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  2. Forum threads are identified by a numeric id. Look at the url and you see the number straight after the topic/ part. that is the only thing that matters for referencing a thread and that should not change at all if a thread gets moved.
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  4. Looks like you guys participated in the October promo! Did you guys have a lot of mold release on the inside of you pieces? It's like super oil/greasy in mine.
  5. Congratulations Trooper, Enjoy your first mission and make the empire to be proud !!
  6. Excellent work to get this done. Looking good and almost ready to start taking out rebels for sure. Detailing the bolt and some weathering can take it even further but you can add that as you go along. Well done and can't wait to see it in action this coming week.
  7. Thanks for the info guys. These are all helpful tips and suggestions. Will be sure to do the double over method with High Density elastic. Although I don't own a soldering gun, so could I just cut a hole for the snaps and then carefully use a lighter to stop the hole from fraying?
  8. well done trooper and welcome to the empire!
  9. Well done and make the empire proud on your first troop!
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  11. Hey Martin yes to everything Glen said. However anything on Spec-Ops detachment that is TK based they will refer you back here to FISD. I'm in the middle of building a EU magma trooper and they are there as well. So far as the short trooper there are several threads here to help you along check out cricket and Sha Sha Chu build threads. There are others those are the ones that come to mind though.
  12. 14) 11/17/2019 - Colin Cantwell Tour, Modesto, Ca
  13. Working on placement with as much references as I can get. Started with the rail and rear sight, had to cut down the rail from a different plan to work with this plan. Then adding scope and counter trying to match the blueprint image from e-11 reference thread. Placement of the clip was also a concern and from images hard to exactly tell, although I know it would feet into the barrel a certain spot on a real SMG. Then placement of the handle seemed straight forward but saw a little bit of variance in sources. Hoped that my placement would be good. Adding all the final small pieces and smoothing out print lines leaves the blaster ready to paint. I decide to fix the bolt in place and have the whole blaster static, maybe my next one will be fancier with working selector and sprint. And finally late at night in the bike parking space I hit the blaster with the first light layer of spray paint. It makes an amazing transformation from white to black and goes from plastic to Rebel nightmare in seconds. Leaving it to dry overnight in the morning I can see some missed spots and will keep hitting it with light layers until it is ready for trooping. Once the layers are all done and the end cap with spring added I will post a review.
  14. Shadow trooper falls under Spec Ops https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TX_shadow_stormtrooper You can find the CRL here https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TX_shadow_stormtrooper Yes you could paint white armor black BUT it would be some work and because it would be easily scratched would show white underneath so I wouldn't personally attempt it. Rogue one armor is different version of stormtrooper. R1 CRL here https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_rogue_one Plenty of build threads here on the forums of white stormtroopers that are of a shorter stance than many Plenty of makers supply black armor Each costume has their own detachment, here is the list of 501st CRL's (costume reference library) you may find of help https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:CRLbyname
  15. Hi guys I'm new been lurking and asking around on different detachment forums. i originally didn't plan to do a TK for my first armor. i still might go with something else but I found a screen accurate ANH kit for a really good price. I was wondering if the shadow trooper is just painted from the TK white abs or does it have its own kit with black abs? I also have a few more questions 1: can i turn the normal TK into a shadow trooper 2: can i use the rogue one armor for a shadow trooper? 3: I'm 5'3 or 4 (M) the armor is designed for 5'7 plus. Can i trim the armor down to fit me and not look weird, goofy/ funky. Other kits I'm interested in are tie pilot, shoretrooper, staff officer and a mando (for recommendations)
  16. It's simple..leave the s trim until the end , after you have worn the helmet with neck seal and are happy with its fit. Then remember to cut it half inch too long and force it on , so that its own tension holds it in place . As to your build thread over on the U.K.G forum , no members can comment on your build except your allocated armourer , or other members of the tk armourers team .
  17. Troop 43 OSF Festival of Trees Danville, IL 11/17/2019
  18. Hi Collin you're blaster turned out amazing! I have a question, so what was the graphic that you ended up using? It doesn't look like either of the 2 that Glen posted
  19. I use a soldering gun, but still double over. Sent from my VK815 using Tapatalk
  20. Just a FYI if you use the thicker elastic and make the holes with a soldering iron you won't have to double over the elastic, the soldering iron melts the sides of the holes so the snaps won't pull though, very strong It also pays when double snapping to use a template for the position of the two snaps so they are the same on all the elastic pieces, helps if you make them the wrong size and need to use in a different area
  21. Hi Dan, I have taken pics of my bucket and would really appreciate your comments. I would like to install my S-trim but worried that I have either trimmed off too much or not enough. I am still to sort out getting tube strip templates. Cheers, Martyn. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  22. if i have a bookmark to page a, the server redirects to page whatever page a turned into? even when its external and usually brings up the must log in message?
  23. Hello and Welcome to FISD. From Air to the Ground, welcome to the white armor troopers
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