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  2. I’m dying for it!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I normally glue the cover strip on, wait until it's completely dry @48 hours, then I use a scrap piece of ABS plastic for behind the ridge, glue and clamp tightly, usually the ridges will come together, again leave it well to dry. A little bit of force is sometimes needed
  4. The thighs...same thing. I'm only woring on the left side first and if all looks correct, then I can work on the right. Still in the process of trimming/sanding the coverstips, but the thigh front is done and the back as well (I hope). Like the shin, I measured the overlap, added some extra space and trimmed. How does it look? Again, the back is giving me grief. It seems the back ridge is not co-operating with me. When I tape this scrap piece coverstrip into place there leaves a gap where the 2 ridges meet. Even if I take the trimmed ridge and glue it behind to try and close the gap, the other half of the thigh becomes raised and, again, leaves a gap. I can't hot water bath this one because there's too much uneven stress to glue both the coverstrips and the ridge piece. What should I do about this?
  5. Got to work on the shins and thighs. When it came to trimming the front, they were pretty straight forward, cut a 20mm coverstrip for the front for both of them. I starting with the left shin cutting 10mm each side, glued the inner strip to hold it in place and then glued the outer strip. Now the back was a completly different story. Because there is no guide line return running down, that ment I had to hope my overlap measurements were correct for sizing. The top was 6mm overlap and the bottom 16mm. So I trimmed 3mm at the top and 5mm at the bottom on both halfs. I even gave myself some extra room just in case and to allow the shin to fit over my boot. I cut out the 25mm strip for the back, glued half on the left hand side (becuase its the left shin) and after curing applied the velcro to the other half. It seems to close alright at the top but theres a slight gap at the bottom where the shin curve does not align properly. It's hard to notice but I was wondering if this is normal. Mark Gambino build thread has the same issue, while gmrhodes13 said to give it a hot water bath and bring the gap closer, Mark (ABS80) said to leave alone because thats how they were on screen. Has anyone else had the same thing with their shins (even when using velcro) and did they need to fix it?
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  7. I'd also like to add that I dry fit the magnets and clamps prior to gluing the cover strip down. Then, using painters tape, I tape the inside magnets down in place so that when I place the glued cover strip down, I am not fumbling with magnets on the inside and outside of the piece I am working on. I simply place the outside magnets on and they "snap" into place.
  8. great point. i would likely troop in the sandie more once i have both to choose from. (if only because it will be the second - well, third, if you count my wife's, kit that i'll have built) so, my hope is i'll have more experience to fit it as well as possible for maximized comfort. Also, like you mentioned, i've already had to repair a bunch of cracks in the Anovos, so i'm concerned about its long term reliability. ABS paste to the rescue!
  9. Just one thing before deciding which armor you will use for a Sandie, a question, which one do you think you will troop in more, I ask as my first ATA lasted 7 years and @200 troops, ATA is pretty thick and doesn't seem to crack like other armor (RS is the worst), I've seen quite a few threads on Anovos armor and cracks appearing, so perhaps have a think about that. Incidentally my old ATA was turned into a Sandie only because of a build up of scratches over the years, it's still going strong
  10. This is another great thread to help you with your journey, good luck
  11. Thank you so much everyone! That thread is amazing so I will be looking into that. Thank you again for the welcoming.
  12. thanks so much. i really appreciate the feedback y'all! i'll keep it all one make. Upon further reflection, i do intend on building up the ATA as a sandie so with that in mind i don't want to go pulling parts out of that kit, so you saved me from myself. haha
  13. @gmrhodes13 Yeah, I didn't weather those, as well as the "counter" piece of the Hengstler counter, it had plastic housing too.
  14. OK, it just may be me but I can see a difference.. The ATA bucket on the left (first pic) has a different hue than the brighter white Anovos one on the right. BUT, the photo on the right shows the Anovos bucket to have a slightly more yellow tinge. At this point, I would suggest donning your entire armor and let's see what matches and what doesn't. I think you will be good to go, though as camera angles and lighting can be deceiving!
  15. Belt does stand out a lot more. ATA is generally a little creamer than Anovos, yet put ATA next to RS and it's the RS that's even creamer. It's the reason we try to advise people not to mix replacement parts can look great with some mixes but can stand out with others. I'd say if you were going to mix anything you could get away with a helmet mix to armor but I wouldn't mix a prominent piece that's right in your face like a belt
  16. Not long now, looking forward to seeing the BBB photos and first suit up
  17. Good luck, hope you have some number soon Buena suerte, espero que tengas algún número pronto
  18. yeah, that's what i was going for. i grabbed my wife's armor (also Anovos) for a better side-by-side. ATA belt is on the right. I agree ATA generally looks a bit more cream (in this indoor shot it looks whiter, but there is a difference regardless). i'm not sure if this is such a good idea after looking at it in more detail. I definitely appreciate the inputs and opinions. i wouldn't want this to be an issue for accuracy, since i don't have to do it.
  19. Definitely add some velcro to any padding, just had a 35 deg C troop and my padding was soaked, nothing worse that putting on a sweaty helmet and feel the squish of the foam Looking good
  20. It looks like you are planning to use the ATA belt, aren't you? If so, could you please take a pic with the Anovos torso with the AT belt? To me The ATA looks a bit more cream than Anovos but it could be my eyes.
  21. Hello and welcome aboard, AM would be a better bet for a larger stomach, you may still need to add some shims to the sides but there are lots of great build threads on how to do that. Good luck with the research and look forwards to seeing some BBB images soon (big brown box)
  22. Going off the images doesn't look too bad, really a matter of adjustment and strapping but larger photos would definitely help
  23. Nice work, the only pieces which wouldn't get any weathering would be the T-tracks and handle grips as they where both originally black plastic
  24. Realistically it depends how much color difference there is, I know just recently comparing an ATA armor and RS armor and there was a massive difference in color. I purchased a grappling box from TM years ago and again big difference to ATA. There doesn't appear to be much color difference here, or at least it's not showing in the image Normally mixing a helmet to another make of armor isn't really an issue as it's separate but when you go adding pieces like a belt or arm/leg piece you can notice.
  25. Good point- here are some pics. ATA on the left, Anovos on the right. The Anovos chestplate for reference. Anovos belt and plastic on the left. ATA and Kittel belt on right. (ammo boxes are Anovos). I haven't finished the buttons yet, but i added them to this for comparison. Another image just for more context But, with inside lights, it slightly changes the white appearance. The ATA bucket is again on the left, Anovos on the right. The anovos ab section again here for reference. thanks! boomer
  26. Front shot looks pretty darned good, but having your arms by your side would help us even more.
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