painted" look as required for ANH. ANH Stunt/Hero ESB/ROTJ If you want to go the decal route, these are what I would recommend: https://trooperbay.com/dave-m-helmet-decals This set also includes the tube stripe decals** **As per the new CRL standards, note that tube stripes: Ideally, the tube stripes are positioned approximately a pencil width from the side of the cheek. Fall of tube stripe tops ideally lean toward the front. If you have basic painting skills you can do them yourself (which is what I suggest). They don't have to be perfect. Just try to make sure the outside lines are not too thick. I noticed that you did not cut out the 4th tooth. (GREAT job on the others)! Are you aiming for Hero? For basic Stunt approval and above, Frown is painted gray and does not leave the teeth area. Eight total teeth on the frown are cut out. For basic Hero approval and above, Frown is painted gray and does not leave the teeth area. Six total teeth are cut out and frown is tapered at both ends.
  21. The oldest posts in that section are from 2007 so it's been around a while. I believe the permissions were updated recently so that non-501st members can see it exists but can't see what's inside.
  22. I don't know. I think it looks pretty darn good for my first attempt. Thoughts? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  23. Requesting 501st access, please. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=28980
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