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  2. Had a fun couple of hours finally assembling the belt and hooking up the holster. Will glue on the rivet caps once I've double-checked it works with the torso and thermal det.
  3. Hi Chris, Hmmm. It might be that the furthest out strapping from butt to kidney are not tight enough, however they seem to look okay. If the trooper butt remains an issue, you could consider shaping some ABS to glue to the butt plate, just below the return edge. If shaped and positioned correctly, this could prevent the butt from riding over the kidney. Here’s a rough idea of what I mean.
  4. It’s in the CRL OPTIONAL Level two certification (if applicable): Clips shall be attached with slotted, pan head style screws, and be black (two per clip).
  5. TK-9239 from the Southern California Garrison Requesting Access http://501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=8361&costumeID=326
  6. I can't with old FX kit. I have a kit from 2005 that I am finally putting together. I am hoping to get it together in the next month before they totally disallow old FX kits. I am concerned with the talk of updating CRLs that I will be out of luck. If that happens, I don't see myself being able to get another kit for a very long time. I bought an AP helmet for approval with my old FX kit.
  7. You're going to be encouraged by many (including me) to go for Centurion if you're already aiming for EIB. It's really not a big step past EIB and the AP kit makes it very easy to achieve. To answer your question, you can use the provided U-type trim for the helmet opening for basic and EIB levels, but for Centurion you need the S-type trim as found here: https://trooperbay.com/trooper-helmet-s-neck-trim
  8. Hey Eric, I know the frustration of a seemingly moving CRL target. The current CRL does have a few items changing, but do keep in mind there's precedent for grand fathering in builds started prior to CRL updates. If you have extra concerns or questions we're always happy to help guide
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  10. Can I ask how the velcro system has held up? Did you get approved with the velcro system? Did you troop only using the velcro system? I like the idea of using the velcro system until I get approved and get a few troops under my belt before putting on more permanent solution. Plus, this way I can just peel velcro off without worrying about having to peel off snap plates that are E6000 stuck on armor. I know this way late reply to your post, but I am curious.
  11. Am I missing where the type of screw required is listed?
  12. LA County. but we had troopers from all over California, Golden Gate, Central & So Cal Garrison's are represented!
  13. female troopers have always been canon actually the feel of the set, the actors / extras & the crew was amazing! the extras actually came up to us with questions
  14. My AP helmet came with same style gasket as the brow gasket for the helmet opening. What kind of gasket should I have? I would like to build to EIB level.
  15. Thank you very much Joseph and Christine for the compliments and the suggestions, there's always more to learn. T-TRACKS LEFT SIDE WITHOUT WEATHERING T-TRACKS RIGHT SIDE WITHOUT WEATHERING Thanks gmrhodes13 for the suggestions about the handle HANDLE LEFT SIDE WITOUTH WEATHERING HANDLE RIGHT SIDE WITOUTH WEATHERING
  16. Hey Eelco! It is good to have you here with us! Very nice work on a First Order heavy blaster. You might want to put your build log in this forum focusing on these types of weapons: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/157-tfa-f-11d-pistol-and-other-weapons/ Also maybe introduce yourself here: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/5-new-member-introductions/ Glad to have you and good luck!
  17. Still wondering why no return edges? Yeah, that is something a lot of us asked when building our first suit. The simple answer is that the armor seen on screen had no return edge. Here are some examples: Link to gallery: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/category/24-anh-tk-reference/ And I found that most things like this no one will notice besides other troopers. Whether you have an edge or not in the end is up to you. You can always come back later and trim it. With that said, I am a fan of no trim. Hope this helps.
  18. Thanks for your offer Ilan, I have contacted the dutch garrison for my clone kit that I was planning on buying but suddenly this kit got dropped in my hands, I still have to contact them about the storm trooper.
  19. Making great progress, Jennifer! Keep it up! There are a few things I am noticing that you may want to address as you fit your kit... The area in green should ideally be trimmed from the kidney. It will make the kidney fit better on you if you remove it. Same thing with the extra flashing on the ab plate. Which brings me to your Han snap. That's the little snap in the top right of the ab plate. Sorry to inform you, but it's in the wrong spot. Photos below show where you have it currently vs. where it should approximately be. A good guideline is to make the hole 15mm in from the plastic edge both horizontally and vertically. Screen kit for reference: There was a really good discussion about this issue (Han snap and kidney/ab rivet placement) on the RS kit here. Don't panic about the hole leftover once you move the snap! Use a little bit of ABS paste to fill it in, polish up, and you'll be good to go. Shoulder bells: I made the big mistake of initially trimming mine down just based on a straight measurement. The screen used bells are curved, not straight. See pic (screen bells are the slightly yellowed ones): That said, try to hold off trimming your shoulder bells until your torso is fully adjusted! If your chest/back are 100% perfect how you want them to fit, then that's the time to get those shoulder bells tackled. Shoulder bells should follow the contour of your chest and back plates. Think of the bells and chest/back as puzzle pieces that should meet together as seamlessly as possible while still retaining movement. There is no exact measurement for this because each suit is shaped differently. Rely on screen captures to emulate what you want the bells to look like. How to do this? Once your torso is fully dialed in, then tape your shoulder bell to your shoulder strap. You want to sort of wedge the bell on your shoulder, and under the chest/back plates. Take a pencil and trace where the chest and back overlap. Be conservative with this so you don't over trim. Then remove the bell, trim, and try the bell on again. Move your arm around and take note of where the bell catches on the chest/back. Conservatively mark those areas on the bell, remove the bell, conservatively trim, and try on again. Also don't be afraid to hot water bath some additional curve to those bells (you'll see that the screen bells kind of 'pinch' in at the bottoms). I think you get the idea. This requires a lot of try-on-take-off, but the effort will result in some super sweet-fitting shoulder bells! Now about the butt... I know you don't have it on now, but with as much as you've shortened the front of the suit, you will need to shorten the back as well in order for the back to fit you properly. Your kit is fitting you like mine did before I shortened the back. Take a good look at where the bottom of the cod is and where the bottom of the butt plate is. While I can't find a good screen shot of this, you'll have to rely on the illustration for the time being. Focus where the butt plate and cod line up. Those areas should meet approximately on the same plane. Basically, before I trimmed the kidney and back plates for height, the back was too long for the front. The elastic you will be installing to secure the cod/butt plates should not be a structural element (as noted in the CRL, it needs to be there, but does not to be functional). I hope I haven't been too confusing on these things! Sizing down the RS kit is no easy challenge. Again, you're making great progress!
  20. Hello, troopers, I am working on a high detail FWMB-10K model. I would like to invite you all to follow the progress here and on the Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/862870870715990/
  21. You can pick up a set of needle files at Lowe's for about 4 bucks. I found these things to be invaluable for detail work- https://www.lowes.com/pd/Project-Source-6-Piece-Needle-File-Set/4777067
  22. Please note that those are prospective changes and not set in stone yet, Eric. It would be a good idea to use them as a reference, though, as you will not be "dinged" if you follow them.
  23. Thanks guys! Really appreciate the feedback This is the internal strapping view. I've got the split rivets on the left side, though have a few more snap closures on the right as I'd struggled a few times with the alignment of the front and back plates. I also have 2 additional ones from the butt to kidney plate (5 in total) to try and reduce the flaring. Butt to Kidney Plate Split Rivets view (I went with the lower abdomen cut on the front to allow for better accessibility, Held in place at present with velcro)
  24. Anytime Trooper, if I give you information you are already aware of, you can use your knowledge to help fellow Troopers , hee hee!!! Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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