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  2. I am also willing to negotiate a price offer at a reasonable amount
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  4. So an Idea I had today, and I would like to enlist the help of my Brothers in Arms across the seas. I am looking to recreate Iconic Historical photos, With a Star Wars Twist. Examples of what I'm wanting to do are like Marilyn Monroes flying dress, The Beatles crossing Abby Road, Raising of the Flag on Iwo Jima. So I'm looking for troopers that are in these areas to take the photos.
  5. Thanks for all the feed back. I have removed the paint on the frown that was not on the teeth. I have also include photos of the sniper knee, the thigh ammo strip, back/check armor connection and the shoulder bridges. Here is the link of the additional photos: https://imgur.com/a/kHCE5r6 Thanks again for the feedback and please let me know if any additional changes are needed.
  6. Downside to living in California, as opposed to Florida, perhaps. Your version of events happens, too, of course, but people here can be (pardon the expression) trigger-happy (LOL) here about anything remotely resembling a gun. Not that we'd actually get in trouble, in the end, but who wants to risk Swat showing up because some moron can't think clearly and got scared? It's a bit different once your fully-kitted up. But a big guy with a bin and a big gun can be misinterpreted too easily. Safer (and frankly, just as easy) to strap the blaster and wear the pack.
  7. I have only been stopped by the police once, (at a police sponsored event, actually). They wanted to check out my T-21 not for security, but because they thought it was cool. They got a kick out of the fact that it is made from rubber, and got a laugh when I reminded them that even if it were real, Stormtroopers are not known for their accuracy.
  8. I was hoping you’d mention primer! I’ve got that from my e11 rubies conversion project.
  9. I was actually able to. Granted I got a hand from a near by Mando. I move pretty well for an Old Man in Armor
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  11. requesting 501st status please https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30738
  12. Congratulations trooper and welcome to the ranks, you can request higher access here
  13. I like the big wheels of my Husky case, even though it's heavy. For troops where I can't fit my bin (very rare), I generally just opt for a simpler costume, rather than messing with repacking everything. It's easy to toss everything into the 50gal Husky bin, including extras, a substantial repair kit, helmet, etc... I could fit even more if I left out the padding, but there's really no need with a bin this size. I experimented with a lot of packing options, but have settled on this as the best comprise among ease of packing (with minimal disassembly), protection of the armor (I have 1/4" sheets of foam between each layer, and wanted to be extremely protective of the shoulder bridges so they're not under any strain), and fitting everything I need in there. Bottom layers: main clamshell halves, offset for betting protection of the shoulder bridges (also boots in the corners, not pictured) Next layers: Thighs, shins, arms, etc, all nested: Next layers: Pretty much everything else, including helmet: There's even room for a (plastic) mirror mounted in the lid! Super handy.
  14. Looking good Mark. As ABS80 so tactfully put it the shoulder bells could stand to be trimmed down a tad. I also suggest maybe lowering the biceps so that there's little to no gap between them and the forearms.
  15. I would do that, but I really don't want to get the cops called about a guy carrying a big gun around, so I went with the blaster laying down on the bin as being somewhat less obvious!
  16. I took the teeth paint down some to remove the excess area covered. I also replaced my brow with a new Trooperbay brow. The blaster that I’m submitting is the 3D print I built.
  17. I used Testors 1237 Semi Gloss Primer spray enamel. It is a very similar colour (a shade lighter) as the frown paint Humbrol Gloss 5.
  18. Some use the same grey as the helmet and ab buttons, I couldn't find a spray can color close so I use a grey primer then once dry coat with a gloss clear. There isn't a specified colour so long as it's a light/med grey you should be fine.
  19. Can I have 501st status please. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=27082
  20. I need to use a smaller Sterilite 16 gallon footlocker bin from Wally World to fit in my small trunk. Like other's have said, being creative with packing it all up is key. I've heard it described as being just like Tetris.
  21. now to size up the suspenders and I’ll have a FOTK set of pants
  22. Shoulder bells look huge! so are the biceps, you can also reduce return edge on sides of back plate
  23. @jkarge Now taking a closer look at your submission photos, there is one item that needs to be addressed before we can continue. Anovos helmets tend to have quite a bit of overspray on the teeth, but the CRL states Frown is painted gray and does not leave the teeth area. The image is a bit low-res so I can't see all the teeth clearly, but I've indicated a few areas where I can see overspray, but you should check all of the teeth (top and bottom). A few minutes with a toothpick or q-tip and some paint thinner or mineral spirits should clean it up. Here are some reference photos. Note that you can even err on the side of under-painting the teeth. Finally, I can see you are hosting your submission photos directly on whitearmor, which is probably why they're a little low-res. I highly recommend you upload any new photos via imgur.com or some other free image hosting site so that they're easier to review. Once you submit photos of the corrected frown paint, we can proceed. Thanks!
  24. Sorry it’s been a while since posting, been a very busy couple of months. All the pieces are tentatively done, just have some adjustments to make. here is my fix list so far: adjust sniper knee plate (needs to come out more so it doesn’t get caught under the thigh) better snaps on belt re align drop boxes redo straps on shoulders and shoulder bells (currently all elastic and it’s stretching too much, but plus shoulder bells are hard to attach) touch up paint on ab buttons and bucket trim butt plate sides (remove 90° angle on end) possibly readjust ears on bucket reglue latex hand guards (peeling right off the gloves...any input here would be great) remove more return edge on biceps and reshape rounder try to fix back plate so it lines up better with kidney beans plate and no overlap (need advice here too) anything else you guys see please let me know.
  25. These are all great suggestions! I will have to try them out next weekend. Been very busy with a summer class that is going on right now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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