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  2. Maybe tapatalk refuses to show them to non-tapatalk-users....
  3. Here's what I see from my laptop.
  4. My cover strips and the back plate of my helmet are not 100% matching either. So I wouldnt stress it. The armor looks good! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  5. I’ve finally closed the Anovos chapter of my life. I had 2 FOTK standard kits on order. I cancelled one early this year and got refunded, hoping the second would come through. Both ordered in August 2016, the second refund has taken me 4 weeks but it finally happened today - NEVER EVER AGAIN will I give these thieves and liars another cent. I hope you all get money/product down the line, somehow. I know the full story of why/how they got to this point with the FOTK kits, yet stood by them. It was my bad call. Anyway, I now have a first class ABS kit, ordered and delivered within a week that I’ll work on and bid this dark part of my costuming a grim fairwell...
  6. Looks like a great how-to , but all the photos are blurry? it looks like photobucket has locked them or something? Do i need a photbucket account to see them?
  7. The helmet and purpose made me think FO Purgetroopers.
  8. Unfortunately, the resin strips and the ABS plastic are not the exact same shade of white. I tried to match them at least 3 times and settled with the closest white I could find locally in a spray can. The helmet is the same way, and is the same colour as the cover strips, I don't think its that noticeable so I hope it won't be an issue.
  9. Thanks for the advice. Got similar advice on my first troop with the kit so will definitely take you up on the suggestion!
  10. Yesterday
  11. The waistcoat style chest is also very reminiscent of the Sith Trooper. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  12. A cool name and purpose. They look like FO Shoretroopers to me.
  13. Weird. Shows up for me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Thank you its good to be back Congrats on getting your TIE Build approved You will like doing TK also
  15. If I'm not too late to the party here, I'd like to add a suggestion that has worked well for my snaps on the elastic: I sandwich a piece of ABS between the elastic and the snap. I cut the ABS to the same width as the elastic, and make it about 2" long. I make a hole in the middle of the ABS piece so the snap fits in easily. It looks like this: snap-elastic-ABS-elastic-snap It removes all strain on the elastic at the snap, and makes removing your snaps a breeze. They simply pop off with the flick of a (rubber gloved) finger! Super easy and quick. I've never had to replace a snap in elastic that has been reinforced like this.
  16. There was a bit of that oily stuff on some parts, but not too much actually. If I remember correctly, there was quite a bit of that greasy stuff on the breast and back plate, not much on other parts! And I participated in his free shipping promo because I‘m located in Germany and international shipping rates are crazy!
  17. https://i.imgur.com/ppTKCzC.mp4
  18. I’m guessing it’s the lighting.. but the fella on the right looks like a duck. Sent from my iPhone using The Force
  19. That was a great shot from Entertainment Weekly. Once again, confirmation that the same kits were used. That poor troopers shin overlap is pretty full on though! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  20. Turns out these troopers are known as Raiders - relic hunters for the First Order. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  21. Has anyone actually personalised there’s by adding a photo? I’ve yet to do mine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  22. Troop #18 - 16 November 2019 - MCM ComicCon Birmingham (approx 7 hours in armour) Good solid troop this one. There was a good group of us for most of the day plus an officer for most of it too. Started out in the entrance way guiding people in from the trains. I some how managed to get a feature in the con closing video from this! Just before lunch we took part in the Silver Sabres display with Lord Vader as guest of honour. After lunch the con was incredibly busy making moving around pretty hard so we spent most of our time on the club stand. This was at a pretty decent location right by one of the doors into the hall. As the con calmed down towards the end we were able to get out and patrol a bit more but by then most of us were pretty much done for the day. Not overly sure what everones name was who was in the group, that happens when theres over 300 member in attendance and your bad with names! I know @CableGuy was one though, maybe he can shed some more light on it! Photos by assorted UKG members, sorry guys I forgot to note down who took them!
  23. Emoji aren’t enabled/supported I’m afraid. There are some smilies you can use if you know the short code or use the menu above. If you type an emoji into the forum directly it won’t let you post. Tapatalk does it’s own thing but it’s not supported by us.
  24. With extra research, it seems the lid is 12 inches cubed approx, based on rpf and other sources. Crisis averted
  25. Hey everyone! My goodness its been a long time, and unfortunately not as much progress as I would have hoped has happened. But little progress is still better than no progress, so lets get to it! First off, Nomex flight gloves for trooping arrived, and boy are they comfy. I also applied tube stripe stickers, which I will be switching out for hand painted ones soon. I realize how it looks so much better with the tube stripes. Also, about a month ago I went on a troop to a trunk or treat. Again super fun, but now I realize I have a glaring issue, and that is with the chestplate. It drops down way to low, but I have just installed the crotch rivet so I hope that it will pull the back down and the chest up. Also here a nice shot that I took of my helmet. And that is pretty much it, shoulder straps and belt buttons are next. Until next time
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