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  2. Welcome! And I’m following on Instagram now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Requesting access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=25318
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  5. Beautiful build Linz. that little extra tab on the butt plate that AJ has mentioned is there for larger troopers that require some extra room. Doesn’t look like you really need it so it could be trimmed off. It’s obvious you are shooting for Centurion as you have all the hallmarks, so well done. If I were to add anything more to what has been suggested, it would be to drop your thighs just a touch so as to reduce the gap between your shins and the bottom of the thighs. You will have no issues passing basic.
  6. Hello and welcome aboard, adding photos is quite easy if you use a free online photo host, a lot use Imgur, you can upload then copy and past directly into your post.
  7. I used gloss black on my helmet. No you don't have to cut the chest vent, stickers or paint is fine. Looking forward to the progress
  8. Nice work, looking good, hope to see you approved very soon
  9. Congratulations and welcome to the ranks trooper
  10. Looking good, you may want to straighten the brow trim, it's on a slight slant. You may want to remove a little of the paint from the gum area of the teeth. Frown is painted gray and does not leave the teeth area. Also clean up the black lines on the ears.
  11. This is a marvelous shot! And I know the satisfaction of that 'click' you mentioned [emoji6] Between this and revealing sharp text markings ... fieldmarshalls parts are impressive as ever Sent from my SM-G960W using Tapatalk
  12. Nice job! Everything looks great even the teeth in my opinion. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. So today while the kids napped I got the final sanding done on the underside of the lid, installed the cushioning and S-Trim. Im calling this thing done for now! Final front and side profile pics: I also got started on trimming the forearm pieces. I used the score and snap technique which worked quite well. I got rid of the return edges on the ends of the forearms. I am still a little clueless on which is right or left. If anyone can help out with that, I would appreciate it! I have read that the piece with the larger elbow clearance is for the right side to accommodate it being bent more while holding a blaster, but that's all I've found so far. I'll be doing more reading and youtube research for sure.
  14. Today I’ve begun the assembly off the magazine. I’ve cut and sand the little parts of metal (scalpel and Dremel). I advise you to test the threads before assembly to remove the small pieces of metal (I’ve used WD40 to help). I’ve cleaned the aluminum parts with a toothbrush and washing-up liquid. I’ve cleaned the real steel magazine with WD40 and a toothbrush. Under the dirt I’ve found a little text. I was so happy ! I’m looking for something to remove the rust. I’ve assembled all the parts (I followed Chris tutorial here) There was just a little problem. The holes off this part were slightly misaligned, so the screw can’t be tight completely and the retention lever can’t move. I’ve decided not to tight to much in order to make the retention lever working. The mag catch makes a beautiful “clic” when you insert the magazine. Finally, the result is very good. I’m very satisfied with it.
  15. Tony, I'm truly honored for your visit! Thank you so much again for what you do! My neck seal and holster arrived. I'm very impressed. Final pics of the completed stunt helmet coming soon!
  16. Congratulations and welcome to the Legion Trooper
  17. Absolutely nothing - great work Just a little something though, in these pics the biceps look a bit big at the elbow. I would also place the shoulder straps ”a bump” forward to get more clearence in the back.
  18. Another question I have is, why do you cut out the chest vent and is it absolutely necessary?
  19. I have started hitting the parts with filler primer, this way I can see better all the areas and pin holes that need to corrected. I let the primer cure for 24 hours before starting to go over with the glaze and spot putty. From here I will let it dry for another 24 hours and then start to wet sand with 400 grit.
  20. For the helmet I actually just wet sanded with 400 grit, let it dry and then hit with some filler primer. Got some areas that will need some glazing and spot putty before moving forward. A question I did have about the black on the helmet, is it gloss or matte? I have been seeing both ways on builds, and need some clarification.
  21. Newly approved TK from the North East Remnant, New Jersey.
  22. Here are the before and after pics of the bicep armor. Had to make cuts one side of each bicep and cut out the pill holes. I will also need to fill in one side of the diamond for each.
  23. Hello everyone, I recently got my hands on a full set of Jimmi's FOTK armor and helmet. The kicker is......it's v1! Lots of work ahead of me to make this thing look good. The armor and helmet were painted but I think it might have been painted with two different brands of white. The armor appears to be an off white and does not match the helmet. There was also no surface prep done before painting, so the first thing I started with was stripping the paint.
  24. Hey guys so I worked out a solution for holding down the shins... I saddle-stitched a length of elastic with a rectangle of leather to the front of each boot with a little webbing grab loop and a snap. Super easy to snap into the front of my shins before I close the shins in back. So we took a bunch of photos - what's stopping me from putting this in for app? Thanks all!
  25. TI-79179 requesting 501st access. Cant remember if I've already done this. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=24494
  26. Hello all. After earning my wings as a Tie Pilot (two years to the day ago) and then sliding on over to Gunner I’m happy to say I have finished my Storm Trooper and have been approved as a TK. I’m proud to be a part of this group and can’t wait to serve the Empire for many hours in my nice white armor. When I figure out how to get pictures under the 2mb limit I will share some from my first troop. I created an IG account documenting some of my build and will update on the regular with pictures there. Check me out @TK_17422
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