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  2. Wow, Philip, just WOW! One of the best looking EI submissions I've seen in quite a while, sir. I know you provided a link to those dynamite photos, but we are asking that you post them on this thread, (I suggest using imgur or the like), which would help us immensely as well as speed up your approval quite a bit. Besides, you need to show off that set of armor!
  3. Next update, folks. :-) Found some time for a little progress. [emoji846] Rough trim on the ears to test the helmet alignment (faceplate/back and cap) prior to trimming the helmet itself. In my opinion, alignment of the two parts is key, so being sure that you’re not trimming too much off of the faceplate or back cap is important. Trim to much and you might not have the material left for overlapping and riveting the two parts together. Using natural light shon through the helmet to check how the parts are aligning and how much of an overlap there is.
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  5. I've been working on my Rubies. I was thinking of making one that looked brand new just because I'm a new trooper freash off the factory floor. Lol. I probably won't add any greeblies too it. Save all that cash for my level 3 blaster.
  6. @TheSwede Sorry, but I couldn't stay very long at the con, I had family with me and they wanted to leave after 2 hours. Oh, well... And we're leaving Stockholm tomorrow. Some other time maybe. Well I got some pictures atleast at the booth: http://imgur.com/a/ezND4X0 (actually the first picture here with my face) and some other photos I took: http://imgur.com/a/jjWCcvZ
  7. Since I get the feeling you will be aiming for Centurion, Alan, () I wouldn't suggest spending a lot on the Rubie's blaster. You can use it for level 2 (EI) but not level 3, so for now I would just hit it with some black spray paint and maybe a little weathering (but not on the T-tracks or handle). WOO-HOO! Nothing like the smell of a big box full of ABS, lol. Remember... stay organized, take your time, post lots of pics and ask lots of questions!
  8. Yeah, I still make these, but only on request for now. $25.00 including tracked shipping. PM me if interested!
  9. I should be getting my TK armor Monday
  10. Name: Philip Aitken 501st Legion TK ID: 41808 FISD Forum Name: paitken Garrison: Georgia Garrison / Terminus Squad Armor Maker: RS Prop Masters Helmet Maker: RS Prop Masters Blaster Type: E-11 / RS Propmasters Height: 5'10" Weight: 148 lbs Boots Maker: Imperial Boots Canvas Belt: RS Prop Masters Hand Guard Type: Latex on Rubber Gloves Electronics: Ukswrath / TK Products https://photos.app.goo.gl/C5Q8Yjmth8vunwoi9
  11. Haha, what a coincidence I was looking at your build thread earlier to see the answers to some of the questions you were asking.
  12. Hello and welcome to FISD. You can certainly make your own strapping and it will not cost you an arm. Be sure to check the links above. Have fun.
  13. Hey everyone, before building my own TD, I had a friend request I build and paint his RS TK helmet for him, with free range on how I wanted it to look. So for practice I opted to assemble and paint it as best I could in the Stop That Ship helmet as it has my favorite look and will eventually be what I build my TD into. This was my first time assembling a helmet myself and attempting to replicate a specific TD helmet. This is also posted on MEPD.net but that place is pretty dead so I'm going to post it here for feedback and also my own upcoming personal armor build for whenever I place that order... Thanks for looking!
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  15. 88th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade Trimmed out some leg return edge and added foam for my sniper knee - all helped but it was still quite a walk haha.
  16. Rubber or rubber-like chemical gloves in black. Check! Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
  17. Double troop day #140 RTV6 Toy Drive **Toy sized troopers** #141 Hope Awakens event for Autism
  18. Great photos and info so far; going to keep an eye on this thread and follow your progress!
  19. GREAT to hear, Jim!! All information is correct, but there are certain things we look for that are not always listed/specifically mentioned there. I have a thread that will help you located here. I keep that thread locked, but always feel free to PM any of us on the D.O. staff if you have questions.
  20. I think it will ultimately make your costume look better. Btw if you’re looking for latex hand guards then Joseph is the man for you.
  21. I honestly did too, which is why it took me so long to get back to you. I had a lot of very confused discussions with present and former DOs. From what I can discern, it used to be an L3 requirement, but I found EIB reviews back to September 2018 quoting them as an EIB requirement, so it must have changed sometime in the last couple of years. To be honest I think it's also somewhat inconsistently enforced at EIB, which probably why it's even more confusing. Thank you for your patience!
  22. You don't have to kit up, Erick, just some photos showing the rubber gloves on your hands with the guards attached. I suggest black elastic bands for now until you get the flexible guards for level 3.
  23. @TheSwede Thanks, I am going to be there around the opening time for the con! Will be there hopfully a couple of hours. Hoppas vi ses!
  24. I honestly thought that the rubber gloves were not part of the EIB. Not a problem. Do you need pictures of these in full uniform or can I just take pictures of the gloves and send to you? Sent from my Pixel 3 XL using Tapatalk
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