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  2. Tony @ukswrath has a great thread, lots of info and images to follow
  3. Looking for whatever guidance I can get on how to strap/snap my armor. I have the under harness as well as all gaskets from Pinkys Gaskets - just looking for some reference photos on how to attach and strap it all, including belt assembly. Thanks in advance. TK41970
  4. Bin looks great. Just on your helmet make sure you don't have any excess paint from the teeth on to the gums, looks like there may be a little bit there.
  5. Most of the time it is layers of paint not drying before others are applied or too thick coats, temperature, humidity, to dry a coat can give a very sandy orange peel look and also what type of paint you use. I painted mine with automotive acrylic as it has thin coats, dries quickly between and is a lot harder than a lot of enamels. I use a generic paint stripper from the local hardware, brush on, leave to interact and then it's a case of using some gun cleaner/thinners and a pain brush for those little hard to get places. You will need to wash it down with soapy water afterwards to make sure no residue remains. Can you post up some pics.
  6. It’s been a long time but got my suit. Doing mods. Got lots done. But I made a boo boo on the holster but fixable. It looks really good . Did a few walking around outside. Man it’s weird. But sooooo cool . But with some mods it’s fitting way better. Working on the thighs. A bit big as someone pointed out . It’s a head tuner
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  8. Okay. Time for the big reveal. I always wanted a TK helmet that was as true to a real one as possible, and I think I've come pretty close. I will probably modify the items as time goes on to make them more durable and user friendly as they are made out of thin plastic card stock. Everything is made out of plastic scrap and bit and pieces I use to build models. Everything except the battery modules cam from TK Products. AWESOME STUFF I used the well known Stormtrooper interior helmet pics you can find online, and spent MANY hours figuring how to fit everything inside. Poorer quality ref pic with items named: It is a VERY snug fit with all the wiring, electronics and 4 fans. I don't need padding to hold the helmet in place, but may add some thin stuff for comfort. This helmet is fully functioning with all the prop pieces in it. ICOMM box is above left ear Two of the fans are the silver "speakers" on either side of the helmet. The silverish cording running from the fans to the central unit are decorative The USB power modules for the fans are located under the blue / grey button panels on left and right The central " air exhaust,/voice filter unit / comlink microphone" large panel piece is easily removable (with velcro) and hides the main part of the Hearing assist unit. The microphone for the Hovi's is free floating in front and sits right against my lips. The thin black cord running out of the helmet comms from the Hearing Assist module is to my ear phones. The microphones for the hearing assist are installed under the helmet ear pieces out of sight, just behind the silver fans. The 9V battery for the hearing assist is over my right eye with cabling running around the edge of the eye and down. The air intake and exhausts are covers for the rear of the Hovi speakers. The black plastic tubing running from the Hovi's to the button panels is decorative with no function. ICOMM voice Amp and junction box. One of the buttons for the fans is just up and left of the AUX input. One additional black fan is above the AMP Back of helmet: Most cabling is tucked in the 3/4" wire lume along the back neck area. 4th fan is to the left, beside silver fan. You can see the two fan buttons (one controls silver, the other black) just above the wire lume. There is a wire Y cable coming out of the SPKR jack on Voice Amp. One leads to the Hovi tips, the other attaches to the Satellite speaker I have installed on my chest plate. I just run a long 3.5 mm cable from my chest, under the neck seal to the back of helmet. Right side: Straight in view Central piece removed. Battery cover removed Issues I have with this. With the fans running right by my ears, they create a resonance in the helmet. Even with the hearing assist on and earphones in, there is a constant buzz in my ears. It doesn't help that the silver fan only fit on top of the hearing microphones located in the helmet ears. I can only hear people when they are talking fairly loud within 3 or 4 feet of me. Without the fans, no issue and the hearing assist works extremely well. I have tried placing soft foam between the fans and the helmet. This helps ALLOT, but now the fans are too far out from the sides of the helmet and I can barely get it on. If all this annoys me a may have to forgo accuracy and place the fans just behind the Hovi tips. These fans are 40x40x20's. I have ordered 40x40x10's, so they are half as thick. Hopefully they will arrive tomorrow before I depart for my troop. I will use them with some soft backing foam and see if that knocks down the helmet noise. Hope you like!
