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  2. I may be able to create a Photoshop template when free time allows, if someone wants to PM some closeup photos and measurements of a real counter it would help immensely.
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  4. Hiya, That was something I knocked up at the time using Serif Page Plus. Unfortunately, I don’t have that program anymore as I switched jobs. :-(
  5. Hello Everyone Sorry for Replying back late I locked myself out by not remembering my password all set up with a new one now. So I sent the thighs back to RS and they are making new ones for me. Once I get the new thighs I will post pictures. In the mean mean time I installed UKSWRATH fan bracket in the bucket and tomorrow hopefully I will install UKSWRATH hearing Assist in the bucket as well. I should be getting my Trooper Amp from Tramp soon also. Im getting excited and can’t wait to get approved and get out and start trooping
  6. I would wait for the Season to finish...just enjoy it for now...Im with Tony...and he knows why...
  7. 27 - 16/11/2019 Tasmanian Special Children's Christmas Party Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  8. The shins are the same for both sides. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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  10. your armor looks great but there is something off about you left leg it looks like you have two right shins from looking at it, and if that's the case look in to getting a replacement for the shin, but i could be wrong, also you may need to paint the resin cover strips to match the armor
  11. I've come across some rough measurements on the rpf of about 12 inches cubed, is this about right ?
  12. Speaking of transport, just had to share my Boba-case I just finished Everything but the helmet fits, just like a TK or TD for that matter.
  13. This will be a long post, as I was locked out of the forum this past week. This helmet gave me so much trouble, mostly because I forgot how much I hate painting. In any event, I attached the brow and realised afterwards that the CRL states that it should be a 1/4 inch above the eyes. I decided to keep pushing forward since taking it back off would have been a major pain. It's a shame as I was aiming to hit all of the level 3 certifications. After that I fought with painting for around a month with numerous coats before I painted on the details and got ready for the clear coat. However, when I put the clear coat, it reacted with the paint and caused it to bubble and distort and made a big mess. I thought about launching the helmet off the balcony but decided against it, and sanded it back down as best I could. I repainted it and took extra time for it to dry before putting clear coat on, and that helped but still left the helmet less than perfect up close. I also painted the interior black and put all of the electronics in and the lenses. I finished up the belt by using snaps and glue, and I'm pretty happy with how that came out. And finally today, I glued on the last of the grey squares on the helmet, so I donned the whole suit and took some pictures!! I think that it's ready to submit and I'm super excited to get approved and start trooping with all of you!
  14. Looks so Cool Chris!! , I use an Sterilite 40 Gal Wheeled Industrial Tote from amazon. Works great.
  15. I use a large tote for air transportation but found it's too big and bulky for most trooping, suitcase works great for general trooping with everything fitting inside each other and helmet in a separate bag.
  16. A large suitcase will also be a good option. What ever you go for just make sure it fits into your chosen method of transportation.
  17. 20) 11-17-19 -- Lancaster, Pa., Lancaster Science Factory This was a four-Garrison Troop as Garrison Carida welcomed Garrison Corellia, Old Line Garrison, and First State Garrison to join in the fun. (Plus the Galactic Academy, hence the tiny TIE Reserve Trooper between the officers and TIE Pilots.)
  18. That should work just fine and dandy, Chris!
  19. I found this @ Home Depot. This a good option?
  20. Welcome and congrats! Very cool picture too! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Welcome! For Centurion you’ll need rubber gaskets, is highly recommend getting some fabric ones for general wear though because they will be more breathable, but it’s all up to you! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Hey guys, just wondering whether anyone has a rough set of dimensions (ear to ear, front to back etc) of an ANH stunt bucket, as I'm soon going to vac form my own. Any info would help
  23. Hey guys, I'm In the process of building a vac former in order to be able to create accurate armour, and the main part of the helmet I'm struggling with is finding a set of basic measurements to build from. If anyone could share rough measurements of an ANH stunt helm for starters (ear to ear etc) it would be a great help
  24. TK-75473 requesting access.... https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=29351
  25. Congratulations and welcome aboard trooper!
  26. Opening of a Kids' Psychiatry Duisburg, GER 09/13/2019 Detachment picture at Science-Fiction Days XII Speyer, GER 09/28/2019 Force Friday Lego Store Essen, GER 10/04/2019 Halloween Event Tierpark Bochum, GER 10/31/2019 Star Wars Reads Day Krefeld, GER 11/09/2019 (also included on the picture is @T-Jay (on the right) and his AMAZING E-11 (stand on the right)!
  27. On another note they are just right for just about every hole you need to make on the armor. The exception being the helmet, those are slightly smaller then the rest. Sent from my 5054N using Tapatalk
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