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  2. Well in looking back at my list I didn't get nearly as much done last night as I planned to. But it took just about as long and I quit a bit early because I was running into walls and couldn't think straight. It's been a rough week, the weekend was busy and while great, stressful and tiring. I just want a break from everything. I started to hand sew in the magnets, and before I could even get the first stitch in, I knew I couldn't do it. It was just going to be a huge pain and more trouble than it was worth. I decided to glue them in, instead. Because they're going in on the inside, I think they'll hold or at least hold enough that they'll be workable. I had to put the fingers far apart to they couldn't connect with each other while they were drying: Similar with the Velcro patch on the palm- Velcro is hard to sew through by hand, it's thick and tough. I just maneuvered, shoved, folded, and twisted it into my machine and got them sewn on that way. Gloves are now done. I managed to get the Velcro glued onto the cod (which apparently I forgot to take a picture of), corresponding sewn onto the belt (again, out of it, no photo), and glued to the butt plate. I tried several times to figure out the corresponding placement on the belt, but I think I might need the ab/kidney first to get the placement right. The belt will fit differently over that than without. The cod is fairly easy because it's directly below the two horizontal boxes, and I know where those go. I might try the butt plate again tonight, but I might also just wait until the ab/kidney is back. I'm going to call the place tonight and check on the status- it's been a full week now since I picked up the last parts, so I don't feel like I'm bugging them too soon. And as of yesterday, the premiere is one week away. To to (what I set out to do and what I managed): Sew magnets into glove finger tips (inside so they don't shatter each other) Sew Velcro onto glove palms Glue elastic connection into finger tip armor - I guess I forgot about this. Oops. Airbrush blasters - I didn't forget, I just gave up for the night. It was for the best. Yoke snap plates for shoulder bell connections (so they can be ready to glue in once back/yoke is received) Make helmet fans - I forgot about these, too Velcro to top of cod for attachment to belt, most likely Velcro to top of butt plate for attachment- CRL says to kidney (well ab, but it's the kidney back part of the kidney/ab, so technically kidney), but I'm thinking placement might be belt. I'll hold it up and see, either way. it's getting Velcro Corresponding Velcro to belt for cod Glue magnets into lens in prep for corresponding magnets into helmet Possibly corresponding Velcro to belt for butt, or maybe it will go on the kidney and we'll hold off 'cause I don't have that part back yet - Decided it does go onto the belt, but the exact placement so it sits right is currently unknown. I did cut the corresponding Velcro, so it's ready to go when I get it all back. - Going to do this when I get the parts When I get the rest of the parts: Cut and glue in elastic connection into final boot spat - I could probably figure it out pretty easily now, but it will take about 10 seconds, so it's not a real worry. Glue in helmet liner - Shouldn't take too long, I've been playing with the placement on my other prop one to get an idea of where I want it. Install fans (I will tape them in if needed, that's my current "temp" fix on one of my TK ones) - either glue in Velcro or tape it, either way won't take long. Install lens - Add corresponding magnets to helmet Corresponding Velcro to yoke for chest connection (already glued into chest) - It's cut, just needs to be glued on.
  3. Thank you. Like u said, don't be in a hurry.
  4. Hey everyone, So unfortunately, the tracking number that was thought to be my armor turned out not to be. It was for an Amazon order. Oops. Turns out my kit hasn’t shipped yet. Also, on KB’s Facebook page, he posted that the master mold for the TFA helmet died so the TFA helmets are going to be delayed. Oh well, I’m hopeful that the armor will get here before The Rise of Skywalker premieres, and the helmet hopefully not long after.
  5. Hi, all: I have an imgur account: https://imgur.com/a/whJCq05 I'm trying to get individual images to embed. When I use the tool button, it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? EDIT: okay, I learned you need the BB code to embed, not just a copy link! https://imgur.com/HZFB9GN
  6. Today
  7. Hi, everyone: While waiting for my TK armor, here's what I've acquired thus far: https://imgur.com/a/whJCq05 I'm new to posting on the forums and would appreciate help in embedding photos. I have created an imgur account where I've uploaded my pics. I tried to upload them here but it says there's a 512K limit. I tried to insert image from URL and that didn't work either.
  8. So after I move it back I can just rotate where it's attached and may have holes that need covers up. So just use tape to find placement first?
  9. Walt's Trooper Factory makes a child sized helmet, and you can contact him here: @walt Not sure if your son wants "real" (ABS plastic) armor, but there are some fantastic build threads using other materials.. Here are 2: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/31324-tk-jr-astyanaxs-foamtrooper-kids-armor-project/?tab=comments#comment-402658 https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/42538-fragarocks-tk-foam-build-for-even-shorter-peoplekids/?tab=comments#comment-569531
  10. Troop 45 Toys for Tots Champaign, IL 12/12/2019 (third from the left)
  11. Troop 44 Marshall Holly Days Marshall, IL 12/7/2019
  12. Nice start, Alan! If I could make a few suggestions at this point, they would be: 1. The ear is sitting pretty far forward and should be moved back, and the bottom angled back just a tad. Ideally the center of the top should be centered with the back line of the rear trap above it... the screws should follow that line as well. It shouldn't be too difficult to do, especially if you have the cap and faceplate attached underneath. Nice trimming on those ears!! 2. The brow should extend a bit farther to where it ends at the rear of the trap (or very close). See above photos. Don't worry (honestly) about getting everything perfect the first time. It's a learning curve each and every one of us went through, but I would suggest posting up pics before gluing or permanently attaching anything. That way, if there are issues we can head em' off beforehand! I am following this thread, so keep up the great work!!