  9. Hello how’s things going . I’ve been biz this summer with my family which is awesome! Just checking in
  10. Since I'm so close to being done with my build and I really can't do anything till my boots get here, I decided to do a little work on a custom case for my armor. I know most of you use the huskey locking case but i had this in my garage for years. I repurposed it and it's now an imperial transport trunk. Looks official right!!?? I even have the proper amount of propaganda on it too!!! Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
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  12. I was steaypainting my TLJ bucket. I was doing nothing out of the ordinary. But in the outcome, it the surface was fuzzy with a sandpaper texture. The surface was smooth. What causes this? Also, what is the most easiest way to strip paint from a resin fiberglass bucket? I'm sanding but it's a major pain and unsure how I'm going to get into all the nooks and crannies. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Back on this page for an update to my build. I finally got a chance to walk around my neighbourhood for the 1st time fully kitted up. I'm kind of late trying to prepare for my first troop at the Toronto Fanexpo this weekend. It is a huge event with a lot of people from Canadian Garrison and some truly wicked displays. Findings: Boots coming untucked from calf armor Since this was pre-trimmed SDS armor, I wasn't able to give myself some extra material to fit over the tops of my boots. I previously installed small Velcro tabs on the two boot loops, and put corresponding Velcro on the inside of the calves, front and back to hold the calves down. The boots are fairly snug around the tops of my ankles, so it is not a question of too much material. There is not enough armor and cover strip at the bottom of the calves to wrap around the boots and stay closed. The left is worse than the right. I have added a 1.5" support strip on the inside of the left calf to allow the bottom of the calf to have more expansion. Once dry I will reinstall the Velcro closure. Here I have taken the left side of the left calf, tucked it into the calf to facilitate gluing the support strip in. I hate having to do this the night before leaving for a big convention! I also did a small mod to my travel case. Installed a nifty blaster holder to keep the blaster from rattling around in the case and give me more room. I used some left over snaps and elastic from the original armor snap system. This is NOT the 3 day project I was working on that I said I would post pics of. That is still to come ... Now it is time to clean and some of the armor and pack for the weekend. Gonna be a late night....
  14. Finishing touches on the bucket! Getting so close!!![emoji41][emoji16][emoji3] Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  15. Congratulations trooper, Welcome to the Legion.
  16. Hello and welcome aboard, research is the key to this hobby, some great info in the Getting Started section, would always recommend purchasing form a vetted seller
  17. Adding some foam to the inside of the armor, on the outer of the leg will help bring the thigh a little straighter. Really depends how it fits on your thigh too if you have a lot of room in there they will float so either some foam or even trimming a V section out of the rear could help.
  18. Nice work, good luck with your troop
  19. It's my second troop tonight (Weird Al) and I needed fans installed. I got a 3D printer a few weeks ago, so I made a quick and dirty battery and switch mount. I'll come up with something more permanent later.
  20. Agree with Greg, try jus rotating your thigh a bit to the left and try to adjust with the inner belt.
  21. Great. Glad it helped. Troopers Helping Troopers. Thanks for the business also, enjoy.
  22. Based on the picture, I would say you just need to rotate the thigh out a bit. Unless the thigh is just too long for you and is overriding the cod and/or butt and causing comfort issues, I wouldn't worry about trimming it. My two cents.
  23. I’m looking for advice on best way to trim thigh to better match cod and ab. How do I project outline of cod to get thigh to match??? I’m on the right. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Since you're in England I'd strongly recommend RWA Creations. I know a number of taller European troopers who love their RWA armor. Ross is located out of the Isle of Wight and has "Big Boy" armor for taller troopers. His kits look fantastic. Since you'd be shipping inside the UK, his prices are fantastic. Great guy. Been very helpful to me in my build and I don't even own his armor. You'll find a number of RWA builds going on in the WIP forums. He's also got a you-tube channel for how-to-build. https://www.facebook.com/groups/rwacreations/ PM me and I can send you a link to his pricing.
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