  13. I counter sunk them in. I Wil take a close up of them. Thank you for the encouragement.
  14. Hi Adrian, hope this can help. not excatly a finished armor but I think is better those fancy dress costumes outthere. https://www.etsy.com/listing/562624459/kids-stormtrooper-armor-foam-templates?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=stormtrooper+armor+for+kids&ref=sr_gallery-1-1&organic_search_click=1 cheers
  15. Im still having problems with Imgur on my phone
  16. Exciting! Making quick work of that bucket. I can’t quite tell from this angle, but are your screws countersunk into the ears? They’ll need to be flush with the surface of the ears for higher level approval. Keep up the good work! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Greetings all, Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I’ll ask here anyway: Can anyone point me in the right direction for children’s Stormtrooper armour, please? My son is totally uninterested in being a Jawa, and wants desperately to be a Stormtrooper, so i want to put something together that looks the part, but isn’t one of those horrible soft fancy dress costumes. DIY plans more than acceptable, if there are any around that you know of. Help?
  18. Congratulations Philip, welcome to EIB, just a few steps and go for the next goal Centurion !!!
  19. Hi Philip, and thank you for your Expert Infantry application! In the following review I will be going over a few items pertaining to your current submission, as well as those that will be required for Centurion level should you choose to apply. (With this awesome set of RS armor you should ace it)! CRL and EIB Application Requirements: All required submission photos have been posted and I am very pleased to announce your armor displays all the necessary elements to qualify for ANH Stunt Expert Infantry. On behalf of myself and the entire D.O.Team, Congratulations! Other-Armor Fit/Assembly: In this section we review observations made by your fellow troopers and ourselves. Some observations may lead to suggestions to improve the overall look of your armor. Note that we consider both text (CRL) and pictures (screen caps/reference images) when reviewing submissions. Although (like I mentioned) that is a spectacular set of armor you are rocking, there are a few small areas that will make it look even better! The space between the tops of the thighs in the rear and the posterior plate could be evened out more. The gap you have on either side is fine, but they should match. I suggest lowering the one on your left for more comfort when walking, but the choice is yours. This is a simple strapping issue, and should be an easy fix! Reference images The cap rivets on the thigh ammo pack could definitely use another coat of paint (or two) to make them appear less gray looking and stand out. Also please note that the placement is pretty far off and they should not be up in the far corners. Reference images Centurion Requirements In this section we prepare you for Centurion. More photos may be requested in the future that allow us to make better decisions on possible adjustments. If there are any areas of concern they will be discussed here. Because Centurion photos show much more detail than EIB, items to pertaining to Centurion might be seen there and not here. We try to point out all that we can from what is seen, but the final accuracy is the responsibility of the trooper. You are almost there, Philip. As noted above, we must consider not just the CRLs, but screen caps and other references when approving at higher levels. The ab/kidney gap on your left side is spot-on, but although it is SUPER close, the one on your right needs to be closed up. Considering it only needs to come in just a bit this will be a fast fix with some strapping adjustments. Reference images Adding another (tighter) strap may be all you need. Although it's pretty close, for a much better screen accurate appearance the top of the ABS belt should sit just under (or slightly overlap) the bottom button of the large ab button panel. Raising it half an inch will make a big difference! Reference images Last up, the gaps between the lower ridges of your right rear thigh will need to be less noticeable. In a perfect world this should be done with ABS paste, but (more easily) can be achieved by gluing small pieces of ABS or white plastic behind them, similar to what was done on the front of the right thigh. Yeah, it seems insignificant, but it's those small details that will set you apart as a Centurion! (If you need ABS scraps for this, just PM me and I will get them to you, no charge). Reference images And that's it, brother. You are going certainly going to make the GA. Garrison and the Empire VERY proud as it's newest EI, and I look forward to seeing that Centurion submission soon! Side Note: If when you submit for Centurion, we ask that you use imgur or another photo hosting site and not Photobucket, as the the logo (as seen below) obscures many of those awesome details. Thanks!! Example
  20. I started working on my Bucket Left side https://imgur.com/gallery/lYtBQel
  21. Man that sucks, hope it arrives soon. Great looking figure there
  22. Close! Don't have the strips longer than the armour.
  23. Not a great reference photo. These are ESB MKII shins assembled using the overlap method and they are two outer parts together and two inner parts together.
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